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LBJ Library CO 50, 50-1, 50-2, 

February 1996 CO 112, CO 151







This list includes the principal files in the LBJ Library that contain material on China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and North Korea. It is not definitive, however, and researchers should consult with an archivist about other potentially useful files. For additional material on these countries, see also the Library's list entitled, "Foreign Economic Policy During the Johnson Presidency: Foreign Aid, Food for Peace and Third World Economic Development (Asia, Africa, and Latin America)." Those files listed below that are marked with two asterisks (**) are unprocessed and are not currently available for research.


In many folder titles noted below, the term "China" is used to mean Taiwan. Unless otherwise noted, the term "Korea" refers to South Korea. Material concerning the Asian Development Bank and the Manila Conference concerns South Korea. Material on the Pueblo (the United States naval vessel seized by the North Koreans on January 23, 1968) concerns North Korea.





This file was the working file of President Johnson's special assistants for national security affairs, McGeorge Bundy and Walt W. Rostow. Documents in the file originated in the offices of Bundy and Rostow and their staffs, in the various executive departments and agencies, especially those having to do with foreign affairs and national defense, and in diplomatic and military posts around the world.


More than half of the National Security File has been processed and opened for research. Consult the finding aid in the Reading Room or borrow a copy by mail by writing to the Supervisory Archivist, LBJ Library, 2313 Red River Street, Austin, Texas 78705. Those folders whose titles are preceded by an "X," an asterisk, or a date have been processed and their contents declassified in whole or in part. Lists of classified documents have been placed in those folders, and you may request mandatory review of individual documents which have not yet been declassified in full. Those folders not preceded by an "X," an asterisk, or a date are unprocessed and are not subject to mandatory declassification review. Consult with a member of the staff on the processing schedule.

NSF, Country File Box

China (including Taiwan and Hong Kong) 237-245



"Recognition of Communist China, Vol. I"** 176

"Recognition of Communist China, Vol. II" 176


Korea (partly processed) 254-265



"Cabot-Wang Talks" (China) 202

"Gronouski-Wang Talks" (China)** 202


United Nations

"Chinese Representation, 10/65" 290



"Southeast Asia, Special Intelligence Material," Volumes 1-11 (China) 48-51

"5B Second Asian Summit"** (Korea) 90

"5C Asian Statements on US in Southeast Asia"** (China, Korea) 91

"5D(1) Allies: Troop Commitments; Other Aid (General Material)" (Korea) 91

"5D(3) Allies: Troop Commitments: Other Aid (Alphabetically:

Korea-United Kingdom), 1967-69" 91

"State Department--The Promise of a New Asia (US Policy in Far East

as stated by President on his Pacific Journey), 1966" (Korea) 191

"China's Commitment in Vietnam, 9/66"** 212


NSF, Head of State Correspondence

China, "Chiang Kai-shek, Volume I, 1/17/64-2/19/66" 2

China, "Chiang Kai-shek, Volume II, 3/1/66-11/3/67" 2

Korea, "President Park, Volume I, 8/30/67-10/4/68"** 5

Korea, "President Park, Volume II, 12/68-1/69"** 5

USSR, "Kosygin, Volume I, 10/17/64-8/27/68" [Pueblo Incident] 7


NSF, Special Head of State Correspondence

China, "Presidential Correspondence"** (Taiwan) 10

China, "3/1/66-12/31/66"** (Taiwan) 10

China, "1/1/67-1/20/69"** (Taiwan) 11

Korea, "Presidential Correspondence"** 32

Korea, "Park Correspondence"** 32

Korea, "Volume II"** 32

Korea, "11/1/66-3/31/67"** 33

Korea, "4/1/67-12/31/67"** 33

Korea, "1/1/68-4/30/68"** 33

Korea, "5/1/68-1/20/69"** 33



NSF, Special Head of State Correspondence (cont'd)

