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What do you know about the Environment?

1. What did the 1965 White House Conference on Natural Beauty discuss?
    A A solution to the problems of automobile junkyards.
    B Areas in which the Federal Government could help communities develop their own programs of natural beauty.
    C The possibility of a tree-planting program.
    D All of the above.

2. What year was the 1965 Highway Beautification Act signed?
    A 1963.
    B 1964.
    C 1965.
    D 1966.

3. What was the goal of the Highway Beautification Act?
    A To remove all the speed signs from highways.
    B To beautify the nation's federal-aid highways through removal of junkyards and landscaping of areas adjacent to the highways.
    C To build highways with more lanes.
    D To plant trees along all the highways.

4. Who did President Johnson address specifically in his remarks at the signing of the Highway Beautification Act?
    A Joseph Califano.
    B Lady Bird Johnson.
    C Secretary Stewart Udall.
    D Secretary Gardner.

5. What is the Texas state flower?
    A Yellow Rose.
    B Daisy.
    C Tulip.
    D Bluebonnet.

6. Where is the Redwood National Park?
    A Central Texas.
    B Northern California.
    C Upstate New York.
    D Hawaii.

7. Which President was born in West Branch, Iowa?
    A Herbert Hoover.
    B Lyndon B. Johnson.
    C Franklin D. Roosevelt.
    D John F. Kennedy.

8. Which of the following were considered for wildlife protection?
    A Trumpeter swan.
    B American bison.
    C California condor.
    D All of the above and many more.

9. Which lake does the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore border?
    A Lake Michigan.
    B Lake Erie.
    C Lake Ontario.
    D Lake Superior.

10. What does Extinct mean?
    A In abundance.
    B To protect wild animals.
    C No longer living or existing.
    D To die.