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LBJ Library CO 1-9  

July 1993







This list includes the principal files in the LBJ Library that contain material on Western Europe and NATO. The following countries have been included in this list: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Switzerland, Trieste, and the Vatican. It is not definitive, however, and researchers should consult with an archivist about other potentially useful files. Those files listed below that are marked with two asterisks are unprocessed and are not currently available for research. For additional material on foreign economic policy involving Western Europe, see the Library's list entitled, "Foreign Economic Policy During the Johnson Presidency: Trade, Balance of Payments, and International Monetary Issues." There are also lists entitled, "Northern Europe" and "Pre-Presidential Materials on Western Europe and NATO."




This file was the working file of President Johnson's special assistants for national security affairs, McGeorge Bundy and Walt W. Rostow. Documents in the file originated in the offices of Bundy and Rostow and their staffs, in the various executive departments and agencies, especially those having to do with foreign affairs and national defense, and in diplomatic and military posts around the world.


More than half of the National Security File has been processed and opened for research. Consult the finding aid in the Reading Room or borrow a copy by mail by writing to the Supervisory Archivist, LBJ Library, 2313 Red River Street, Austin, Texas 78705. Those folders, listed in the finding aid, whose titles are preceded by an "X," an asterisk, or a date have been processed and their contents declassified in whole or in part. Lists of classified documents have been placed in those folders, and you may request mandatory review of individual documents which have not yet been declassified in full. Those folders not preceded by an "X," an asterisk, or a date are unprocessed and are not subject to mandatory declassification review. Consult with a member of the staff on the processing schedule.


NSF, Country File (** = unprocessed) Box

Europe (partly processed) 162-63

Austria 163-64

Belgium** 164-65


"US/UK/Canadian Talks 2/65-3/65"** 33

"US/UK/Canadian Talks Briefing Book 3/17-18/65"** 33

France (mostly processed) 169-78

Germany (partly processed) 182-94

Ireland 195

Italy (mostly processed) 196-99

Luxembourg 199

Malta 199

Middle East - "Crisis, Chronologies of US Consultations with Middle East Countries,

UK and the USSR, 5/67-6/67"** 115

Monaco 199

Netherlands 199

Portugal 203

Spain 204

Switzerland 205

United Kingdom 206-16

Vatican 231


"5D(2) Allies: Troop Commitments; Other Aid Alphabetically:

Australia-Philippines" 91

"5D(3) Allies: Troop Commitments; Other Aid Alphabetically: Korea-UK" 91

"Paris Talks--Messages from Other Posts, Vols I-IV"** 132-33

"Indian Proposal/Zorin-Phase I-Phase II/Taylor Memos" 134

"Exchange of Letters between President and Foreign Officials

on the Cessation and Resumption of Bombing"** 146

"Canadian-UK Messages on Vietnam" 257


NSF, Head of State Correspondence (** = unprocessed)

France** 2

Germany (partly processed) 3-4

Switzerland** 6

United Kingdom** 8-11

Vatican** 11


NSF, Special Head of State Correspondence (** = unprocessed)

Belgium** 4-5

France** 16

Germany** 17-18

Ireland** 26

Italy** 27-28

Liechtenstein** 36

Luxembourg** 36

Malta** 37

Monaco** 39

NATO** 40

Netherlands** 40-41

Portugal** 47

San Marino** 48

Spain** 51

Switzerland** 51

United Kingdom [only "Queen Elizabeth Correspondence" is open] 56

Vatican** 58


NSF, International Meetings and Travel File (** = unprocessed)

"Proposed European Visit" [Fall 1964]** 1

"President's Trip to Adenauer Funeral, Memos, Cables, etc." [3/67]** 14

"President's Trip to Germany [Adenauer Funeral] Briefing Book" [4/67]** 15

"President's Meeting with Pope, Jack Valenti's Notes and Aide Memoire"** [12/67] 21

"Miss Johnson Trip" (Europe) [6/67]** [Spain, Germany] 25

"Vice President Trip" [Europe] [3-4/67]** 26

"Vice President's Visit, Report to the President" [Europe] [3-4/67]** 26

"Attorney General Trip" [Europe] [6/64]** [Germany] 31

"McCone Trip" [Europe] [9/64]** 32

"Ball Trip" [Europe] [11/13-23/64]** 32

"Defense Policy Conference" [NATO] [12/2/63] 34

"Ministerial Meeting, The Hague" [NATO] [5/12-14/64] 34

"Ministerial Meeting" [NATO] [12/64] 34

"Ministerial Meeting in Paris" [NATO] [12/66] 35

"Ministerial Meeting in Luxembourg" [NATO] [6/13-14/67] 35



NSF, Speech File

"President's Speech on Europe to the Editorial Writers" [10/7/66] 5

"Reaction to the President's European Speech" 5


NSF, Agency File

"JCS, War Games, Vol. III" [Epsilon I-65 - NATO] 31

"JCS, BETA War Games -- SM Keeny" [NATO] 32

"JCS, BETA I & II-67, Final Report" [NATO] 32

"NATO" 35-40

"State Department - State Visits, Schedules, Use of Aircraft & Misc., 1/64" 62

"State Department - Visit Planning, 1966-67" 62

"State Department - US Foreign Policy in the Next Decade" 63

"United Nations - Fanfani" (Italy) 71


NSF, Committee File, Committee on Nuclear Proliferation

Boxes 1 and 2 contain material on NATO, Great Britain, France, and Germany. Similar material may be found in a number of folders in boxes 3-11 besides those listed below.

"Role of Tactical Nuclear Forces in NATO Strategy" 4

"France" 5

"Germany" 5

"Joint Communique - President Johnson and PM Wilson, 12/8/64" 6

"NSAM 294" 6

"NSAM 318--The Future of the Nuclear Defense of the Atlantic Alliance, 11/14/64" 6

"NSAM 322--Guidelines for Discussions on the Nuclear Defense of the Atlantic

Alliance, 12/17/64" 7

"United Kingdom" 7


NSF, Intelligence File

"The President and Foreign Affairs" 9

"Possible Presidential European Trip, 1965" 10


NSF, Subject File (** = unprocessed)


"Marshall Plan Anniversary" 21

"McCloy Talks" [NATO] 21

"Multilateral Force, General," vols. 1-3 [NATO] 22-23

"Multilateral Force, Cables," vols. 1-4 [NATO] 24-25

"MLF - Ricketts" [NATO] 25

"MLF - Memcons" [NATO] 25

"[MLF] - Letter to the Prime Minister" [NATO] 25

"[MLF] - Mr. Bundy: for 6:00 mtg. Monday, 18 October" 25

"Non-Proliferation Treaty, 7/66-10/68"** 26

"Nuclear Testing - France, vol. 1"** 31

"Nuclear Weapons - Belgium, vol. 1" 33

"Nuclear Weapons - France, vol. 1"** 33

"Nuclear Weapons - Germany, vol. 1"** 33

"Nuclear Weapons - Italy, vol. 1" 34

"Nuclear Weapons - NATO, vol. 1" 34

"Nuclear Weapons - Netherlands, vol. 1" 34

"Nuclear Weapons - Spain, vol. 1" 34

"Nuclear Weapons - United Kingdom, vol. 1" 34

"Outer Space Treaty" 36

"Pacem in Terris II" [Vatican] 37

"Presidential Contacts with Foreign Leaders, 1963-1967" 39

"President's Meetings, 11/25-29/63 [Head of State]" 42

"Reduction of Forces in Europe, vol. l"** 44

"Sequoia Trips--Diplomatic Dinners" 45

"Skybolt" [United Kingdom] 45

"Supersonic Transport" [France] 45

"Commission of European Communities, Visit of Pres. Jean Rey, 2/7/68" 49

"Trilateral Negotiations"** 51



NSF, Name File

"Bator Memos" [Europe, NATO] 1

"DeLuca Memos" [Italy, Vatican] 2

"Eagleburger Memos" [NATO] 2

"Eisenhower, Dwight D., General" [NATO, France] 2

"President Eisenhower" [NATO] 3

"Fried Memos" [Germany] 3

"Colonel Ginsburgh Memos" [Europe] 3

"Goldstein Memos" [Europe, France] 3

"Vice President," vols 1-2 [Europe, NATO] 4

"Jenkins [Walter] Memos" [NATO] 5

"C. Johnson Memos" [France] 5

"Klein Memos" [France, Germany, NATO] 5

"Neustadt Memos" [Great Britain] 7

"Rostow Memos" [Europe, NATO] 7



NSF, National Security Action Memorandums

"NSAM 294" 3

"NSAM 312 - National Policy on Release of Inertial Guidance Technology to Germany" 5

"NSAM 322 - Guidelines for Discussions on the Nuclear Defense of the Atlantic

Alliance" 6

"NSAM 347 - Release of Public Information Concerning Soviet, French and Communist

Chinese Nuclear Tests" 8

"NSAM 354 - US Cooperation with European Launcher Development Organization (ELDO)" 9



NSF, National Security Council Meetings. This two box collection contains notes of meetings, attendance lists, agendas, briefing papers, and papers discussed at meetings.