Tibet, "Dalai Lama"** 53

Tibet, "Dalai Lama Correspondence"** 53


NSF, International Meetings and Travel File

"Vice President Johnson's Trip to the Far East, 5/61" (Taiwan) 1

Manila Conference, 10/66-11/66** (Korea) 3-12

"Korea-President Johnson's Meeting with President Park, 4/68"** 21

"Meeting with President Park of Korea, 4/68" 21

"Far East, Vice President Trip [1965]"** (Taiwan, Korea) 25

"Far East, Vice President Trip [1966]"** (Taiwan, Korea) 25

"Asia-Vice President's Trip Briefing Book, Vol. I, 10/67-11/67"** 26

"Asia-Vice President's Trip Briefing Book, Vol. II, 10/67-11/67"** 27

"China-Rusk Trip to Taipei, 4/16-17/64"** (Taiwan) 30

"China-Rusk Trip to Taipei Briefing Book, 4/16-17/64"** (Taiwan) 30

"China-Secretary's Visit to Taiwan, 7/66"** 30

"Korea-Secretary's Visit to Seoul, 7/8-9/66"** 30

"Attorney General Kennedy's Trip, 1/64" (China) 31

"Senator Mansfield's Trip, 11/65" (Hong Kong) 32

"Salinger Trip Around the World, 7/64-8/64"** 32

"Nixon Trip, 1966" (Hong Kong, Korea) 32

"Far East Mission Chiefs Conference, Baguio, Philippines, 2/66" 36


NSF, Subject File

"Report on Accomplishments during President Johnson's

Administration" (China, Korea) 19

"Joint Committee on Atomic Energy" (China) 20

"Nuclear Testing-China, Vol. 1, 1964-68"** 31

"President's Meetings, 11/25-29/63 [Head of State]" (Korea) 42

"[Rules for Aerial Engagement in Far East; Reaction of Gulf

of Tonkin Strikes]" 44

"[Transition Papers - Policy Planning Council Papers--US Policy

Toward Communist China]" 50


NSF, Agency File

"Department of Defense--Military Assistance Reappraisal" (Taiwan, Korea) 20

"Department of Defense--Military Exercises, Vol. 2" (China) 22

"Department of Defense--Military Exercises, Vol. 5" (Korea) 23

"Department of Defense--Military Exercises, Vol. 6" (China, Korea) 23

"Department of Defense--Military Exercises, Filed by LBJ Library"

(China, Korea) 25

"Joint Chiefs of Staff--War Games, Vol. 2" (China) 30


NSF, Agency File (cont'd)

"Department of State--Special State-Defense Study Group regarding

China, 1965" 61

"Department of State--Leak of Secretary's China Testimony before

Zablocki Subcommittee, 4/66" 61

"United Nations--Heads of Delegations to MacArthur Funeral, 4/64"

(China, Korea) 71


NSF, Committee File, Committee on Nuclear Proliferation

"Problem 2--Problems of Nuclear Proliferation outside Europe" (China) 1

"China" 5


NSF, Name File

"Vice President, Volumes 1 and 2" (Taiwan, Korea) 4

"Jenkins [Alfred] Memos" (China) 5

"Jessup Memos" (China) 5

"Jorden Memos" (China, Korea) 5

"Senator Robert Kennedy Memos and Misc." (China) 5

"Senator Mansfield" (China) 6

"Roche Memos" (China) 7

"Ropa Memos" (Korea, China, Taiwan) 7

"Rostow Memos" (China) 7

"Thomson Memos" (China) 8


NSF, Intelligence File

"Plane Downed in Hainan Territorial Waters, 2/68" (China) 2 "China, 8/67"** 10

"Pueblo, 1/68"** 11


NSF, National Security Action Memorandums

"NSAM 298--Study of Possible Redeployment of US Division

Now Stationed in Korea" 4

"NSAM 347--Release of Public Information concerning

Soviet, French and Communist Chinese Nuclear Tests" 8


NSF, National Intelligence Estimates

"13-61 to 13-65, Communist China" 4

"13-66 to 13-68, Communist China" 5

"14.2, North Korea" 5

"40, Far East" (Korea) 6

"42, South Korea" 6

"43, Republic of China" (Taiwan) 7


NSF, Files of McGeorge Bundy

"Non-Committee" (Korea) 15

"Correspondence with Ambassador Bowles" (China) 16

"Memos for Record (Meetings with President, etc.), 1964" (China) 18

"President's Meeting with Congressional Leadership, 10/19/64" (China) 18

"Miscellaneous Meetings, Vol. 1" (China) 18

"Daily Regional Staff Report to the President" (Korea, China) 19



NSF, Files of Walt Rostow

"Asian Trip"** (Manila Conference) 8

"The President's File for Korea, Vietnam (Briefings)"** 10

"Material re: Vietnam and Pueblo, 1-2/68"** 10

"Pueblo and Vietnam"** 10

"Vance Report-Korea"** (Pueblo) 10



NSF, National Security Council Histories. In 1968, the NSC staff prepared documentary histories of 21 international crises and events from the Johnson Presidency. Compiled by xeroxing key documents in the National Security File and in other files, these collections are extremely useful. Moreover, they provide access to documents the originals of which, in some cases, are in unprocessed files.

