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Our web site privacy policy is:

  • We consider "personally identifying information" to be: your name or a unique identifier (such as an IP address), your e-mail address, your mailing address, your telephone number, and any financial information relating to your or your accounts that you may provide us.

  • Our system logs your IP address, your domain name, the type of browser and operating system you used, the pages you viewed, search requests, in some cases data you submitted via web forms, and, if you linked to our site from another web site, that web site's address. We use this information for statistical purposes, to determine the areas of our web site that interest users, and to help us understand how to improve the navigation and content of our web site. Currently, this information remains in our system logs because we can not legally destroy this information until our Web site is governed by an approved records management schedule. It is intended, pending approval of the records schedule, that personally indentifying information pertaining to users of the LBJ Library's Web Site will be destroyed 90 days after collection.

  • Personally identifying information that you provide will be used only for such purposes as are described at the point of collection (for example on a web form), such as to send information or products to you, or to respond to your questions or comments. If you provide contact information, LBJ Library staff or its contractors may contact you to clarify your comment or question, or to learn about your level of customer satisfaction with our services.

  • We do not sell any personal information to third parties.

  • We may transfer personal information to a third party only in the following cases:

    • A bank or United States Department of the Treasury account must receive payment for a transaction that you initiated;

    • A company, that agrees not to sell or use personal information for other purposes, is contracted to assist us with specific services; or

    • We suspect that you are attempting to change or otherwise damage this web site, or you are using it in violation of Federal or local laws, and we decide to provide personal information to legal authorities.

    • This information is subpoenaed by Congress or a court.

  • Although questions, comments, and other communications that we receive generally are not retained as permanent records, please note that it is possible that any mail--electronic or paper--that we (or any Federal agency, for that matter) receive could become part of the permanent record of the agency, if the mail is part of materials that are scheduled for permanent retention.