Volume 1, Tab 7: "Various Topics" [European interests in Africa, NATO] (4/3/64) 1

Volume 2, Tab 4: "Report by Sec. Rusk on the NATO Meeting at the Hague" (5/15/64) 1

Volume 3, Tab 43: "Southwest Africa" [Great Britain] (7/14/66) 2

Volume 4, Tab 48: "NATO" (12/13/66) 2

Volume 4, Tab 49: "Southern Rhodesia" [Great Britain] (1/25/67) 2

Volume 4, Tab 51: "Problems Ahead in Europe" 2

Volume 5, Tab 67: "Eastern Europe" [France] (4/24/68) 2

Volume 5, Tab 68: "Vietnam - France - Germany" (5/22/68) 2

Volume 5, Tab 69: "Current Issues Affecting US/UK Relations" [NATO] (6/5/68) 2

Volume 5, Tab 70: "Current NATO Issues" (6/19/68) 2

Volume 5, Tab 72: "U.S., Europe and the Czech Crisis" [NATO] (9/4/68) 2

Volume 5, Tab 76: "Monetary Issues, Vietnam, UN" (11/25/68) [France, Great Britain, Germany,




NSF, Files of the Special Committee of the NSC. The Special Committee of the National Security Council was established by President Johnson on June 7, 1967, to coordinate handling of the Middle East Crisis. McGeorge Bundy served as Executive Secretary. The Special Committee ended its formal work in August 1967. The following files deal specifically with European countries. (** = unprocessed)

"France"** 3

"Germany"** 3

"Italy"** 5

"Switzerland"** 6

"United Kingdom"** 7


NSF, National Security Council Histories. In 1968, the NSC staff prepared documentary histories of 21 international crises and events from the Johnson presidency. Compiled by xeroxing key documents in the National Security File and in other files, these collections are extremely useful. Moreover, they provide access to documents the originals of which, in some cases, are in unprocessed files. One NSC history deals with Western Europe and NATO:


"Trilateral Negotiations and NATO, 1966-1967" 50-51


Three NSC histories deal with U.S. foreign economic policy and Europe:

"Kennedy Round Crisis, April-June, 1967" 52

"Gold Crisis, November, 1967-March, 1968" 53

"1968 Balance of Payments Program" 54

"Non-Proliferation Treaty" 55-56


For additional material on U.S. foreign economic policy and Europe, see the Library's list entitled "Foreign Economic Policy During The Johnson Presidency: Trade, Balance of Payments, and International Monetary Issues."


NSF, Memos to the President. This chronologically arranged series consists of memoranda (with attachments) to the President from his national security advisers, McGeorge Bundy (11/63-2/66) and Walt W. Rostow (4/66-1/69). The first forty-two boxes (through November 1968) have been opened for research, and significant portions have been declassified. Additional boxes are currently being processed. Material on Western Europe and NATO is scattered throughout this file.


NSF, Files of McGeorge Bundy

"Kissinger" [NATO, Germany] 15

"McGeorge Bundy Correspondence w/Ambassadors" [France, Germany, UK] 16

"VE Day Speech" [1965] 16

"European Trip" 16

"Correspondence with Senators and the Vice President" 17

"Memos of Conversation" [Great Britain, Germany, NATO] 18

"Memos for the Record (mtgs. with Pres., etc.)" [Great Britain] 18

"President's Consultants on Foreign Affairs" [Europe] 18

"Miscellaneous Meetings, Vol. I" [NATO] 18

"Luncheons with the President, Vol. 1 [Europe, NATO] 19

"Memorandums of Meetings with the President, Vol. 1 [NATO] 19

"Daily Regional Staff Report to the President" [Europe] 19


NSF, Files of Gordon Chase (** = unprocessed)

"US Military Relations with Europe & the Multilateral Force - Some Presidential

Comments [1963]"** 5

"European Public Opinion Polls [pre- and post-Cuba crisis]"** 7

"DeGaulle clippings" 8




NSF, Files of Edward Fried

"Balance of Payments Program - 1967 (ERF)" 1

"Group of Ten Ministerial Meeting - London, August 1967 (ERF)" 1

"CHRON" 2-3



NSF, Files of Spurgeon Keeny

"ENDC 1966-1969" 5

"EURATOM - Sale of Plutonium to" 5

"France" 5

"Germany" 6



NSF, Files of Robert W. Komer

"Chrono: March 1-20, 1966" 1

"Chrono: March 21-31, 1966" 1

"NATO" 1

"France - 1964 - March 1966" 20

"Germany - 1964 - March 1966" 20

"Italy - 1964-1965-1966" 33

"Malta - December 1963 - March 1966" 38

"United Kingdom - January 1964 - March 1966" 51



NSF, Files of Walt W. Rostow

"Meetings with the President" [Europe, NATO] 1-2

"Meeting, Dec. 17, 1966, Austin, Texas (Vietnam; NATO; UN; etc.)" 3

"Leadership Meeting, Mon., Nov. 20, 1967 "Devaluation of Pound" 3

"SHRIVER, Sargent -- Meeting with de Gaulle" 5

"PM Wilson" [UK/Vietnam negotiations, 2/67] 9

"2/8/67-Wilson-Kosygin"** [UK/Vietnam negotiations] 9

"Wilson-Kosygin - January 1968"** [UK/Vietnam] 9

"Schedule -- Trip to Bonn & Cologne" 12

"Chrono" [Adenauer Funeral] 12

"Wilson Visit" 12

"File--Official" [Vatican] 14

"[Non-Vietnam]" 15-16

"Visitors" 17



Declassified and Sanitized Documents from Unprocessed Files (DSDUF). Occasionally, such as in connection with a court case, documents are declassified but the files from which they come remain unprocessed. Until the file is processed, the material is usually placed in this file.

NSF, Special Head of State Correspondence, France--General De Gaulle

Correspondence, Vol. 2, Box 16 1

NSF, Special Head of State Correspondence, Vatican, Presidential

Correspondence, Box 58 1

NSF, International Meetings and Travel File, President's Trip to Germany

(Adenauer's Funeral) Briefing Book 4/67, Box 15 1







At the close of the Johnson administration, each department and agency was asked to prepare a history of its activities and accomplishments during the Johnson years. The histories consist of narratives with documentary supplements. See the finding aid for a table of contents of the various administrative histories.


Council of Economic Advisors

Volume II, Part III, Documentary Supplement, "Other International Consultations" 2


Foreign Claims Settlement Commission

Volume I, Chapter IV: "E. Italian Claims Program" 1


Office of Science and Technology

Volume II, Chapter N: "Science and Foreign Affairs" 9


Department of State

Volume I, Chapter 3: "Europe and NATO" 1

Volume I, Chapter 9: "International Economic Relations" 3


Department of Transportation--Federal Aviation Administration

Volume II, Chapter IX: "International Aviation Activities" 4


Department of the Treasury

Volume II, Part VI, Chapter X 2

Volume II, Part VI, Chapter XII 3


United States Information Agency

Volume I, Chapter 5: "Western Europe" 1




This permanent White House office was the main filing unit during the Johnson presidency, though not the primary file for foreign policy documents. Material was filed under 60 major subject headings. For descriptions, see the finding aid for WHCF.