"South Asia, 1962-1966" (China) 24

"Pueblo Crisis, 1968" 27-37

"Manila Conference & President's Asian Trip, 10/17-11/2/66" 45-46



NSF, National Security Council Meetings

Volume 1, Tab 6: "US Policy Toward Brazil and Other General Topics

(4/2/64)" (China) 1

Volume 3, Tab 25: "Communist China (10/17/64)" 1

Volume 3, Tab 30: "Vietnam (2/10/65)" (China, Korea) 1

Volume 3, Tab 32: "Vietnam (3/26/65)" (China) 1

Volume 3, Tab 35: "Deployment of Additional US Troops in Vietnam

(7/27/65)" (China) 1

Volume 3, Tab 37: "Peace Offensive re: Vietnam (1/5/66)" (Korea) 2

Volume 4, Tab 47: "Manila Conference (10/15/66)" (Korea) 2

Volume 4, Tab 62: "Cyprus (1/24/68)" (Pueblo) 2

Volume 5, Tab 73: "The 23rd UN General Assembly (9/25/68)" (China) 2





NSF, Memos to the President. This chronologically arranged series consists of memoranda (with attachments) to the President from his national security advisers, McGeorge Bundy (11/63-2/66) and Walt W. Rostow (4/66-1/69). The first thirty-three boxes (through May 1968) have been opened for research, and significant portions have been declassified. Additional boxes are currently being processed. Material on China, Taiwan, North Korea and South Korea is scattered throughout this file.




At the close of the Johnson administration, each department and agency was asked to prepare a history of its activities and accomplishments during the Johnson years. The histories consist of narratives with documentary supplements.


Agency for International Development

Part II, Ch. XII, "East Asia" (China, Korea) 1


Foreign Claims Settlement Commission

Volume I, Chapter IV, "China Claims" 1


Department of State

Vol. 1 (Narrative):

Chapter 7, "East Asia and Japan" (Japan-Korea relations)

Chapter 7, Section B, "East Asian Regionalism" (China, Korea, Taiwan)

Chapter 7, Section C, "Communist China"

Chapter 7, Section D, "Republic of China" (Taiwan)

Chapter 10, Section B5, "The Question of a Communist

China Representation"


United States Information Agency

Vol. I, Chap. 5, Sec. D, "East Asia and Pacific Area (IAF) Program"

(China, Korea) 1




This permanent White House office was the main filing unit during the Johnson presidency, though not the primary file for foreign policy documents. Material was filed under 60 major subject headings. For descriptions, see the finding aid for WHCF.


WHCF, Civil Aviation (CA)

Ex CA 7 "Hong Kong-US" 12

Ex CA 7 "China-Japan" 13

Ex CA 7 "Korea-US" 13


WHCF, Civil Aviation (CA) (cont'd)

Ex CA 7 "Pacific Route" 14

Gen CA 7 "UK-Hong Kong" 18

Gen CA 7 (China, Korea) 19


WHCF, Countries (CO)

CO 1-3 "Asia" (China, Korea, Taiwan) 8

CO 1-4 "Communist Bloc" (China) 8

CO 1-5 "Far East" (China, Korea) 9

CO 50 "China" 21

CO 50-1 "Formosa" 22

CO 50-2 "People's Republic of China" 22-23

CO 112 "Hong Kong" 37

CO 151 "Korea" 49-50

CO 180 "Macao" 51

CO 194 "Mongolia (Outer Mongolia)" 56

CO 289 "Tibet" 68


WHCF, Federal Government--Organizations (FG)

FG 440 "The Vice President, 12/10/65-2/21/66" (Korea) 347


WHCF, Foreign Affairs (FO)

