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LBJ Library CO 1-6 

January 1993 (updated June 1995)




Aden, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine

Quatar, Saudi Arabia, South Arabia, Syria, United Arab Republic, and Yemen


This list includes the principal files at the Library that contain material on the Middle East, but the list is by no means exhaustive. Researchers may wish to consult the Johnson Library's finding aids to locate additional material. Some of the files listed below are unprocessed and therefore are not available for research. Files which have not been fully processed are followed by a double asterisk (**).





NSF, Country File Box

Middle East** 104

Middle East Crisis** 104-115

Near East 116

Iran** 136-138

Iraq 138

Israel 138-145

Jordan** 146-149

Kuwait 149

Lebanon 149

Palestine 154

Saudi Arabia 155

South Arabia 156

Syria 156

United Arab Republic 158-161

Yemen 161

USSR [Glassboro] 229-230



NSF, Country File - Addendum

USSR [Glassboro memcons]



NSF, National Security Action Memorandums (NSAMs)

"290, Meeting Israeli Arms Requests 3/19/64" 3

"319, US Aid to the UAR 11/20/64" 6



NSF, Head of State Correspondence Box

"Lebanon, Chehab 8/64-9/64"** 5

"Saudi Arabia, King Saud 4/8/64-3/31/65"** 6

"Syria, President Al-Hafiz 4/17/64-4/28/65"** 6

"USSR, Kosygin, Volume I 10/17/64 - 8/27/64" 7

"Yemen, Imam of Yemen 3/12/64"** 12



NSF, Special Head of State Correspondence

Near East Crisis** 1

Federation of Southern Arabia** 2

Bahrain** 4

Iran** 24-25

Iraq** 25

Israel** 26-27

Jordan** 31-32

Kuwait** 33-34

Lebanon** 34

Muscat and Oman** 40

Saudi Arabia** 48

Southern Yemen** 50

Syria** 51

United Arab Republic** 55

Yemen** 60


NSF, Committee File, Committee on Nuclear Proliferation

"Cairo Resolutions 7/17-21/64 and 10/11/64" 5



NSF, Subject File

"Desalting Projects, Vol. 1"** 8

"Desalting Projects, Vol. 2"** 9

"Foreign Policy" [Middle East Crisis] 18

"Progress in Foreign Policy Since 1964" 18

"Nuclear Weapons - Near East, Vol. 1"** 34

"Transition Papers: Policy Planning Council: The Middle East:

US Policy in the Absence of a Settlement"** 50



NSF, Name File

"Califano Memos" 1

"Eisenhower, Dwight D., General" 2

"Senator Fulbright" 3

"Vice President, Vol. 2" 4

"Komer Memos, Vol. 1" 6

"Komer Memos, Vol. 2" 6

NSF, Name File (CONT'D) Box

"Rostow Memos" 7

"Saunders Memos" 7

"Former President Truman" 8

"Wriggins Memos, 1966" 8

"Wriggins Memos, 1967" 8



NSF, Speech File

"President's Speech to the Weizman Institute" 1



NSF, National Intelligence Estimates

"30, Middle East" 6

"34, Iran" 6

"35, Israel" 6

"36, Arab World" 6

"36.1, UAR" 6

"36.2, Iraq" 6

"36.3, Jordan" 6

"36.6, Saudi Arabia" 6

"36.7, Yemen" 6



NSF, Intelligence File

"Israel (sanitized)" 2

"Student Unrest" [Iran, Arab world] 3



NSF, National Security Council Meetings

"Vol. 3, Tab 26, Jordan Arms 2/1/65" 1

"Vol. 4, Tab 52, Mid-East Crisis 5/24/67" 2

"Vol. 4, Tab 53, Middle East War 6/7/67" 2

"Vol. 4, Tab 59, Economic Aspects of the Middle East Settlement 10/26/67" 2

"Vol. 5, Tab 57, Major Issues of the 22nd UN General Assembly

9/13/67" 2

"Vol. 5, Tab 64, Near-East Region 2/21/68" 2



NSF, Files of the Special Committee of the NSC: The Special Committee of the National Security Council was established by Pres. Johnson on June 7, 1967, to coordinate handling of the Middle East Crisis. McGeorge Bundy served as Exec- utive Secretary. The Special Committee ended its formal work in August 1967.