WHCF, Civil Aviation (CA)

Ex CA 7/ Austria-US 6

Europe-US 11

Europe-Japan 11

France-US 11

Germany-Chile 12

Germany-US 12

Ireland-US 12

Italy-US 12

Netherlands-US 14

Portugal-US 14

Spain-US 15

Swissair 15

Switzerland-US 15

Trans-Atlantic Case 15-17

UK-Hong Kong 18

UK-Japan 18

UK-US 18-19


WHCF, Countries (CO)

CO 1-9 "Europe" 12

CO 19 "Austria" 15

CO 20 "Azores" 15

CO 33 "Belgium" 16

CO 81 "France" 29-30

CO 92 "Germany" 32-35

CO 125 "Ireland" 41-42

CO 127 "Italy" 44-46

CO 165 "Liechtenstein" 51

CO 167 "Luxembourg" 51

CO 186 "Malta" 52

CO 191 "Monaco" 56

CO 201 "Netherlands" 56

CO 237 "Portugal" 64

CO 259 "San Marino" 66

CO 272 "Spain" 67

CO 278 "Switzerland" 68

CO 293 "Trieste" 69

CO 305 "United Kingdom" 75-78

CO 310 "Vatican City" 78


WHCF, Disasters (DI)

DI 3/CO "Azores" 4

"Portugal" 4

"Sicily" 4


WHCF, Foreign Affairs (FO)

FO 2/CO "Diplomatic Consular Relations" 11-13

FO 5 "International Travel" 41

FO 6-3 "International Publicity" 60

FO 7 "International Conferences" [Pope Paul VI] 66

FO 9 "Treaties" 72


WHCF, Immigration - Naturalization (IM)

IM 1 (Malta)


WHCF, International Organizations (IT)

IT 5 "European Communities" 2

IT 11 "Intergovernmental Committee for European Migration" 3

IT 31 "Italian-US Conciliation Commission"

IT 34 "North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)" 34

IT 36 "Office of Economic Affairs--US Mission to NATO and European

Regional Organization" 7

IT 47 "United Nations" 12

IT 64 "Postal Union of the Americas and Spain" 17

IT 70 "NATO Parlimentarians Conference" 18

IT 85 "European Space Research Organization" 19

IT 91 "Customs Cooperation Council" 19


WHCF, Peace (PC)

PC 2/CO (Austria, Germany) 6


WHCF, Trade (TA)

TA 1 "Trade Agreements" (Switzerland) 2-4


WHCF, Trips (TR)

TR 46 "Europe" 19

TR 71 "New York City (Political dinner and meeting with Pope Paul VI, 10/65)"

TR 106 "Proposed European Trip, 1967" 35

TR 112 "Germany (Funeral of Adenauer), 4/23/67" 36

TR 136 "Australia (Memorial Services for PM Holt, 12/19/67)" 43




This file serves as a name index to the Subject File. Name Files typically contain copies of the first page (cross references) of documents that were filed in the Subject File. Files should be requested by names of individuals or organizations. A card file in the Reading Room indicates which Name Files have been opened. Name Files will be processed upon request.




Security classified and other sensitive material sent to the White House Central Files was usually placed in the Confidential File. The C.F. Subject File uses the same subject categories as WHCF. The Confidential File also includes a Name File (which serves as a name index to the C.F. Subject File), an agency reports file, and an oversize attachments file. The Confidential File is entirely processed, but portions are still classified.

CA 7/ "Civil Aviation (Italy-US)" 4

CO 19 "Austria" 6

CO 33 "Belgium" 7

CO 81 "France" 8

CO 92 "Germany" 8

CO 125 "Ireland" 9

CO 127 "Italy" 9

CO 167 "Luxembourg" 10

CO 186 "Malta" 10

CO 201 "Netherlands" 10

CO 237 "Portugal" 11

CO 272 "Spain" 11

CO 278 "Switzerland" 11

CO 305 "United Kingdom" 12

CO 310 "Vatican City" 12

FO "Foreign Affairs" 44

FO 2/CO "Foreign Affairs" 45

IT 5 "European Communities"

IT 7 "Free Europe Committee" 58

IT 11 "Intergovernmental Committee for European Migration"

IT 12 "Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization" 58

IT 34 "North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)"

IT 47 "United Nations"

ND 19/CO 92 "Germany" 70

SP 3-5 "Message to the 18-Nation Disarmament Conference (Geneva, Switzerland)" 89

TR 46 "Proposed Trip to Europe, 1965" 94

TR 106 "Europe 1967 (Proposed) 96

TR 112 "Germany (April, 1967)" 96

TR 136 "Australia--Memorial Service for PM Holt" (President's audience with

Pope Paul VI at Vatican on his return trip) 96




"BR" [Willy Brandt, George Brown, David Bruce] 143

"EL" [Ludwig Erhard] 145

"McD" [George McGhee] (Germany) 148

"MOR" [Aldo Moro] (Italy) 148

"PI" [Pope Paul VI] 149

"RE" [Frederick Reinhardt] (Italy) 150

"WILSON" [Harold Wilson] 152




Many White House aides maintained office files of their own, separate physically from the rest of the White House Central Files. The files of each aide reflect his or her responsibilities. This list is not definitive, but it does include most pertinent folders in the aides files. If a folder is not open for research, it will be processed upon request. Researchers should anticipate a delay in receiving this material. (** = unprocessed)


Bellinger, Ceil

"American-Italians" 1

"Foreign Policy" 10

"Multilateral Force" 13

"NATO" 13

"West Germany" 19

"World Bank/IMF" 19

"World Records" 19

"German Trip - April 24, 1967" 20

"Around the World Trip - 1967"** 20


Benchley, Peter

"Statements: Remarks Concerning Chancellor Adenauer, 4/21/67" 2


Busby, Horace

"NATO - Parlimentarians, 9/18/64" 39

"Chancellor Erhard Toast, 6/12/64" 43

"Erhard Visit, 6/4/65" 43

"Italian-American Labor Council" 45

"Prime Minister Moro Visit, 4/20/65" 53


Califano, Joseph

"Italian-Americans" 19


Christian, George

"Germany" 2


Gaither, James

"Europe" 290

"Housing Innovation in the United Kingdom" 339


Goldstein, Ernest

"Marcel Dassault (Avions Marcel Dassault...)" 4

"Western Europe Check Questions" 4

"Western Europe Survey" [1967-1968] 4

"European Civil Aviation Conference" [4/1-2/68] 6

"European Community - U.S. Seminars (Urban Living, etc.)" [1968] 8

"General De Gaulle" [1967] 8

"Airline Figures - Travel between US-Europe [1968] 9

"Ambassadorial Luncheons" 12

"White House Luncheon for European Ambassadors 10/19/67" 13

"White House Luncheon for European Ambassadors 11/15/67" 13

"Securities and Exchange Commission" [1967-1968] 13

"Stockpile - General" 13

"Trends in West European Public Opinion on U.S. Policy Objectives (USIA)" 13

"European Common Market" [1968] 15

"France - General Information" [1968] 15

"French Trade Matters" [1968] 15

"Paris Air Show" [1968] 15

"Background Material for Paris Trip 2/68" 16

"Western Europe [1967-1968]"** 16

"Wires from Paris 2/12-19/68" 16


Macy, John. Macy was the Chairman of the Civil Service Commission. As a "talent scout" he maintained a file on all persons considered for appointments. These folders are reviewed on written request. A card file is maintained in the Reading Room for those name files currently available. Researchers should anticipate a delay in receiving unreviewed material.