FO "Foreign Affairs" (China) 1

Ex FO 2/CO 50-1 "Diplomatic-Consular Relations" (Taiwan) 11

Ex FO 2/CO 50-2 "Diplomatic-Consular Relations" (China) 11

Ex FO 2/CO 151 "Diplomatic-Consular Relations" (Korea) 12

Gen FO 2/CO 151 "Diplomatic-Consular Relations" (Korea) 17

Gen FO 3-2/CO 151 "Mutual Security" (Korea) 29

FO 7 "International Conferences/Meetings with Leaders

of Asian Countries" (Korea) 66-68

FO 9 "Treaties" (Korea) 72


WHCF, International Organizations (IT)

IT 47/CO 50-2 "UN/People's Republic of China" 12

IT 47-2 "Economic Commission for Asia & Far East" (China) 12

IT 80 "Asian Development Bank" (Korea) 18


WHCF, Judicial (JL)

JL3/CO (Pueblo Crisis) 37


WHCF, Legislation (LE)

LE/IT 80 "Asian Development Bank" (Korea) 79


WHCF, Meetings - Conferences (MC)

MC/CO "11/22/63-1/28/66" (Vice President-Far East Trip--Taiwan, Korea) 3


WHCF, Defense (ND)

ND 19 "Wars" (Korea) 193

ND 19/CO 151 "Korea--Pueblo" 205-213

ND 19 "Korean War" 418

ND 19-3/CO 151 "Prisoners" (Korea) 420

ND 19/CO 151 "Korea" 421


WHCF, Peace (PC)

PC 2/CO 151 (Korea) 6


WHCF, Speeches (SP)

SP/CO 151 (Korea) 10

SP 2-3/1967/IT 80 "Asian Development Bank, 9/26/67" (Korea) 90


WHCF, Trips (TR)

TR 100 "Manila Conference" (Korea) 30-33






This file serves as a name index to the Subject File. Name Files typically contain copies of the first page (cross references) of documents that were filed in the Subject File. Files should be requested by names of individuals or organizations. A card file in the Reading Room indicates which Name Files have been opened. Name Files will be processed upon request.

"Brown, Winthrop"** (Korea) 524

"Chiang, Kai-shek"** (China) 197

"China"** 202

"Korea"** 225

"McConaughy, Walter P."** (Taiwan) 225











Security classified and other sensitive material sent to the White House Central Files was usually placed in the Confidential File. The C.F. Subject File uses the same subject categories as WHCF. The Confidential File also includes a Name File (which serves as a name index to the C.F. Subject File), an agency reports file, and an oversize attachments file. The Confidential File is entirely processed, but portions are still classified.

CO 1-3 "Asia" (China) 6

CO 1-5 "Far East" (Taiwan, Korea) 6

CO 50 "China" 7

CO 50-1 "Formosa" 7

CO 50-2 "People's Republic of China" 7

CO 112 "Hong Kong" 10

CO 151 "Korea" 10

FG 600 "Task Force on Asian Development" (Korea) 35

IT 47-2 "Economic Commission for Asia and the

Far East" (China) 58

IT 80 "Asian Development Bank" (Korea) 59

SP 2-3/1967/IT 80 "Asian Development Bank" (Korea) 88

SP 3-162 "Speeches made on TR 100" (Korea) 89

"Packet #1 (Background information on Australia, New Zealand,

Thailand, Korea, Philippines, and Malaysia)" 172





Many White House aides maintained office files of their own, separate physically from the rest of the White House Central Files. The files of each aide reflect his or her responsibilities. This list is not definitive, but it does include most pertinent folders in the aides files. If a folder is not open for research, it will be processed upon request. Researchers should anticipate a delay in receiving this material. (** = unprocessed)


Bellinger, Ceil

These folders contain newclippings, press releases, magazine articles, and other printed material.

