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1. Learn about your school.

a. Gather information about programs and services in your school. Talk with your teachers, principal, parents, lunch room workers, custodians, librarian, and nurse to get information. How are these programs and services funded? Are there any LBJ programs that still exist (maybe under another name)?

b. Are there ways in which you could volunteer some of your time to help in your school? Talk with your teachers, principal, and parents to explore options.

c. What kinds of celebrations and festivals does your school offer? Can you participate? Would you be able to help with the festival preparation?

d. Compile a history of your school. Use information from your school library, public library, interviews with past students and teachers, etc. Has the school population changed? How? Has the building changed? How? What is present in your school today that did not exist when it first opened?


2. Learn about the Library.

Visit the school library, the public library, or a college/university library. Look at college catalogs and talk with your teachers and parents. What are the minimum requirements for entering college? What classes will you have to take to prepare yourself to enter college? What grades must you have? Are extra-curricular activities (sports, band, orchestra, volunteer work, drama, etc.) important for college admission?

The following websites will help you search for information.

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