"Ackley, H. Gardner" [Ambassador to Italy, 1968-69] 3

"Anderson, George W."** [Ambassador to Portugal, 1963-66] 11

"Bennett, W. Tapley"** [Ambassador to Portugal, 1966-69] 38

"Bohlen, Charles"** [Ambassador to France, 1962-68] 50

"Bruce, David K.E."** [Ambassador to United Kingdom, 1961-69] 68

"Cleveland, Harlan"** [Ambassador to NATO, 1965-69] 105

"Davis, W. True"** [Ambassador to Switzerland, 1963-65] 137

"Duke, Angier B."** [Ambassador to Spain, 1965-68] 157

"Feldman, George J."** [Ambassador to Malta, 1965-67 and

Ambassador to Luxembourg, 1967-69] 178

"Finletter, Thomas K."** [Ambassador to NATO, 1961-65] 181

"Guest, Raymond R."** [Ambassador to Ireland, 1965-68] 231

"Harris, Patricia R." [Ambassador to Luxembourg, 1965-67] 245

"Haussamen, Crane"** [Ambassador to UNESCO, Paris, 1963-64] 249

"Hayes, John S."** [Ambassador to Switzerland, 1966-69] 250

"Knight, Ridgway B."** [Ambassador to Belgium, 1965-69] 314

"Leddy, John M."** [Ambassador to OECD, Paris, 1962-65] 331

"Lodge, Henry Cabot"** [Ambassador to Germany, 1968-69] 345

"MacArthur, Douglas II"** [Ambassador to Belgium, 1961-65 and

Ambassador to Austria, 1967-69] 353

"McGhee, George"** [Ambassador to Germany, 1963-68] 378

"Reinhardt, G. Frederick"** [Ambassador to Italy, 1961-68] 482

"Rice, John S."** [Ambassador to Netherlands, 1961-64] 485

"Riddleburger, James W."** [Ambassador to Austria, 1962-67] 487

"Rivkin, William R."** [Ambassador to Italy, 1962-65] 489

"Schaetzel, J. Robert"** [Ambassador to European Communities,

Brussels, 1966-72] 518

"Sheridan, Leo J."** [Ambassador to Ireland, 1968-69] 534

"Shriver, R. Sargent" [Ambassador to France, 1968-70] 537

"Smyth, Henry D."** [Ambassador to International Atomic Energy

Agency, 1961-70] 552

"Smyth, Hugh H."** [Ambassador to Malta, 1967-69] 552

"Trezise, Philip H."** [Ambassador to OECD, Paris, 1965-69] 600

"Tubby, Roger W."** [Ambassador to UN European Office,

Geneva, 1967-69] 602

"Tuthill, John W."** [Ambassador to European Communities,

Brussels, 1962-66] 605

"Tyler, William R."** [Ambassador to Netherlands, 1965-59] 605

"Wade, Robert H.B."** [Ambassador to UNESCO, Paris, 1964-69] 615

"Wagner, Robert T."** [Ambassador to Spain, 1968-69] 616

"Woodward, Robert F."** [Ambassador to Spain, 1962-65] 656


McPherson, Harry

"European Youth Leaders" 23

"British Serial Services" 25

"Paris - Article by Stuart Hughes, 3/68" 27

"International Air" 27


Moyers, Bill

"Balance of Payments" 5

"De Gaulle" 7

"President's Visit with Pope" 8

"20th Anniversary of VE Day" 8

"European Trip" 81

"Berlin" 81

"Geneva" 81

"Italy" 81

"Portugal" 82

"Spain" 82

"Chancellor Ludwig Erhard Toast--Germany" 126


Panzer, Fred

These folders contain mainly newsclippings, press releases, public statements, and other printed material.

"NATO, De Gaulle, Western Europe" 181

"Arms Control in Europe" 210-11

"De Gaulle, Charles" 343

"Chancellor Kiesinger" 372

"NATO" 386

"USIA European Media"** 423

"West Germany" 434


Pierson, DeVier

"CAB Cases sent to the President"


Salinger, Pierre

"Chancellor Erhard's Visit to the LBJ Ranch, December 27-28, 1963; West German

reaction to Erhard's visit" 2


Sparks, William

"Erhard, Ludwig Visit" 8

"Italy, 9/18/67" 12

"NATO/General De Gaulle" 16






This collection is arranged chronologically and contains backup material, correspondence, drafts and final copies of speeches. Request by box number.


"List of government leaders expected to attend Pres. Kennedy's funeral, 11/25/63" 89

"Notes taken by President in session with Rusk, Bundy, etc. on Erhard visit, 12/21/63" 91

"Miscellaneous Information for use during the visit to the US of Erhard, 12/27-29/63" 91

"Exchange of remarks between Pres. & Chancellor Erhard, Austin, Texas, 12/28/63" 91

"Toasts of the President and Chancellor Erhard at the LBJ Ranch, 12/28/63" 91

"Remarks of President in Stonewall, TX, at Barbecue in Honor of Chancellor Erhard, 12/29/63" 91

"Exchange of Remarks between Pres. & Pres. Segni of Italy, 1/14/64" 93

"Remarks of President and President Segni at the White House, 1/14/64" 93

"Exchange of Toasts Between President and Segni, 1/14/64" 93

"Exchange of Toasts between Segni and the President, 1/15/64" 93

"Remarks of President to Group Sponsored by "Corriere Della Sera" (Italian Journalists), 1/25/64" 94

"Remarks of President of Welcome at the White House to PM Douglas-Home, 2/12/64" 94

"Miscellaneous information for use during visit of PM Douglas-Home, 2/13-14/64" 94

"President Johnson's reply to Prime Minister Home at the British Luncheon, 2/13/64" 94

"Toasts of President and PM Sir Alec Douglas-Home, 2/13/64" 94

"Joint Statement Following Discussions with UK Prime Minister, 2/13/64" 95

"Remarks of Pres. at Meeting Honoring 15th Anniversary of Signing of North Atlantic Treaty, 4/3/64" 100

"Statement by President on Reopening of Geneva Disarmament Conference, 1/21/64" 100

"Exchange of Toasts Between President and Willy Brandt at State Luncheon, 5/18/64" 105

"Miscellaneous Information for use during visit of President Eamon de Valera of Ireland, 5/26-30/64" 107

"Exchange of Remarks Between President & President de Valera, 5/27/64" 107

"Exchange of Toasts Between President and President Eamon de Valera, 5/27/64" 108

"Remarks of the President during meeting with NATO Sec. Gen. Stikker, 6/4/64" 108

"Statement by the President on the Geneva Disarmament Conference, 6/9/64" 109

"Program for the Visit to the US of Ludwig Erhard of Germany, 6/11-13/64" 109

"Exchange of Toasts Between the President and Chancellor Erhard, 6/12/64" 109

"Joint Statement Following Discussions with Chancellor Erhard, 6/12/64" 109

"Remarks of President to Members of NATO Parliamentarians Conference, 9/18/64" 120

"Program for Visit of Manlio Brosio, Secretary-General of NATO, 9/27-30/64" 122

"Exchange of Toasts Between President and Manlio Brosio, 9/29/64" 123

"Remarks of Pres. upon Arrival at Offutt AFB, Omaha, NE, accompanied by Manlio Brosio, 9/29/64" 123

"Remarks of Pres. upon Completing an Inspection of SAC Headquarters, Offutt AFB, 9/29/64" 123

"Exchange of Remarks between President and PM Wilson of Great Britain, 12/7/64" 134

"Exchange of Toasts between President and PM Wilson at State Dinner, 12/7/64" 134

"Joint Communique by President & PM Wilson Following Talks in Washington, 12/8/64" 134

"Remarks of the President at meeting with Prime Minister Wilson, 4/13/65" 144

"Program for Visit of Aldo Moro, President of Council of Ministers of the Republic of Italy, 4/19-23/65" 144

"Remarks of Welcome by President at White House to Prime Minister of Italy, 4/20/65" 144

"Exchange of Toasts Between President and PM Aldo Moro at State Dinner, 4/20/65" 144

"Joint Statement Following Discussions with the Prime Minister of Italy, 4/21/65" 144

"Toast by the President at a Luncheon for Chancellor Erhard, 6/4/65" 149

"Remarks of President to Brit. Amb. at Magna Carta Anniversary Ceremony, 7/22/65" 154

"Statement by Pres. Following Meeting with US Representative to NATO Council, 9/9/65" 160

"Statement by Pres. Designating Two Peaks of Mount McKinley in Honor of Winston Churchill, 10/23/65" 166

"Exchange of Toasts Between President and Erhard, 12/20/65" 169

"Joint Communique by President and Erhard Following Talks in Washington, 12/21/65" 169

"Draft Letter from the President to Prime Minister Wilson, 12/21/65" 169

"Draft of Letter to the Prime Minister from the President, 2/14/66" 176

"Remarks of President on NATO to the Foreign Service Institute, 3/23/66" 181

"Letter from Pres. to 5th International Pressure Die Casting Conference in London, 3/25/66" 181

"Letter from the President to Eugene Timmons, Lord Mayor of Dublin, Ireland, 3/30/66" 181

"Statement by the President on the 17th Anniversary of NATO, 4/4/66" 182

"Invitation from Pres. to International Olympic Committee, Rome, Italy, 4/18/66" 183

"Letter from Pres. for 12th German-American Friendship Week of Federation of German-