NSF, Files of the Special Committee of the NSC (CONT'D)

Only one folder ("Liberty," Box 10) in this collection has been processed and opened for research, but copies of some key documents, including notes of some committee meetings, can be found in box 19 of the NSC history noted below. For a folder title list of the Special Committee files, see the NSF finding aid.



NSF, National Security Council Histories: In 1968 the NSC staff prepared documentary histories of 21 international crises and issues from the Johnson presidency. Compiled by xeroxing key documents in the National Security File and in other files, these collections are extremely useful. Moreover, they provide access to documents the originals of which, in some cases, are in unprocessed files. One NSC history deals with the Middle East:


Middle East Crisis, May 12-June 19, 1967 17-23


All of these boxes have been processed, and significant portions have been declassified. Boxes 17-18 include more than 700 pages of declassified or unclassified key documents dated May 12-June 19, 1967, arranged in chronological order. The documents in boxes 19-21 are arranged by type or subject matter (i.e. hot line messages, intelligence reports, Foreign Broadcast Information Service reports, press releases, material on the UN, material on the NSC Special Committee, etc.). Boxes 22-23 contain State Department cables.



NSF, Memos to the President: This chronologically arranged series consists of memoranda (with attachments) to the President from his national security advisers, McGeorge Bundy (11/63-2/66) and Walt W. Rostow (4/66-1/69). The first thirty-five boxes (through mid-July 1968) have been opened for research, and significant portions have been declassified. Material on the Middle East is scattered throughout this file.



NSF, Files of McGeorge Bundy

"Miscellaneous Meetings, Vol. 1" [Egypt, Yemen] 18

"Memorandums of Meetings with the President, Vol. 1" [Israel] 19


NSF, Files of Robert W. Komer: Material on the Middle East is located in the two following folders, which reflect Robert W. Komer's responsibilities as interim national security adviser during March 1966.

"Chrono: March 1-20, 1966" 1

"Chrono: March 21-31, 1966" 1


NSF, Files of Robert W. Komer (CONT'D) Box

Boxes 10-52 include a significant volume of material on the Middle East. However, these recently accessioned files had not been processed at the time this list was prepared nor was a folder title list available yet. Check the NSF finding aid for up-to-date information.



NSF, Files of Walt W. Rostow

"Middle East"** 9

"Arab-Israeli Private Talks" 12

"Eshkol Visit" 12

"Feinberg good works" 12

"[Eugene Rostow Trip, Jan. 1967]" 12


Material on the Middle East is also located in: "Meetings with the President," boxes 1-2; "Non-Vietnam," boxes 15-16; and "Visitors," box 17.





This permanent White House office was the main filing unit during the Johnson presidency, though not the primary file for foreign policy documents. Material was filed under 60 major subject headings, several of which are pertinent to the Middle East. For descriptions of the various subject headings and their subdivisions, consult the two-volume finding aid for WHCF.


WHCF, Civil Aviation (CA)

CA 7 Cases - Decisions/Egypt-US 11

CA 7 Cases - Decisions/Israel-US 12

CA 7 Cases - Decisions/United Arab Republic-US 18


WHCF, Commodities (CM)

CM/O Commodities/O [Middle East oil] 6, 11



WHCF, Countries (CO)

CO 1-6 Continental Areas - Middle East/Near East 9

CO 10 Aden 12

CO 16 Arabian Peninsula 12

CO 21 Abu Dhabi 12

CO 123 Iran 41

CO 124 Iraq 41

CO 126 Israel 42-44


WHCF, Countries (CO) (CONT'D) Box

CO 142 Jordan 48

CO 155 Kuwait 50

CO 162 Lebanon 50

CO 220 Oman 59

CO 231 Palestine 60

CO 249 Quatar 65

CO 262 Saudi Arabia 66

CO 279 Syrian Arab Republic 68

CO 304 United Arab Republic 75

CO 320 Yemen 86

CO 335 Bahrain 87



WHCF, Foreign Affairs (FO)

FO 2 Diplomatic-Consular Relations [subdivided by country] 11-17

FO 3-2 Mutual Security [foreign aid & assistance, subdivided

by country] 26-30



WHCF, International Organizations (IT)

IT 47-19 Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in

the Near East 13



WHCF, National Security-Defense (ND)

ND 1 Aircraft [Israel] 1-2

ND 19/CO 1-6 Middle/Near East Crisis 193-198

ND 19/CO 1-6/PR 18-3 Mid-East War/President's Club 198-199

ND 19-2 Displaced Persons-Refugees [subdivided by country] 418-419



WHCF, Peace (PC)

