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What do you know about LBJ's life?

1. What do the initials LBJ stand for?
    A Lawrence Baines Johnson.
    B Lyndon Baines Johnson.
    C Lyndon Baines Jackson.
    D Lyndon Brian Johnson.

2. Where was Lyndon B. Johnson born?
    A New York.
    B Washington, DC.
    C Texas.
    D Florida.

3. What was one of Johnson's professions before he was elected to public office?
    A Prison Guard.
    B Baseball Coach.
    C Lawyer.
    D School Teacher.

4. Where did Johnson serve during World War II?
    A U.S. Coast Guards.
    B U.S. Naval Reserve.
    C U.S. Army.
    D U.S. Marines.

5. Which medal did Johnson receive?
    A Silver Star.
    B Purple Heart.
    C Bronze Star.
    D The Medal of Honor.

6. What are Johnson's daughters names?
    A Barbara and Donna.
    B Lynda and Luci.
    C Francis and Carol.
    D Laura and Mary.

7. How many times was LBJ re-elected to the U.S. House of Representatives?
    A 1.
    B 4.
    C 7.
    D 5.

8. Where is the Lyndon B. Johnson Library and Museum?
    A Washington, DC.
    B Austin, TX.
    C Albany, NY.
    D Los Angeles, CA.

9. What was LBJ's wife's name?
    A Lady Bird.
    B Lynda Bird.
    C Jackie.
    D Ladybug.

10. Where did LBJ receive his Teaching Certificate?
    A A&M University.
    B University of Texas, Austin.
    C Southwest Texas State Teachers College.
    D Teachers Academy.