American Clubs, Germany, 4/22/66" 184

"Greetings from the President for Queen Elizabeth II, and other Patrons of the

Anglo-American Air Forces Friendship Ball, May 7, 1966, 4/22/66" 184

"Letter from the President to Marcel Marceau, Eure-et-Loir, France, 6/14/66" 191

"Exchange of Toasts between President and PM Wilson of Great Britain, 7/29/66" 199

"President's Remarks to NATO Parliamentarians, 9/16/66" 210

"Exchange of Toasts Between the President and Chancellor Erhard, 9/26/66" 212

"Remarks of President During Visit to Cape Kennedy with Erhard, 9/27/66" 212

"Joint Statement Following Discussions with Chancellor Erhard, 9/27/66" 212

"Francis M. Bator draft, Speech on Europe, 10/6/66" 213

"Statement by Pres. on Conversations between Washington, London, & Bonn, 10/11/66" 214

"Remarks of the President at the Signing of the Outer Space Treaty, 1/27/67" 228

"Talking Points for President on Troop Cuts in Europe, 2/27/67" 230

"Remarks of Pres. at Italian Reception in Honor of 10th Anniversary of Treaties of Rome, 3/30/67" 233

"Remarks of Pres. at Press Briefing Following Meeting with NATO Nuclear Planning Group, 4/7/67" 234

"Remarks of Pres. of Welcome to Vice Pres. upon his return from Europe, 4/10/67" 234

"Statement by the President on the Death of Konrad Adenauer, 4/19/67" 235

"Statement by George Christian on Departure for Funeral Services for Adenauer, 4/23/67" 235

"Exchange of Remarks Between Chancellor Kiesinger and President on Leaving Bonn, Germany, 4/26/67" 235

"Exchange of Remarks Between President and PM Wilson of Great Britain, 6/2/67" 239

"The President's Toast at a Dinner Honoring PM Wilson, 6/2/67" 239

"Exchange of Toasts between Pres. and PM Krag of Denmark, at a Luncheon Honoring Krag,

PM Aldo Moro and President Amintore Fanfani of Italy, and Foreign Minister

George Brown of Great Britain, 6/22/67" 239

"Exchange of Toasts between Pres. & former West German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard, 7/11/67" 243

"Exchange of Remarks at Welcoming Ceremony Between Pres. & Chancellor Kiesinger of Federal

Republic of Germany, 8/15/67" 244

"Remarks of the President and Chancellor Kiesinger, 8/15/67" 244

"Exchange of Toasts between President and Kiesinger, State Dining Room, 8/15/67" 244

"Statement by the President on Presentation to the 18-Nation Disarmament Committee

of Non-Proliferation Treaty, 8/24/67" 245

"President's Welcoming Statement for Arrival of President Saragat of Italy, 9/18/67" 246

"Exchange of Toasts between the President and President Saragat, 9/19/67" 246

"Joint Statement of President and Saragat Following Discussions, 9/19/67" 246

"Remarks to the Press by Pres. & UK Foreign Secretary George Brown, 9/27/67" 247

"Statement by the President on the Devaluation of the British Pound, 11/18/67" 253

"Statement by the President Upon Arriving in Rome, 12/23/67" 258

"Statement by Pres. Following his Meeting at Vatican with Pope Paul VI, 12/23/67" 258

"Statement by the President Upon his Departure from Italy, 12/23/67" 258

"The President's Christmas Message to Nation Upon Returning from Round-the-World Trip, 12/24/67" 258

"Joint Statement Following Meeting of Pres. & Jean Rey, President of the Commission of

the European Communities, 2/7/68" 265

"Exchange of Toasts between President and PM Wilson of Great Britain, 2/8/68" 265

"Statement by Pres. Following Call by NATO Secretary-General Manlio Brosio, 2/19/68" 266

"Exchange of Remarks Between Pres. & former Chancellor Erhard, 3/21/68" 269

"President's Remarks at Welcoming Ceremonies for Chancellor Klaus of Austria, 4/10/68" 275

"President's Toast at Dinner Honoring Chancellor Klaus, 4/10/68" 275

"Remarks of the President Upon Signing of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, 7/1/68" 283

"Presidential Remarks to American Committee on Italian Migration, 7/1/68" 283




Background material relating to the 50 most significant legislative achievements of the Johnson Administration.

"Outer Space Treaty History" 1-2




Included in the Cabinet Papers are agendas, minutes, background memos, draft Presidential remarks, and other materials.

"Cabinet Meeting, 6/1/66" (NATO) 5

"Cabinet Meeting, 11/20/67" (Devaluation of British pound) 11

"Cabinet Meeting, 6/12/68" (France's pre-election situation) 14

"Cabinet Meeting, 6/26/68" (NATO Meeting) 14

"Cabinet Meeting, 7/10/68" (French elections) 14

"Cabinet Meeting, 9/5/68" (NATO Situation) 14

"Cabinet Meeting, 9/18/68" (NATO Situation) 15

"Cabinet Meeting, 10/16/68" (NATO) 15

"Cabinet Meeting, 12/4/68" (International Monetary Crisis) 15





This collection includes notes for close to 120 meetings that President Johnson held with his senior civilian and military foreign policy advisors during 1967 and 1968, including 45 Tuesday luncheons. In addition, the collection includes notes for more than 80 meetings that President Johnson held with House and Senate leaders, correspondents, his Cabinet, the National Security Council, businessmen, and other groups. W. Thomas Johnson, who took the notes, has retained his copyright in these notes, but they are open for research. Material on Western Europe and NATO is scattered throughout the four boxes.





This collection includes notes for 100 of President Johnson's foreign policy meetings from 1963 through 1968, mostly with senior foreign policy advisers and Congressional leaders. Three-quarters of the meetings deal mainly with the Vietnam War. In addition, there are notes for 37 meetings at which Johnson discussed foreign affairs with correspondents.

"June 11, 1965" (Valenti's meeting with Apostolic Delegate) 1

"June 23, 1965" (Valenti's meeting with Apostolic Delegate) 1

"July 19, 1965" (Valenti's meeting with Apostolic Delegate) 1

"[August 14, 1967--6:50 p.m. Meeting prior to Arrival of Kiesinger]" 1

"[November 18, 1967--4:30 p.m. Meeting with Congressional Leadership]" 2

"November 20, 1967" (Devaluation of British pound) 2

"December 23, 1967" (Meeting with Pope Paul VI) 2

"July 24, 1968" (Schroeder, Germany) 3

"July 25, 1968" (Strauss, Germany) 3









This file is a unique collection in that some of the documents located here do not appear in any other location in LBJ's papers. During the White House period, Dorothy Territo's office maintained this collection. If documents contained LBJ's handwriting or doodling, they were sent to this office, sometimes bypassing the White House Central Files.

"August 1964 [2 of 2]" (NATO, 8/13) 3

"February 1965 [1 of 3]" (Proposed meeting with Roman Gary and Churchill funeral,

2/1, 2/9) 5

"February 1965 [3 of 3]" (Archbishop Egidio Vagnozzi, Apostolic Delegate, 2/26) 5

"April 1965 [3 of 4]" (Joint Technical Economic Talks with United Kingdom, 4/19) 6

"February 1966 [1 of 4]" (British collective nuclear arrangement, 2/3) 12

"March 1966 [2 of 4]" (NATO crisis and Italy, 3/10; Negotiations with British for

airline routes, 3/11) 13

"March 1966 [3 of 4]" (Memos re: letter to De Gaulle, 3/18) 13

"April 1966 [2 of 2]" (Response to De Gaulle's unpublished letter, 4/25) 14

"June 1966 [2 of 5]" (Califano as contact for Italian-American Cong., 6/10) 15

"July 1966 [2 of 3]" (Britain's Christopher Serpell visit) 16

"August 1967 [4 of 5]" (De Gaulle, 8/16) 24

"September 1967 [4 of 4]" (Italo-Americans, 9/25) 25

"March 1968 [2 of 3]" (British budget, 3/19) 28

"June 1968 [2 of 3]" (LBJ letter to Pope Paul VI, 6/15) 30

"September 1968 [2 of 2]" (Grand Duke of Luxembourg) 31




This collection consists mainly of folders on individual Cabinet officials, aides, associates, and friends. Access to these files was strictly controlled by the President, and materials he deemed sensitive were filed here.

"Valenti, Jack - Notes taken at various meetings during 1965-1966" 13




Copies of transcripts sent to the Library by CBS. The background material in this file was put together by the archives staff of the LBJ Library to aid President Johnson in his preparation for answers to potential questions.