PC Peace [Middle East] 1-3

PC 2/CO Food for Peace/[subdivided by country] [Egypt] 6



WHCF, Religious Matters (RM)

RM 3-2 Jewish 6-7



WHCF, Trade (TA)

TA 2/CO Boycotts-Embargoes [Arab boycott of American

companies doing business with Israel] 4


WHCF, Trade (TA) (CONT'D) Box

TA 6/Petroleum 22

TA 6/Oil 18-22




This file serves as a name index to the Subject File. Name Files typically contain copies of the first page (cross references) of documents that were filed in the Subject File. Request files by names of individuals or organizations. A card file in the Reading Room indicates which Name Files have been opened. Name Files will be processed upon request.





Security classified and other sensitive material sent to the White House Central Files was usually placed in the Confidential File. The C.F. Subject File uses the same subject categories as WHCF. The Confidential File also includes a Name File (which serves as a name index to the C.F. Subject File), an agency reports file, and an oversize attachments file. The Confidential File is entirely processed, but portions are still classified. Pertinent material can be found under the following subjects:

CO 1-6 Middle/Near East 6

CO 10 Aden 6

CO 16 Arabian peninsula 6

CO 123 Iran 9

CO 124 Iraq 9

CO 126 Israel 9

CO 142 Jordan 10

CO 155 Kuwait 10

CO 162 Lebanon 10

CO 231 Palestine 11

CO 262 Saudi Arabia 11

CO 304 United Arab Republic 12

CO 320 Yemen 13

FO 2/CO 142 Diplomatic-Consular Relations/Jordan 45

FO 2/CO 151-335 Diplomatic-Consular Relations/Korea-Bahrain 45

ND 19/CO 1-6 Middle-Near East Crisis 70

RM 3-2 Religious Matters-Jewish 85

SP 3-183 Remarks by President on the Near East (Middle East)

Situation-Fish Room 5/23/67 88





Many White House aides maintained office files of their own, separate physically from the rest of the White House Central Files. The files of each aide reflect his or her responsibilities.

Ceil Bellinger Box

"Middle East" 12



Horace Busby

"King Hussein, April 14, 1964" 45

"Shah of Iran - Toast - June 5, 1964" 45



Douglass Cater

"Personal Correspondence/E" [Israel] 8

"Personal Correspondence/Speeches" [Middle East] 11

"Memos to the President, June 1967 (2)" [Middle East] 16



George Christian

"Telegram from Amb. Cairo" 4

"Middle East" 12



Ervin Duggan

"Draft Remarks for Arrival of Amir of Kuwait 12/11/68" 15



James Gaither

"Middle East" 291



Ernest Goldstein

"US-Israel Air Rights Negotiations" 8

"Jewish Problems" 9



Harry McPherson

"Abu Simbel" 1

"Mideast" 42

"Weizman Institute" 45

"Mr. Cater" [Abu Simbel and Temple Dendur] 50

"Mrs. Johnson" [Temple Dendur] 50


Charles Maguire Box

"Five Principles of Peace in the Middle East" 4



Mike Manatos

"Nasser Amendment 1965" 9



Bill Moyers

"Bill Moyers Notes - Iran and Nepal" 15

"Memos - To and From the Director" [Iran] 41

"Faisal's Visit" 116

"Israeli Prime Minister Visit, 6/1/64" 127

"Shah of Iran Meeting, 6/5/64" 132



Fred Panzer

"Mid-East" 181

"Middle East in Indian Ocean Strategy" 211

"Middle East" 382

"Middle East Crisis" 383

"FO - Near East and South Asia" 389

"Iranian-American Economic Survey 1967" 449



George Reedy

"Middle East Mission" 8



Irvine Sprague

"Middle East" 4



Ben Wattenberg

"Eshkol Toast - Dec. 1967" 7

"Mid East Speeches" 18





Discussions at Cabinet meetings sometimes dealt with the Middle East. Folders for those meetings are noted below. Included in the Cabinet Papers are agendas, background memos, draft Presidential remarks, and other materials.



Cabinet Papers (CONT'D)

Minutes were kept for some Cabinet meetings, including the meetings for 11/1/67 and 4/3/68 noted below. Consult the Special Files finding aid for additional information.