"Asian Development Bank" (Korea) 1 "Communist China" 2

"Communist World"** (China) 3

"South Asian Union" (Taiwan, Korea) 15

"Asian Trip"** (Korea) 19

"Korea"** 19


Benchley, Peter

"Yen Chia-Kan (VP--Rep. of China) Toast for Luncheon"** 2

Busby, Horace

"Park Visit" (Korea) 29

"Park Visit" (Korea) 32


Califano, Joseph

"The Promise of a New Asia" (Korea) 35


Cater, S. Douglass

"Admit Red China to the United Nations" 15

Christian, George

"Pueblo" 4

"Pueblo Miscellaneous File" 12


Goodwin, Richard

"A Chinese March in Moscow" 10


Hardesty, Robert

"Asian Development"** (Korea) 9


Macy, John

"Berger, Samuel D."** (Korea) 40

"Brown, Winthrop"** (Korea) 67

"McConaughy, Walter P."** (Taiwan) 375

"Porter, William J."** (Korea) 464

"Wright, Jerauld"** (Taiwan) 658

"China"** 677

"Korea"** 682


Maguire, Charles

"Studies on Chinese Communists, 1/31/67" 4

McPherson, Harry

"Korea" 10

"East West Center" (Korea, Taiwan) 20

"Foreign Policy" (China) 29

"Smithsonian" (Korea) 44



Moyers, Bill

"The Promise of a New Asia" (Korea) 13

"Korea" 81

"Red China" 82

"Taiwan" 82

"Looseleaf Binder--Views on policy towards China" 107


Panzer, Fred

These folders contain mainly newsclippings, press releases, public statements, and other printed material.

"Economic Potential of Communist China" 154

"Listing of Polls: Red China" 181

"Asia" (China, Korea, Taiwan) 320

"China" 328

"China, 1966-68" 329

"Communism" (China, Korea) 333

"FO, Far East Media"** (China, Korea, Taiwan) 357

"Foreign Affairs" (China) 359

"FO, Near East and South Asia" (China) 389

"Asia Trip" (Korea) 400

"Pueblo"** 406

"Foreign Aid"** (Korea) 480

"Foreign Policy"** (China, Taiwan) 480

"US policy with respect to Mainland China--Hearings of

Senate Foreign Relations Committee" 572


Reedy, George

"East West Center" (Korea, Taiwan) 22


Sparks, William

"China" 4

"Korea" 12


Territo, Dorothy

"China Speech (Communist), 11/67"** 1407

Wattenberg, Ben

"Asia Article"** (China, Korea, Taiwan) 23







Background material relating to the 50 most significant legislative achievements of the Johnson Administration.

"Asian Development Bank" (Korea, Taiwan) 1





Included in the Cabinet Papers are agendas, minutes, background memos, draft Presidential remarks, and other materials.

"10/20/64 Meeting" (M. Bundy memo re: Soviet Union and China;

Foreign Reaction to Communist China) 1

"1/31/68 Meeting" (Pueblo) 12





In 1958, the Johnson staff instituted a records management program in the office which included a plan to dispose of noncurrent files. They set up the Lyndon Baines Johnson Archives (LBJA) to house items to be permanently retained rather than scheduled for disposal. Johnson files from the House and Senate period were screened, and selected items and files were moved to the LBJA file. Between 1958 and 1963, the staff continued to add to the file. Occasionally, items were added during the White House period. The LBJA consists of four parts: a Congressional File, a Famous Names File, a Selected Names File, and a Subject File.

"Chen Cheng, VP of Republic of China" 2

"Chiang, Kai-shek, President of Republic of China" 2

"Ambassador of China and Madame Koo" 6

"Tong, Ambassador of China and Madame" 9

"Tsun-chi Yu, Consul General of Republic of China" 9

"Dr. You Chan Yang" (Korea, China) 9

"China Situation" 68

"Foreign Relations (Asia)" (China) 68

"Korea" 68

"Chen Cheng Visit, 1961" (China) 93

"Foreign Visitors-P" (Korea) 94

"Foreign Visitors-T" (China) 94

"Korean War" 121






This collection is arranged chronologically and contains backup material, correspondence, drafts and final copies of speeches. Request by box number.