"Why I Chose Not to Run"

"Question #10--Valenti notes on talk with Pope, 12/23/67"




These files consist of transcripts and backup material for presidential press conferences, news conferences, press briefings, and press releases.


"12/29 - H. E. Dr. Ludwig Erhard of Federal Republic of Germany" 80

"12/29 - Dean Rusk on Erhard visit" 80


"5/7 - Remarks on 20th Anniversary of V-E Day" 84


"2/7 - Outer Space Treaty Message" 82

"2/8 - Visit of West German Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister Willy Brandt" 82


"6/1 - Prime Minister Wilson's Pending Visit" 87


"8/16 - Joint Statement of President Johnson and Chancellor Kiesinger" 87


"2/19 - NATO" 88

"Ball, Under Secretary of State - Briefing on Return from European Trip" 89

"Rusk, Secretary - Erhard's visit (not for distribution)" 90

"Ball, Under Secretary - NATO Speech, 3/23/66" 96

"Bator - Briefing prior to trip to Europe, 8/25/65" 96

"Foreign Service (NATO) Under Secretary Ball, 3/23/66" 97

"Bator, Francis - PM Wilson Visit, 6/1/67" 101

"Bator, Francis - Visit of Willy Brandt, 2/8/67" 101

"Outer Space Treaty - Goldberg, Webb, Secretary Brown, Califano, 1/23/67" 104

"Outer Space Treaty - Christian and Nathaniel Davis, NSC Staff, 1/27/67" 104

"Brosio, Manlio, NATO, Harlan Cleveland on the record, 2/19/68" 106

"Non Proliferation Treaty - Rostow, Keeney, 7/1/68" 109

"Erhard, LBJ meetings with" 135

"W - Wilson, Harold" 135

"Foster, Amb. William C. - Nonproliferation Treaty, 8/11/67" 103




This file of backup material for the President's appointments includes schedules, briefing papers, press releases, some memoranda of conversations, and other material. Organized by date, there is a folder for most every day of the administration, with special folders for many head-of-state visits. While little foreign policy material was filed here during 1964 and 1965, Diary Backup includes a significant amount of foreign policy material for 1966-68.


The Diary Cards in the Reading Room provide an alphabetically arranged name index to the President's appointments. Once the date of an appointment has been determined, check the "Diaries and Logs" finding aid for the number of the appropriate box in Diary Backup. The following folders contain significant information on Western Europe and NATO:


"December 27-29, 1963" (Chancellor Erhard of West Germany visit) 2

"November 17, 1965" (White House Dinner for Princess Margaret and Lord Snowden) 25

"December 16-17, 1965" (PM Wilson of Great Britain visit) 26

"December 20-21, 1965" (Erhard visit) 26

"July 29, 1966" (PM Wilson visit) 41

"September 26-27, 1966" (Erhard visit) 46

"April 24-26, 1967" (Adenauer funeral) 62

"June 2, 1967" (PM Wilson visit) 67

"August 15-16, 1967" (Chancellor Kiesinger of West Germany visit) 73

"September 18-19, 1967" (President Saragat of Italy visit) 76

"December 23, 1967" (Rome, Italy, Vatican) 85

"February 8-9, 1968" (PM Wilson visit) 90

"April 10, 1968" (Chancellor Klaus of Austria visit) 95




Social Files were generated by Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson and her East Wing staff during the White House years. Included is material on the activities of the First Lady and her daughters and the social activities of the Presidency. Unprocessed (marked with **) portions of the Social Files will be processed upon request.


Alphabetical File. This file contains outgoing correspondence from Mrs. Johnson or her staff and often includes the original incoming correspondence as well. Request by the name of the individual or the organization of interest.

"Austria"** 48

"Belgium"** 208

"Berlin"** 215

"France"** 803

"Germany"** 834

"Great Britain"** 890

"Ireland"** 1010

"Italy"** 1013

"Monaco"** 1484

"Netherlands"** 1529

"Portugal"** 1688

"Spain"** 1882

"Switzerland"** 1960

"Vatican"** 2032


Beautification Files

"Netherlands Tulip Gifts, 11/18/66"** 8


Bess Abell's White House Social Office Files. Contains the files of Mrs. Johnson's Social Secretary. Request by the folder title and box number.

"Erhard (Texas Visit), 12/28/63"** 1

"Prime Minister Home (Great Britain), 2/13/64"** 1

"Italian Visit - Segni, 1/14/64"** 1

"Brandt Luncheon, 5/18/64"** 3

"Irish Visit - de Valera, 5/27/64"** 3

"Erhard Visit and Dinner, 6/12/64"** 4

"NATO Stag Luncheon, 9/29/64"** 6

"Dinner for Prime Minister Wilson, 12/7/64"** 7

"State Dinner for Italian Prime Minister, 4/20/65"** 9

"Princess Margaret's Visit, 11/17/65"** 12

"Prime Minister Harold Wilson, 12/17/65"** 13

"Dr. Ludwig Erhard (Germany), 12/20/65"** 13

"Dr. Ludwig Erhard, 9/26/66"** 17

"Prime Minister Harold Wilson, 2/8/68"** 23

"Chancellor of Austria, 4/10/68"** 25

"Chancellor Kurt Georg Kiesinger, 8/15/67"** 27

"Possible European Visit"** 31

Liz Carpenter's Subject File. Liz Carpenter was Mrs. Johnson's Press Secretary during the White House years. These files contain both subject and speech files. Request by folder title and box number.

"Chancellor Erhard Visit, 12/28-29/63"** 1

"President Segni Visit, 1/13-18/64"** 1

"Prime Minister Home Visit, 2/13-14/64"** 1

"Prime Minister of Ireland Visit, 5/27-28/64"** 7

"Erhard Visit (Maria Tallchief & Jacques d'Amboise performing), 6/12/64"** 7

"Prime Minister Wilson Visit, 12/7/64"** 13

"Prime Minister of Italy visit (Leontyne Price performing), 4/19/65"** 14

"Tea for Spanish Students, 8/19/65"** 17

"Churchill Reception (Churchill bust), 10/6/65"** 18

"Dinner-dance in honor of Princess Margaret, 11/17/65"** 19

"Luncheon for Mrs. Harold Wilson, 12/17/65"** 19

"Dinner for Chancellor Erhard, 12/20/65"** 19

"Visit of Dr. El Schwarhaupt, Secretary of Health, Germany, 1/18/66"** 19

"Chancellor Erhard of Germany, 9/26/66"** 28

"Dinner for British PM & Mrs. Wilson (A Salute to the American Musical Theater), 6/2/67"** 38

"Ludwig Erhard luncheon, 7/11/67"** 38

"German Chancellor and Mrs. Kiesinger dinner, 8/15/67"** 39

"Dinner for President of Italy (Man of la Mancha), 9/19/67"** 40

"Lynda's dinner for Princess Alexandra (Peter Duchin entertained), 10/12/67"** 41

"Dinner for British PM and Mrs. Harold Wilson, 2/8/68"** 45

"Chancellor Klaus of Austria (Van Cliburn performed), 4/10/68"** 49


Social Entertainment Office Files. Contain all planning, invitations, programs, and guest lists for social events at the White House. Request by folder title and box number.