"Cabinet Meeting, 5/31/67" [Middle East crisis] 9

"Cabinet Meeting, 6/14/67" [Middle East crisis] 9

"Cabinet Meeting, 7/19/67" [Middle East] 9

"Cabinet Meeting, 11/1/67" [UN and Middle East] 11

"Cabinet Meeting, 4/3/68" [Middle East crisis] 13





Due to President Johnson's concern with leaks of sensitive information, notes of his meetings on foreign policy issues were sometimes placed in a special file. This file is now divided into two separate collections, the Meeting Notes File and Tom Johnson's Notes of Meetings. See the Special Files finding aid for complete folder title lists. The Meeting Notes File has been processed in its entirety. The following folders from the Meeting Notes File deal with the Middle East.

"Briefing Papers for National Security Council Meeting,

5/24/67" [South Arabia] 1

"9/13/67 - 12:32 p.m. - National Security Council Meeting"

[Middle East and UN] 2

"10/24/67 - Meeting with Abba Eban and Others" 2

"Briefing Papers of Tuesday Luncheon, 2/6/68" [Jordan] 2

"Briefing Papers of 9/25/68 National Security Council

Meeting" [Middle East and UN] 3





This collection includes notes for close to 120 meetings that President Johnson held with his senior civilian and military foreign policy advisers during 1967 and 1968, including 45 Tuesday luncheons. In addition, the collection includes notes for more than 80 meetings that President Johnson held with House and Senate leaders, correspondents, his Cabinet, the National Security Council, businessmen, and other groups. W. Thomas Johnson, who took the notes, has retained his copyright in these notes, but they are open for research. Among the folders which deal with the Middle East are the following:


"6/14/67 - Notes of the regular Cabinet Meeting" 1

"7/12/67 - 2:50 p.m. - Tuesday luncheon group" 1


Tom Johnson's Notes of Meetings (CONT'D) Box

"7/14/67 - 12:30 p.m. - Special National Security Council

Panel on the Mideast" 1

"7/19/67 - 12:23 p.m. - Cabinet Meeting" 1

"7/25/67 - 2:27 p.m. - Tuesday lunch" 1

"6/25/68 - 1:20 p.m. - Tuesday luncheon" 3

"9/25/68 - National Security Council" [UN and Middle East] 4





At the close of the Johnson administration, each department and agency was asked to prepare a history of its activities and accomplishments during the Johnson years. The histories consist of narratives with documentary supplements.

Agency for International Development

Vol. I, Part II, Chapter IX, Near East and South Asia



Department of State

Vol. I, Chapter IV, The Near East and South Asia

Vol. I, Chapter XI, Section G, Desalting and Water for Peace Program



United States Information Agency

Vol. I, Chapter V, Section G, Near East and South Asia (IAN) Program





This file of backup material for the President's appointments includes schedules, briefing papers, press releases, some memoranda of conversations, and other material. Organized by date, there is a folder for almost every day of the administration, with special folders for many head-of-state visits. While little foreign policy material was filed here during 1964 and 1965, Diary Backup includes a significant amount of foreign policy material for 1966-1968. Diary Backup has been processed but some material is still classified.


The Diary Cards in the Reading Room provide an alphabetically-arranged name index to the President's appointments. Names of countries as well as individuals are indexed. Once the date of an appointment has been determined, check the "Diaries and Logs" finding aid for the number of the appropriate box in Diary Backup.



President's Appointment File (Diary Backup) (CONT'D) Box

Among the folders in Diary Backup dealing with the Middle East are the following:

"6/21-22/66 Visit of King Faisal" 37

"8/2/66 President Zalman Shazar of Israel" 41

"6/1-7/67 Middle East Crisis" 67

"6/28/67 King Hussein of Jordan" 70

"8/22-23/67 The Shah of Iran" 74

"1/7/68 Visit of Prime Minister & Mrs. Levi Eshkol of Israel" 87

"6/11/68 Dinner honoring the Shahanshah of Iran" 102

"10/22/68 H.E. Abba Eban, Foreign Minister of Israel" 113

"12/5/68 H.E. Prime Minister Amir Abbas Hoveyda of Iran" 117

"12/11/68 State Visit of His Highness Amir Shaikh Sabah

al-Salim Al-Sabah of Kuwait" 117





Social Files contain material pertaining to the activities of Mrs. Lyndon Johnson and her daughters and to the social activities of the Johnson presidency. Material on the Middle East is located in several series. Unprocessed folders in the Social Files will be processed on request.

