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Glossary of Environmental Terms


Public funds set aside, usually by a legislative act, for a particular use.


The process of upgrading, improving; to become or make beautiful.


To protect wildlife and/or resources such as forests, soil, water from loss, damage or neglect.

Depletable resource

A natural resource, such as oil, which cannot be replaced when it is used up.


The interrelationship of organisms and their environments.


A substance, such as exhaust from automobiles, which is released into the environment and contributes to pollution.

Endangered Species

Plants or animals in danger of becoming extinct.


The combination of social, cultural, and climactic conditions that influence the lives of people and communities.


No longer living or existing.


Something passed down or left behind from the past.


To make or enact laws.


The act of moving from one place to another; a change of location sometimes seasonally.

National Forest

A tract or region of forest land designated for conservation by the government.

National Grasslands

A tract or region of grassland designated for conservation by the government.

National Park

An area designated by the National Park Service as nationally significant, an appropriate addition to the park system best taken care of by National Park Service management rather than some other government agency or private organization.

Natural Resouce

Natural materials such as mineral deposits, water, trees, etc.


To contaminate or make dirty.


To protect and keep in perfect or the same condition; to keep unchanged.


An official public announcement declaring something.


The process of restoring or reclaiming waste, desert, marshy or submerged land for cultivation, recreation, or other use.

Recreational Area

An area set aside for use by the public for activities and enjoyment.


To pass through or undergo again for further change or use.

Replenishable Resource

A natural resource, such as a forest, which can be renewed as it is used.


A natural or artificial pond or lake used for the storage and regulation of water.

Wilderness Area

An area set aside by government for preservation of natural conditions for scientific or recreational purposes.


A tract or region uncultivated and uninhabited by human beings.


A wild or uncultivated flowering plant.

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