"Dinner & Lunch - Dr. Ludwig Erhard, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of

Germany, 12/28/63 (LBJ Ranch)"** 23

"Barbecue (LBJ Ranch), 12/29/63"** 23

"Dinner - Prime Minister of Great Britain, 2/13/64"** 25

"NATO Telecast - 15th Anniversary, 4/3/64"** 25

"Luncheon (stag) - Willy Brandt, governing Mayor of Berlin, 5/18/64"** 31

"Dinner - H. E. The President of Ireland, Eamon de Valera, 5/27/64"** 32

"Dinner - Chancellor Erhard of the Federal Republic of Germany, 6/12/64"** 33

"Luncheon (stag) - Secretary General of NATO, Manlio Brasio, 9/29/64"** 40

"Dinner - Prime Minister of Great Britain, Harold Wilson, 12/7/64"** 42

"Luncheon (stag) - Prime Minster Harold Wilson of Great Britain, 4/15/65"** 49

"Dinner (President and Mrs. Johnson) - PM and Mrs. Moro of Italy, 4/20/65"** 49

"Luncheon (small - President) - Chancellor Erhard of Germany, 6/4/65"** 53

"Dinner - Princess Margaret and Lord Snowden, 11/17/65"** 62

"Dance following dinner for Princess Margaret, 11/17/65"** 62

"Luncheon (Mrs. Johnson) - Mrs. Harold Wilson, 12/17/65"** 63

"Luncheon (President) - Prime Minister Harold Wilson, 12/17/65"** 63

"Dinner (President and Mrs. Johnson) - Chancellor Erhard of Germany, 12/20/65"** 64

"Luncheon (stag) - Prime Minister Harold Wilson of Great Britain, 7/29/66"** 75

"Dinner (President and Mrs. Johnson) - Chancellor Erhard of Germany, 9/26/66"** 79

"Proposed Luncheon (never held) - Princess Grace and Prince Rainier, 9/29/66"** 80

"Luncheon (stag) - Prime Minister Harold Wilson of Great Britain, 6/2/67"** 95

"Dinner - Prime Minister and Mrs. Wilson, 6/2/67"** 95

"Luncheon (President Johnson) - PM Moro of Italy, PM Krag of Denmark, Foreign

Minister Fanfani of Italy, Foreign Minister Brown of Great Britain, 6/22/67"** 96

"Dinner - Chancellor and Mrs. Kiesinger of Germany, 7/7/67 (cancelled)"** 97

"Luncheon (stag) - The Hon. Ludwig Erhard of Germany, 7/11/67"** 97

"Luncheon (stag) - Chancellor Kiesinger of Germany, 8/15/67"** 98

"Dinner (President and Mrs. Johnson) - Chancellor and Mrs. Kiesinger of the Federal

Republic of Germany and Mrs. Kiesinger, 8/15/67"** 98

"Dinner (President and Mrs. Johnson) - President Saragat of Italy, 9/19/67"** 100

"Dinner - Dance (Lynda Johnson) - Princess Alexandra, Great Britain, 10/12/67"** 102

"Dinner (President and Mrs. Johnson) - PM Wilson of Great Britain, 2/8/68"** 108

"Luncheon (stag) - Prime Minister Harold Wilson of Great Britain, 2/8/68"** 108

"Luncheon (stag) - H.E. Dr. Ludwig Erhard of Germany, 3/21/68"** 111

"Dinner (President and Mrs. Johnson) - Chancellor & Mrs. Klaus of Austria, 4/10/68"** 112

"Tea (Mrs. Johnson) - Mrs. Spuehler, wife of the President of Switzerland, 11/20/68"** 126




This collection of papers from individuals or organizations came to the Library separately from President Johnson's papers. See the finding aid for additional information concerning the availability of individual collections.




Papers of Gardner Ackley. The Papers of Gardner Ackley consist of subject and meeting files, correspondence, speeches, and other materials pertaining to Ackley as the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors, 1962-1968. Microfilm Reel

"International Political Crisis - Cuba and Berlin" 2

"United Kingdom - Financial Crisis, 11/64" 5

"7/6/65 British-American Parliamentary Group, Houses of Parliament" 8

"Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Ministerial

Meeting, Paris" 11

"2/17-18/1965 - Economic Policy Committee (hereafter EPC) of OECD, Paris" 11

"June 29, 1965 - Visit of James Callaghan, Chancellor of the Exchequer,

United Kingdom" 11

"July 2-9, 1965 - Discussions between officials of the United States and

the United Kingdom in London and meeting of EPC of OECD, Paris" 11

"July 7-8, 1965 - EPC of OECD, Paris" 11

"Sept. 28, 1965 - Meeting with Robert Marjolin, Vice-President of the European

Economic Community" 11

"Nov. 3-10, 1965 - EPC of OECD, Paris" 11

"Dec. 5, 1966 - Meeting with Garcia Monco, Spanish Minister of Commerce and

three others, Washington" 11

"Oct. 14, 1967 - Meeting with European Investment Group, Washington" 12

"Feb. 7, 1968 - Meeting with Jean Rey, President of the Commission of

European Communities, Washington" 12

"Background folder - Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Canada, Japan

and Austria" 12


Papers of George Ball. The Papers of George Ball consist of notes of his telephone conversations while Under Secretary of State, 1963-1966. Most of the material noted below has been opened for research. Box

"Belgium [5/19/66 - 8/17/66]" 1

"Bilderberg [12/17/63 - 1/27/65]" 1

"Britain II [12/2/63 - 11/23/64]" 1

"Britain III [11/24/64 - 12/31/65]" 1

"Britain IV [1/1/66 - 9/28/66]" 1

"France I [1/21/64 - 6/1/64]" 3

"France II [6/1/64 - 9/15/66]" 3

"Germany (E.) [12/29/64]" 4

"Germany, West II [11/24/63 - 9/28/66]" 4

"Italy [12/6/63 - 9/14/66]" 4

"MLF [12/2/63 - 12/64]" 5

"MLF II [1/8/65 - 4/8/66]" 5

"NATO I [3/19/64 - 12/2/63]" 5

"NATO II [1/65 - 8/3/66]" 5

"OECD [8/4/65 - 11/19/65]" 5

"Portugal [6/29/64 - 6/3/66]" 5

"GATT [12/17/64]" 4

"ILO [6/1/66 - 6/22/66]" 4

"IMF [5/9/64 - 4/28/65]" 4

"Trade II (including oil in general, textiles removed to own file)

[12/19/63 - 1/4/66]" 6

"Trade Legislation, etc. III [12/3/63 - 8/3/65]" 6

"Spain [1/26/64]" 6





Papers of Francis M. Bator. The Papers of Francis M. Bator consist of memoranda, correspondence, speeches, State Department cables, and notes, while serving on the National Security Council staff, 1964-1967. Most of the Chronological File, in boxes 1-6, is open for research, while much of the Subject File has not been processed yet.

"Chronological File" 1-6

"Subject File--International Monetary Matters" 7-10

"Subject File--Trade" 11-13

"Subject File--Balance of Payments" 14-16

"Subject File--Trilaterals" 17-20

"Subject File-Europe" 21-25

"Subject File--NATO" 26-28

"Subject File--Military Matters" 29-30

"Subject File--Miscellaneous" 31-32

"Chronological File" 33-39



Papers of Ramsey Clark. Ramsey Clark served as Assistant and Deputy Attorney General and as Attorney General during the Johnson administration. The folders noted below are open for research.

"Italian Tribunal [1967]" 97

"American Committee on Italian Migration 5/17/65" 103

"3/9/66 Bail Reform Act of 1965: Testimony" 103


Papers of Clark Clifford. The Papers of Clark Clifford consist of material on the Vietnam War, the Pueblo incident, Defense Department staff meetings, Congressional hearings, weapons, aircraft, trips, and speeches, 1968-1969. The Clifford Papers are processed and significant portions are open for research, but much of the material in the folders noted below has not yet been declassified.

"Memoranda of Conversation" 7

"News Articles - Visits of Sec. of Defense Clifford to Paris-London-

Amsterdam-The Hague and Bonn in 1968" 16

"[Troops in Europe and Balance of Payments]" 17

"[NATO's Defense Ministers' Meetings]" 17

"Force Improvements for NATO (29 Feb - 2 Oct) Reforger, Crested Cap" 21

"Harrier Aircraft" 21

"Paris Air Show" 22

"Redcoste" 23-24


Papers of the Democratic National Committee. These papers include materials accumulated by officials, staff members, and special groups of the Democratic National Committee during the 1960, 1964, and 1968 presidential campaigns. Open for research.