"Statement of Sen. Johnson on Korean Statement, 6/27/50" 10

"Release by Sen. Johnson re: Korean Statement, 7/18/50" 10

"Statement on Red China issue, 7/12/54" 16

"Statement on Arrival, Taipei, Taiwan, 5/14/61" 53

"Toast by VP at Dinner given by Chiang Kai-shek, 5/14/61" (China) 53

"Original shorthand notes, Chiang Kai-shek, VP Johnson and Madame

Chaing Kai-shek (Bob Waldron's notes), 5/14-15/61" 53

"President Chiang Kai-shek, VP Johnson Joint Communique, Taipei,

Taiwan, 5/15/61" 54

"Remarks to the Assembled Bodies, Taipei City Hall, 5/15/61" 54

"Transcript of Recorded Remarks, Formosa, 5/15/61" 54

"Statement on Departure, Taipei, Taiwan, 5/15/61" 54

"Welcoming Remarks in Honor of VP Chen Cheng, Washington, 7/31/61" 56

"Remarks at Luncheon honoring VP Cheng, 8/2/61" 56

"Responses by VP to Toasts at Dinner in his Honor Sponsored by the Asian

Nations which he visited on his World-wide Tour, 8/2/61" 56

"Remarks by VP on Greeting Chairman Park of Korea, 11/13/61" 58

"Remarks of the President and Attorney General Kennedy to the Press

upon Kennedy's return from a mission to Asia and London, 1/8/64" 94

"Remarks of the President on Introducing Sec. Rusk to the Press

following his return from the Far East, 4/20/64" 101

"Statement by the President on Chinese Communist Detonation of Nuclear

Devices, 10/16/64" 127

"Program for State Visit of His Excellency Chung Hee Park, President of

Republic of Korea and Mrs. Park to the US, 5/16-26/65" 146

"Remarks of the President at the arrival ceremony of President Chung

Hee Park, 5/17/65" 146

"Exchange of Toasts between Pres. & Pres. Park at State Dinner, 5/17/65" 146

"Joint Statement of the Pres. and President Park, 5/18/65" 147

"Statement by the President on the Proposed Korean Institute for Industrial

Technology and Applied Science, 8/5/65" 156

"Draft Statement on Report from the Vice President upon his return from

the Philippines and East Asia, 1/3/66" 169

"Remarks of the President at the Signing of the Asian Development Bank

Act, 3/16/66" 180

"Letter from the President to His Excellency Chiang Kai-shek, President

of the Republic of China, 6/24/66" 193

"Remarks of President after Meeting with Eugene Black on Asian

Development Bank in the President's office, 10/13/65" 215

"Background Material for Asian Trip, 10/17-11/2/66" 217

"Background-Korea-Speeches, 10/17-11/2/66" 217

"Remarks of President at Welcoming Ceremony at City Hall Plaza, Seoul,

Korea, 10/31/66" 220

"President's Toast at a Dinner given in his honor by President and Mrs.

Park of Korea, 10/31/66" 220

"Teletypes-Seoul, Korea, 10/31/-11/2/66 220

"Remarks of President to American and Korean servicemen at Camp

Stanley, Korea, 11/1/66" 220

"Remarks of President at Dedication of Johnson Hill Tae-an Myun

Agriculture Demonstration Center, Suwon, Korea, 11/1/66" 220

"Joint Statement of President and President Park on the Occasion of

President's State Visit to Korea, 11/2/66" 220

"Remarks of the President before the Korean National Assembly, Seoul,

Korea, 11/2/66" 220

"Farewell Remarks of President at Kimpo International Airport, Seoul,

Korea, upon Departing for Alaska, 11/2/66" 220

"Exchange of Remarks between President and Prime Minister Chung

Il-Kwon of Korea, 3/14/67" 231

"Exchange of Toasts between President and PM Chung Il-Kwon

of Korea, 3/14/67" 231

"Exchange of Remarks between President and VP Yen Chia-Kan of Republic

of China on the South Lawn, 5/9/67" 236

"Exchange of Toasts between President and VP Yen Chia-Kan of

the Republic of China, 5/9/67" 236

"Joint Statement by President and VP Yen Chia-Kan, 5/10/67" 236

"President's Address to the Nation: The Situation in North

Korea, 1/26/68" 264

"President's Remarks at the Korean Consulate Reception, Honolulu,

Hawaii, 4/17/68" 275

"Joint Statement following Discussion with President Park, 4/17/68" 275

"President's Message to Officers and Men of the Pueblo, 12/24/68" 295

"Statement re China, 5/31/57" 307

"Communism--Undated Miscellaneous" 311




"Foreign Issues--China, Pueblo" 7






This collection includes notes for 100 of President Johnson's foreign policy meetings from 1963 through 1968, mostly with senior foreign policy advisers and Congressional leaders. Three-quarters of the meetings deal mainly with the Vietnam War. In addition, there are notes for 37 meetings at which Johnson discussed foreign affairs with correspondents.