Alpha File

"Hebrew"** 935

"Israel (only)"** 1012

"Jewish (only)"** 1025



Social Entertainment

"Dinner - His Majesty Hussein I, King of...Jordan 4/14/64"** 28

"Dinner - P.M. of Israel and Mrs. Eshkol 6/1/64"** 32

"Luncheon - Shahanshah of Iran 6/5/64"** 33

"Dinner (stag) - King Faisal of Saudi Arabia 6/21/66"** 73

"Dinner - The President of Israel and Mrs. Shazar 8/2/66"** 75

"Dinner - Shah and Empress of Iran 6/12/67 (cancelled)"** 96

"Luncheon (stag) - King Hussein of Jordan 6/28/67"** 97

"Dinner - His Majesty the Shahanshah of Iran 8/22/67"** 99

"Dinner at the LBJ Ranch - P.M. and Mrs. Eshkol of Israel

1/7/68"** 107

"Dinner - Shah of Iran 6/11/68"** 119

"Dinner - P.M. of Iran and Mrs. Hoveyda 12/5/68"** 126

"Dinner - Amir of the State of Kuwait 12/11/68"** 127


Liz Carpenter's Subject Files Box

"King Hussein Visit 4/14-15/64" 3

"Prime Minister of Israel Visit 6/1-2/64" 7

"King Faisal - Saudi Arabia 6/21/66"** 25

"Pres. Shazar of Israel and Mrs. Shazar 8/2/66"** 26

"Dinner for Shah of Iran 8/22/67"** 39

"Ranch Visit of Prime Minister of Israel, H.E. Levi"** 45

"Dinner for Shah of Iran 6/11/68"** 52

"Iranian Earthquake Victims - relief committee chairman

9/25/68"** 54

"Prime Minister of Iran & Mrs. Hoveyda dinner 12/5/68"** 58

"Amir of Kuwait dinner 12/11/68"** 58



Bess Abell's Files

"King Hussein's Visit 4/14/64"** 2

"Israel: P.M. Eshkol State Dinner 6/1/64"** 3

"Prime Minister of Israel Visit 6/1/64"** 3

"Shah of Iran Luncheon 6/5/64"** 4

"King Faisal Dinner 6/21/66"** 15

"Israeli Dinner 8/2/66"** 16

"Prime Minister of Israel 1/7/68"** 23

"Shah of Iran 6/11/68"** 27

"Dinner for P.M. of Iran and Mrs. Hoveyda 12/5/68"** 29

"Dinner for Amir of Kuwait 12/11/68"** 29





More than 15,000 pages of memos, notes, doodles, and other documents with Lyndon Johnson's handwriting (excluding material normally filed in the National Security File) were placed in a special Handwriting File during the Johnson presidency. Copes were frequently placed in the regular files, but some documents in this file cannot be found elsewhere (for example, the scratch pad notes collected by secretaries from the Oval Office and the Cabinet Room). The file is arranged chronologically, making it possible to check for material on the Middle East for certain times.





This chronologically arranged collection includes drafts and final copies of speeches, backup material, correspondence, and other documents. See the Statements finding aid for a complete folder title list.


Statements (CONT'D) Box

[4 folders of statements by Sen. Johnson on the Middle East

2-3/57] 20

"Request to publish 2 views of Middle East situation in the

Appendix of the Record 3/25/57" 21

"Message on Israel's Independence Day 4/10/57" 21

"Telegram for Israel's Independence Day celebration 5/2/57" 21

"Congressional Record, 10th Anniv. of Israel, Senate 4/23/58" 24

"Tear sheet from the Times Herald. Article 'Aid Arabs? US

Must - or Else' by Sen. Johnson 8/6/58" 25

"Telegram for 11th anniversary of Israel as a state 5/14/59" 30

"Greetings for 13 years of Israel's independence... 3/29/61" 52

"Greetings for...13th anniv. of Israel's independence 4/21/61" 53

"Greetings to Washington Jewish community on 13th anniv.