"Military - US Forces in Europe - 1968" 36

"NATO" 37

"Johnson, Pres.: Speeches, Washington D.C. Dec 3, 1964. Speech at Georgetown" 155

"University Issues: Atlantic Alliance Is Not In Crisis. Foreign Trade, NATO" 155

"Johnson, Pres.: Commencement Speeches: At the Coast Guard Academy, 6/3/64"

"Johnson, Pres.: Speeches 1965 TV Broadcast on VE Day 20th Anniversary, 5/7/65" 156

"Johnson, Pres.: Speeches 1968. Address to American Legion Convention, New

Orleans, 9/10/68" [NATO] 156

"Johnson, Pres.: North Atlantic Treaty Organization; Address to Foreign

Service Institute at State Dept., 3/23/66" 162

"Johnson, Pres.: United Nations 1965. Meeting with His Holiness

Pope John VI, Oct 4 in Waldorf Towers to Bolster U.N. and Peace" 162

"Johnson, Pres.: NATO (Multilateral Nuclear Force) 1964" 162

"Johnson, Pres.: Foreign Policy 1963; NATO Policy 1964-65" 162

"Johnson, Pres.: Foreign Policy Issue: NATO Nuclear Control Dispute between LBJ and BMG" 162

"Johnson, Pres.: NATO 1965. Support of NATO" 162

"Johnson, Pres.: NATO Relations: Remarks of the President, 9/18/64 to NATO Parlia-

mentarians in Front of White House" 162

"Johnson, Pres.: Foreign Policy, NATO Relations with Manlio Brosio and NATO Officials" 162

"Rusk, Sec. of State - On NATO 1963" 170

"Rusk, Sec. of State - 10/9/64, Multi-Nation Goal for Polaris-Armed Fleet (backed only by Bonn)" 171

"Rusk, Dean - Atlantic Alliance and NATO" 171

"Rusk, Dean - Relations with the Atlantic Alliance" 171

"Rusk, Dean - Relations with NATO" 171

"Rusk, Dean - Europe" 171

"Rusk, Dean - Germany 1965" 171

"Rusk, Dean - Relations with Great Britain" 171

"Rusk, Dean - French Policy" 171

"Rusk, Dean - Relations with Holland" 171

"Rusk, Dean - Relations with Portugal" 171

"Rusk, Dean - Relations with Spain" 171


Papers of Henry H. Fowler. The Papers of Henry H. Fowler consist of files documenting Fowler's service as Under Secretary and Secretary of the Treasury, 1963-1969. Included in these Papers is material on foreign economic policy, balance of payments, and international monetary arrangements. Most of the Fowler Papers have been processed, and substantial portions are open for research.

"International Balance of Payments" 1-21

"International Economy" 21-37

"International Countries" 37-42

"International Balance of Payments - Classified Material" 42-54

"International Classified Material" 54-66

"International Countries - Classified Material" 66-73

Papers of Donald F. Hornig. The Papers of Donald F. Hornig consist of chronological files, testimony, speeches, and appointment books, while Director of the Office of Science and Technology, 1964-1969. Open for research.

"Chronological Correspondence File: September-December 1964" 1

[Scientific affairs in NATO]

"Chronological Correspondence File: January-February 1966" 3

[European concern over technological gap; President's trip to Germany]

"Chronological Correspondence File: July-September 1967" 5

[Trip to Europe on technology gap]

Papers of Robert W. Komer. (** = unprocessed)

"[SPEECH on] Western Europe"** 11


Papers of Lawrence F. O'Brien. Lawrence F. O'Brien served in the White House as Special Assistant for Congressional Relations, 1961-65 and then as Postmaster General from 1965-68. His papers have not been processed and are not available for research.

"London and Ireland (June 20-July 9)" 75

"Visit of British and German Postmaster Generals - September 21-22" 75

"December 25-January 5 - Paris, London, Dublin" 81

"Europe - November 10" 82


Papers of Anthony M. Solomon. Anthony Solomon was Assistant Secretary of State for Economic Affairs, 1965-69. The Solomon Papers are processed and open for research.

"CIVAIR - Italy" 1


"International Monetary Reform" 5

"Kennedy Round" 5

"NATO Ministers Meeting, Brussels" 11

"AMS European Trip" 22


Papers of Willie Day Taylor. These folders contain newsclippings, press releases, magazine articles, and other printed material that Taylor maintained while Staff Assistant in the White House Press Office, 1940-1969.

"Foreign Dignitaries and Rulers" 135

"Foreign Visitors" 161

"Britain" 176

"Europe" 186

"Foreign Visitors" 187

"France" 188

"Germany" 188

"NATO" 197

"Europe" 214

"Germany" 216

"Britain" 238

"Europe" 259

"Foreign Visitors" 260

"France" 260

"Germany" 260

"NATO" 274

"Italian Clippings and Translation" 370




This series consists of copies of selected records from government agencies, mainly covering the period of President Johnson's administration. Most of these records are on microfilm, but also included are photocopies on paper and carbon copies. Most of these records are available without restriction. Some of the materials, however, are unprocessed or are closed due to security classification. (** = unprocessed)

Central Intelligence Agency (reels) Reel or Box

"World Reaction Reports"** (1 reel) 1

"Special Memoranda" (2 reels) 1

"Latin America and Western Europe" (11 reels) 2

Council of Economic Advisors (reels)

"Italy" 7

"UK (General)" 9

"Economic News from Italy"** 17

"Economic News from Europe" 46

"Economic Community for Europe" 46

"European Economic Community" 47

"UK" 62

"International London Meeting, 7/65" 69

"London Meeting, 7/65" 69

"Material for London Visit" 69


Department of Commerce (boxes)

"1/67 - Anglo American Trade News" 4




Department of Interior (reels)

"US Participation in International Organizations and with Foreign

Governments, 1965-67" 27-28

Department of Labor (reels)

"I.L.A.B. Office of Countries Programs--

"Europe - Germany" 4

"Europe - Austria" 4

"Europe - USSR" 4

"OCP - Europe" 4

"Europe/Yugoslavia" 4


United States Information Agency (reels)

"US Foreign Relations" 40-50

"Information and Documents French" 130-31

"London-American Economics Report" 132

"Europe, Austria, Vienna FY 64" 239

"Documentation Presse French Paris FY 64" 239

"Europe, Paris Information" 240

"Europe, USA Documentation, Economique FY 64" 240

"USA-Paris Documents FY 64" 241

"Rome Centrali Elettronucleari FY 64" 241

"Rome-Mondo Occidentale FY 64" 242




The Reference File has been assembled by the Library's archives staff to assist in answering questions about Lyndon Johnson, his family, and the Johnson Administration.

"De Gaulle (de Gaulle)"

"Erhard Contacts"

"Erhard Visit (12/63)"

"Pope Paul (VP-Vatican)"

"Royal Family"

"Runnymede Kennedy Memorial"




Transcripts of oral history interviews may be consulted at the Library or borrowed directly from the Library by writing to the Interlibrary Loan Archivist, Lyndon B. Johnson Library, 2313 Red River Street, Austin, Texas, 78705. Interviews with the following people contain material on Western Europe and NATO and are open for research. A complete list of oral histories is available. A card file of oral histories is maintained in the Reading Room.


Gardner Ackley [Charles DeGaulle]

Eugenie Anderson [NATO]

George Ball [MLF, Charles DeGaulle]

Joseph W. Barr [European Common Market]

Keyes Beech [US/French relations, Vietnam]

John W. Black [International travel tax]

David K. E. Bruce [US/British relations; Jean Monnet, DeGaulle]

Zbigniew Brzezinski [Ludwig Erhard]

William B. Camp [Eurodollar]

Harlan Cleveland [NATO]

William Colby [French influence in Vietnam]

William J. Connell [NATO]

Chester L. Cooper [US/British relations, Vietnam]

William B. Dale [International monetary issues]

W. True Davis [Switzerland]

Frederick L. Deming [International monetary issues]

Thomas K. Finletter [NATO, DeGaulle]

Adrian S. Fisher [Disarmament, NATO, MLF]

Orville Freeman [FAO convention in Rome; European agriculture]

Edward R. Fried [International monetary issues]

E. Ernest Goldstein [Trip to France, 2/68]

W. Averell Harriman [Peace Discussions in London; Paris Peace Talks]

Patricia Roberts Harris [Luxembourg]

Dwight A. Ink [NATO]

John M. Leddy [NATO, France, Europe and Vietnam]

Phillip R. Lee [Erhard dinner, 12/20/65]

Lyman Lemnitzer [NATO]

John J. McCloy [NATO]

John A. McCone [Conference with Franco in Spain]

George C. McGhee [Germany; Adenauer, Erhard, and Kiesinger]

Lawrence McQuade [Monetary issues]

Karl E. Mundt [NATO, DeGaulle]

Henry D. Owen [NATO - MLF]

Richard S. Pryor [Erhard dinner]

Robert V. Roosa [OECD; London gold pool]

Eugene V. Rostow [NATO, division of Germany, nuclear issues]

Dean Rusk [Europe, NATO]

Robert F. Woodward [Spain]




The audiovisual archives holds an extensive collection of still photographs, motion picture footage, audiotapes, and videotapes. Consult the audiovisual archivist for information.