26th President of the United States
September 14, 1901 to March 3, 1909
Political Party: Republican
Vice President: Charles Warren Fairbanks (1905-09)

Nicknames: "TR"; "Trust-Buster"; "Teddy"
Born: October 27, 1858, in New York, NY
Died: January 6, 1919, in Oyster Bay, NY
Married: Alice Hathaway Lee (1861-1884), on October 27, 1880; Edith Kermit Carow (1861-1948), on December 2, 1886
Religion: Dutch Reformed
Education: Graduated from Harvard College (1880)
Occupation: Author, lawyer, public official
Other Government Positions: Member of New York State Assembly, 1882-84; Member of Civil Service Commission, 1889-95; Assistant Secretary of the Navy, 1895-97; Governor of New York, 1898-1900; Vice President, 1901 (under McKinley)
Presidential Salary: $50,000/year
Presidential Website: none