of the independence of the state of Israel 4/27/61" 53

"Message for 'Salute to Israel & Ben-Gurion' edition of the

Day Jewish Journal 4/25/62" 64

"Remarks prepared for VP after meeting with Sec. Rusk in

preparation for visits to Greece, Turkey, Iran, Cyprus,

and Italy 8/20/62" 68

[12 folders of speeches given in Lebanon & Iran 8/22-26/62] 69

"Article 'Freedom's Challenge in the Middle East' by Johnson

for NY Times Sunday Magazine 9/14/62" 70

[3 folders of speeches given on occasion of King Hussein

of Jordan's visit 4/64] 100

[4 folders of speeches given on occasion of P.M. Eshkol of

Israel's visit 6/64] 108

"Statement by Pres. announcing a Joint US-Israeli water

desalting study 10/15/64" 127

"Message from Pres. to Shah of Iran on 25th anniv. of his

reign 9/16/65" 161

[3 folders of speeches given on occasion of King Faisal of

Saudi Arabia's visit 6/21-22/66" 192

"Exchange of toasts bet. Pres. & Shazar Pres. of Israel 8/2/66" 200 "Statement by Pres. on preservation of Abu Simbel 4/29/67" 235

"Statement by Pres. on rising tensions in Near East 5/23/67" 238

"Remarks of Pres. at NY State Democratic Dinner 6/3/67" 239

"Statement by Pres. on establishing National Security Council

Special Committee on the Middle East 6/7/67" 240

[3 folders of speeches given on occasion of Shah of Iran's

visit 8/22-23/67] 245

"Statement by Pres. on completion of AID Program in Iran

11/29/67" 254

"Statement by Pres. commending NEED for its work in aiding


Statements (CONT'D) Box

victims of the 6-Day War in the Middle East 11/29/67" 254

[3 folders of speeches given on the occasion of P.M. Eshkol of

Israel's visit 1/7-8/68] 258

"Exchange of toasts between Pres. & Shah of Iran 6/11/68" 281

"Joint Statement by the Shah of Iran & the President 6/12/68" 281

"Exch. of Remarks bet. Pres. & PM Hoveyda of Iran 12/5/68" 294

"Exchange of toasts between Pres. & P.M. Hoveyda 12/5/68" 294

[3 folders of speeches given on occasion of the Amir of

Kuwait's visit 12/11/68] 294

"Statement by Sen. Johnson re recognition of new Iraqi

government 8/2/58" 308





For transcripts of background briefings on the Middle East conducted by the White House Press Secretary and others, see the following folders. For additional information on the White House Press Office Files, consult the finding aid.

"7/16/64 Dr. Donald Hornig - Desalting Talks" 80

"6/19/67 Middle East" 82

"12/4/68 Visit of Prime Minister Hoveyda of Iran" 83

"7/16/64 Desalting Talks" 84

"6/19/67 Middle East" 87

"12/4/68 Visit of Prime Minister Hoveyda of Iran" 88

"7/16/64 Desalting Talks - Dr. Hornig" 89

"6/19/67 Rostow - Walt - Middle East" 104





See roll 6 (microfilm) for four folders of newspaper clippings on the Middle East, January-June 1967. Roll 69 also has a folder of clippings on the Middle East.





In 1958, the Johnson staff instituted a records management program in the office which included a plan to dispose of noncurrent files. They set up the Lyndon Baines Johnson Archives to house items to be permanently retained rather than scheduled for disposal. Johnson files from the House and Senate period were screened, and selected items and files were moved to the LBJA file. Between



1958 and 1963, the staff continued to add to the file. Occasionally items were added during the White House period.


"Famous Names - Dulles, John Foster" [Israel, Egypt] 3 "Famous Names - Eban, Abba 1957-58" 3

"Famous Names - Sadat, Anwar, President of the National

Assembly of the UAR, 1961" 8

"Selected Names - Eban, Ambassador of Israel and Mrs. 1957" 17

"Commerce - Oil Imports" 65

"Foreign Relations - Aswan Dam [Egypt]" 68

"Foreign Relations - Middle East" 68

"Foreign Relations - Middle East" [2 folders] 69

"Foreign Relations - Suez Crisis" 69

"Visitors - Foreign - Ben Gurion, David [1964]" 92

"Visitors - Foreign - I" [Shah of Iran] 93

"Visitors - Foreign - P" [Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi, Iran,

1962] 94




These files reflect Lyndon Johnson's activities and responsibilities as Vice President, including his role as a member of the National Security Council. Requests for review of individual folders will be accepted for the VP Subject Files. Advance notice is preferred.



