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CEN-TEX History Fair 2010 Winners

1st and 2nd places advance to Texas History Fair

Individual Performance (one entry)
1st—Austin High School; Jonathan Box
Antitrust: Coping With the Dark Side of Business Innovation

Individual Exhibit
1st—Renaissance Academy; Ariba Siddiqui
The Acta Diurna: A Valuable Precedent

2nd—Renaissance Academy; Dena Omar
Plastic Money: The Credit Card

3rd—Renaissance Academy; Anas Syed
Barbed Wire: Fencing the West

Group Exhibit (one entry)
1st—Renaissance Academy; Mukkarram Syed, Abdul Muhaymin, Abdul-Moheeth
The Transformational Amelioration of Transportation: The Assembly Line

Historical Paper
1st—Renaissance Academy; Nisreen Malley
Islamic Banking: An Innovation that Altered the Financial Structure of the Muslim World

2nd—Renaissance Academy; Hashir Ali
The Legally Unprecedented Global Innovation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

3rd—Renaissance Acadaemy; Zaid Shiykh
The Weapon That Only has to be Fired Once: RPG-7

Individual Documentary
1st—O. Henry Middle School; Meredith Morran
Satellite Navigation: You are Here

2nd—O. Henry Middle School; David Hornfischer
Satellites: From Fear to Reliance

3rd—O. Henry Middle School; Alex Estrada
From Benjamin Franklin to Facebook: Advertising and the Birth of Consumer Society

Group Documentary
1st—O. Henry Middle School; Barbara Laughlin, Alex Cameron
Title IX: The 37 Words that Changed Equality Forever

2nd—O. Henry Middle School; Alana Hughes, Morgan O’Hanlon, Sonny Stephens
The Beatles: Innovators in the Recording Studio

3rd—O. Henry Middle School; Matt Terrill, Sam Pearson, Alex Anderson
Fast Food Revolution: An American Innovation

Individual Exhibit
1st—O. Henry Middle School; Jordan Jones
The Apollo Program: A Giant Leap for Mankind…Or So We Thought

2nd—Noel Grisham Middle School; Stephanie Wiesehuegel
Here We Are Now, Entertain Us

3rd—Noel Grisham Middle School; Caitlin Parr
Window to the World

Group Exhibit
1st—O. Henry Middle School; Haley Osborn, Tessa Lauritzen, Emily Mawer, Kristina Ramirez
Creation of the Highland Lakes Dam System

2nd—Copperas Cove Junior High School; Moira Rather, Alexandria Johnson
Water in the Desert

3rd—Copperas Cove Junior High School; Randy Stoneroad, Parth Patel, Talon Wright
An Army Travels on its Stomach

Historical Paper
1st—Noel Grisham Middle School; Jennifer Min
United States Constitution

2nd—O. Henry Middle School; Winston Collins
The Amazing Innovation of President Theodore Roosevelt: ‘Green’ Before It Was Keen

3rd—Copperas Cove Junior High School; Rhiannon Wright
Banking on the Gift of Life

Interpretive Web Site
1st—Noel Grisham Middle School; Justin Kim, Ronnie Dasgupta
Paying With Plastic: The Real Problem

2nd—Noel Grisham Middle School; Kavina Patel
X-Rays: The State of the Art

3rd—Noel Grisham Middle School; Varun Adiga, Andy Horvit
The Shot Heard Around the World: The Inactivated Polio Vaccine

Individual Performance
1st—O. Henry Middle School; Hannah Moore
Fair Play: The Impact and Change of Title IX on the Field

2nd—O. Henry Middle School; Rudy Debellis
Television: Drug of the Nation

3rd—O. Henry Middle School; Ismael Flores
One Man’s Loss Drives a Technological Advancement, Time Travel’s Enigma: An Idea, A theory, A Reality?

Group Performance (two entries)
1st—Copperas Cove Junior High School; Samantha Garrett, Corey Myers, Connor McGuinness-Choate, Jordan Faughtenberry, Mikayla Miller
The Real M*A*S*H: Hospitals on the Front

2nd—Renaissance Academy; Sabin Oza, Kiran Haji
The Journey of the Vacuum Cleaner