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Day 4: March 25, 1965
1000 hours

The memo reads as follows:

Report No. 12 as of 1000, March 25, 1965

The probable sequence of today's events is as reported in No. 11 of yesterday afternoon. The marchers plan to arrive in the capital at 1200 Selma time, conduct a rally until 1500, send 20 marchers to seek a conference with Governor Wallace at 1500, and to disperse between 1530 and 1630. The Army force of 2,966 personnel has been split into three teams. Team A will serve as a reserve force to the north and east of the capital since the marchers approach from the southwest. Team B will provide security, march escort and traffic control along the route and then take position to the northwest. Team C will secure the Capitol Building demonstration area by 1000, maintain security throughout the rally, and assist in the orderly dispersal of the marchers. Military presence will be as low key as possible, by close cooperation with civilian authorities. Civilian police traffic posts are set up along the route, supported by two-man military road block teams.

The marchers were supposed to start at 0900 Selma time, but they are running about one-half hour late because of lack of organization. At this point there is a light rain. The tents have been taken down and the camp site is being policed. About 2,500 to 3,000 marchers are reported in the group, preparing to start.

The next report will be as of 1300.

Signed by Joseph A. Califano, Jr.
The Special Assistant

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