1961 Subject File

"Israel"** 81


1962 Subject File

"Israel"** 136

"Middle East"** 172



1963 Subject File

"Israel"** 196

"Lebanon"** 196





Vice Presidential Security Files: The VP Security Files have been entirely processed. This collection consists largely of the files of Colonel Howard L. Burris, who served as Air Force Aide to the Vice President following his appointment on February 25, 1961. Burris' responsibilities included national security matters, contacts with the military, and foreign and domestic travel. In addition to the folders listed below, material on the Middle East may also be found in the National Security Council files in boxes 4-5 and in "Memos to the President from Col. Burris," Boxes 5-6.


"VP Johnson's Trip to the Middle East, Aug.-Sept. 1962" 2

"Middle East" 10





Legislative Files

"Aid to Israel"** 223



Office Files of George Reedy, 1956-57

"Mid-East" 421

"Suez" 425



Subject Files, 1958

"Middle East (Situation)" [3 folders] 602



Subject Files, 1960

"Foreign Relations, [Egypt]"** 770

"Foreign Relations, [Mid-East]"** 770

"Foreign Relations, [Iran]"** 770

"Foreign Relations, Israel"** 770

"Foreign Relations, Suez"** 772



Case and Project Files, 1953

"Israel-Jordan Controversy"** 1149



Case and Project Files, 1956

"Middle East"** [4 folders] 1253

"Middle East - Form Letter #10"** 1253

"Middle East - Form Letter #10A"** 1253


Case and Project Files, 1957 Box

"Israel"** [2 folders] 1304

"Israel - Form Letter 11"** 1304

"Middle East"** 1319

"Middle East Foreign Policy - Form Letter 1, 1957"** 1319

"Middle East Foreign Policy - Form Letter 1A, 1957"** 1319

"[Saud, King of Saudi Arabia]"** 1340

"[Saudi Arabia]"** 1340





The Papers of George Ball consist of notes of his telephone conversations while Under Secretary of State, 1963-1966.

"Iran" 4

"Israel" 4

"Jordan" 4

"Saudi Arabia" 6

"UAR" 6

"Yemen" 6




"Iran" 39

"Israel" 39

"Middle East Crisis" 40

"Saudi Arabia" 40

"Iran" 70

"Israel" 70

"Middle East Crisis, 1967" 71

"Saudi Arabia" 72

"South Arabia" 72





The Papers of Donald Hornig reflect his position as Special Assistant to the President for Science and Technology and Director of the Office of Science and Technology.

"Chron. Correspondence File July-Sept. 1967" [Middle East

Water project] 5




This collection includes 4 documents reflecting David Nes' role as US Charge d'Affaires ad interim, Cairo, Egypt, 1966-1967.





The material in the folders below reflects the activities and involvements of Washington columnist Drew Pearson. Folders in the Papers of Drew Pearson will be processed upon request.


