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Day 1: March 22, 1965
1200 hours

The memo reads as follows:

Report as of 1200, March 22, 1965

The march began at 0806 Selma time this morning. The weather was cold (28 degrees) with heavy frost. The marchers were tired, having spent most of the night around the fire to keep warm. At 0826 Selma time, the column reached Highway 80 and started east. marching 8 abreast. There are abouth 392 people in the column, of which approximately 45 are white. By 1030 Selma time, the group passed through the woods at Saopstone Creek without incident. They hafve about 4 miles to go to the town of Benton, where the highway becomes two-lane. They are scheduled to bivouac tonight near the point Big Swamp Creek intersects the highway.

During the last hour, a bus from Selma brought 40 fresh marchers to the group and returned 40 tired marchers to Selma. The spectators have been mostly negro.

In mid-morning there was a report that another bomb had been found in a Birmingham school. A demolition team was sent to take care of it. There is no further information on this at present.

Signed by Joseph A. Califano, Jr.
The Special Assistant

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