"Egypt - Sudan - North Africa"** F59 1 of 3

"Arabia"** F59 2 of 3

"Palestine"** F60 1 of 3

"Syria"** F60 1 of 3

"Personal - Palestine"** F61 2 of 3

"Israel/Middle East Policy XIIH"** F83 3 of 4

"Iran 1951"** F156 3 of 3

"Israel 1958-1959"** F156 3 of 3

"Israel 1960-1963"** F156 3 of 3

"Israel 1949-1957"** F156 3 of 3

"Jews 1939-1949"** F157 2 of 3

"Jews 1950-1959"** F157 2 of 3

"Jews 1960-1963"** F157 2 of 3

"Middle East"** F163 1 of 3

"Palestine"** F166 1 of 3

"Saudi Arabia"** F170 2 of 3

"Suez Canal"** F172 2 of 3

"Syria"** F172 3 of 3

"Forrestal - Palestine Policy"** F175 2 of 2

"Arab Legion"** G54 2 of 4

"Egypt"** G54 3 of 4

"Iran"** G55 1 of 3

"Israel"** G55 1 of 3

"Jordan"** G55 1 of 3

"Lebanon"** G55 1 of 3

"Saudi Arabia"** G55 2 of 3

"Syria"** G55 2 of 3

"DP - Iran"** G58 1 of 3

"DP re Israel"** G58 1 of 3

"DP and Jordan, King Hussein"** G58 1 of 3

"Lectures: Israel Bonds; UJA/Agents Cor.; other Jewish dates" G92 1 of 2

"Israel Trip 1965-66"** G93 1 of 3

Papers of Drew Pearson (CONT'D) Box

"Israel/Nairobi 5/64"** G93 2 of 3

"Middle East Trip [1957]"** G94 1 of 3

"DP Trip: Greece, Turkey, Iran Nov.-Dec. 59"** G94 2 of 3

"Israel Trip 1956"** G94 2 of 3

"Israel Trip 1956"** [2 folders] G94 3 of 3

"Syria and Russia"** G96 3 of 3

"Column Material - Israel Trip 1965-66"** G123 3 of 3

"Arabs"** G125 3 of 3

"Arabian-American Oil Co."** G126 1 of 3

"Arabian-American Oil Co."** G226 2 of 3

"Israel"** G236 3 of 3

"Middle East 1958"** G238 3 of 3

"Middle East 1947-1957"** G238 3 of 3

"Palestine 1948-49"** G240 2 of 3

"Syria 1957"** G244 1 of 2

"Israel - Editors Correspondence"** G259 1 of 3

"Egypt"** G271 3 of 3

"Iran"** G286 1 of 2

"Israel"** G286 2 of 2

"Jews #2"** G287 1 of 3

"Jordan"** G287 1 of 3

"Lebanon"** G288 1 of 3

"Middle East 1960-"** G289 2 of 3

"Near East"** [2 folders] G291 1 of 3

"Saudi Arabia"** G297 2 of 3

"United Arab Republic"** G300 3 of 3

"Yemen"** G303 2 of 2





Dean Rusk's papers consist mainly of his daily appointment logs. For information on Secretary Rusk's appointments during the Middle East crisis in 1967, see box 4.




"Foreign Aid 1968 - Sale of Phantom Jets to Israel" 20







Central Intelligence Agency: Cartons 11-13 hold 82 reels of microfilm on the Middle East/Africa and Western Europe. All are open. These are microfilm copies of unclassified Foreign Broadcast Information Service Daily Reports containing selections from foreign radio broadcasts and press reports covering the period from November 1, 1963 through January 17, 1969.



United State Information Agency: Field publications from Beirut are contained on reels 159-161, 165-169, 207-211, 272-276, and 301-305. Field publications from Cairo are on reels 163-164, 213-214, 278, and 307-308.





The LBJ Chronologies, prepared by the LBJ Library staff, have been developed as a tool for oral history interviews. The chronologies focus on Lyndon Johnson's activities, as well as those of Mrs. Johnson. Some state, national, and world events are listed in order to provide a context, while congressional issues and proceedings involving LBJ receive considerably more detail. They have been compiled from newspaper articles and other published sources, correspondence, interviews, appointment calendars, and other resources at the Library. Entries are at times speculative, and dates and details may be inaccurate.


For information on loan procedures, see the Oral History section of this search.


"1947" [Palestine]

"1956" [Israel, Egypt, Suez Canal, Aswan Dam]

"1957" [Israel, Egypt, Suez Canal, Jordan]

"1958" [UAR, Lebanon, Iraq]

"1962" [Lebanon, Iran]





Transcripts of oral history interviews may be consulted at the Library or may be borrowed by mail by writing to the Supervisory Archivist, Lyndon Baines Johnson Library, 2313 Red River Street, Austin, Texas 78705. Up to four oral history transcripts can be borrowed through the mail for two weeks at a time. Consult the up-to-date oral history list for relevant oral histories. Among the oral histories that deal with the Middle East are the following:



Oral Histories (CONT'D)

Anderson, Eugenie M. [Middle East, 6 Day War]

Battle, Lucius D. [UAR/Egypt, Yemen crisis, 6 Day War, Abu Simbel]

Clifford, Clark M. [Middle East tensions]

Crockett, William J. [Beirut, Iran]

Goldberg, Arthur J. [Arab ambassadors, 6 Day War]

Helms, Richard M. [6 Day War]

Keeny, Barnaby Conrad [Temple of Dendur]

McPherson, Harry [Israel, US Jewish community, 6 Day War]

Nes, David G. [UAR/Egypt, PLO, 6 Day War, Liberty, 1973 War]

Roche, John P. [Israel, 6 Day War]

Rostow, Eugene V. [6 Day War, Israel, Egypt]

Rusk, Dean [6 Day War]

Warnke, Paul C. [Israel, Liberty]





The audiovisual archives holds an extensive collection of still photographs, motion picture footage, audiotapes, and videotapes. Consult the audiovisual archivist for information.