"9/11-12/67 - Meetings on Asian Bank Legislation" (Korea) 2

"1/24/68 - Meeting with State Department on Pueblo" 2

"1/31/68 - Meeting with Congressional Leaders" (Pueblo) 2

"2/2/68 - Meeting with China Experts" 2




This collection includes notes for close to 120 meetings that President Johnson held with his senior civilian and military foreign policy advisors during 1967 and 1968, including 45 Tuesday luncheons. In addition, the collection includes notes for more than 80 meetings that President Johnson held with House and Senate leaders, correspondents, his Cabinet, the National Security Council, businessmen, and other groups. W. Thomas Johnson, who took the notes, has retained his copyright in these notes, but they are open for research. Discussions of the Pueblo appear in notes for a number of other 1968 meetings besides those listed below.

"1/23/68, 12:58 p.m. - Pueblo I--Tuesday Luncheon Meeting" 2

"1/24/68, 1 p.m. - Pueblo II--National Security Council" 2

"1/24/68, 7:50 p.m. - Pueblo 3--McNamara, Rusk, Rostow, Clifford,

Christian, Johnson" 2

"1/25/68, 8:30 a.m. - Pueblo 4--Breakfast - Rusk, McNamara, Goldberg,

Rostow, Christian" 2

"1/25/68, 1:26 p.m. - Pueblo 5--Luncheon Meeting - McNamara, Rusk,

Katzenbach, Wheeler, etc." 2

"1/25/68, 6:30 p.m. - Pueblo 6--Senior Advisors Meeting - Rusk,

McNamara, Wheeler, Helms, etc." 2

"1/26/68, 11:00 a.m. - Pueblo 7--Senior Advisors - McNamara,

Katzenbach, Wheeler, Helms, Nitze, etc." 2

"1/26/68, 7:29 p.m. - Pueblo Backgrounder with Hugh Sidey and

Jack Sutherland" 2

"1/27/68, 1:25 p.m. - National Alliance of Businessmen Luncheon" 2

"1/29/68, 1:04 p.m. - Pueblo 8--Joint Chief of Staff and Christian,

Johnson, McNamara, Nitze, Rostow" 2

"1/29/68, 1:40 p.m. - Pueblo 9--Senior Advisors - McNamara, Rusk,

Katzenbach, Lodge, Helms, etc." 2




"1/30/68, 8:30 a.m. - Pueblo 10--Congressional Leadership

Breakfast" 2

"1/30/68, 1:00 p.m. - Pueblo 11--Foreign Affairs Luncheon - Rusk,

McNamara, Clifford, Helms, etc." 2

"1/30/68, 6:04 p.m. - Pueblo 12--Senator Dirksen and

Congressman Ford" 2

"1/31/68, 8:40 a.m. - Pueblo 13--Breakfast with Congressional Leaders

and Advisors" 2

"2/2/68, 4:30 p.m. - Backgrounder with Correspondents on Vietnam

and the Pueblo" 2

"2/14/68, 1:14 p.m. - Foreign Policy Advisors on violation of Chinese

Air space" 2

"2/15/68, 6:06 p.m. - Cyrus Vance meeting on his return from Korea -

Other Foreign Advisors" 2





Researchers may request review of individual folders. Advance notice is preferred. The papers reflect Johnson's role as Senator from Texas and as Democratic Party leader.


Legislative Files:

"China" 227

"Communism" 227

"Korea" 231-232

Private Bills:

"Korean War Orphans--Private Immigration Bills"** 308

Committee on Armed Services:

"MacArthur Hearings" 341-344

"Commerce International China, Inc." 348-350





These files reflect Lyndon Johnson's activities and responsibilities as Vice President, including his role as a member of the National Security Council.


Subject Files: Requests for review of individual folders will be accepted for the V.P. Subject File. Advance noticed is preferred.


1961 Subject File:

"China"** 80


1962 Subject File:

"China"** 135

"[Formosa]"** 136

"Korea"** 136


1963 Subject File:

"[Korea]"** 196

"[China]"** 197



Vice-Presidential Security Files: The Vice Presidential Security Files have been entirely processed. This collection consists largely of the files of Colonel Howard L. Burris, who served as Air Force Aide to the Vice President following his appointment on February 25, 1961. Burris' responsibilities included national security matters, contacts with the military, and foreign and domestic travel. In addition to the folders listed below, see boxes 4-6 for NSC meetings material and Howard Burris memos on national security topics.

"Far East Trip, 5/61" (Taiwan) 1

"National Security Council" (China, Korea) 4

"Presidential Task Force on Korea Report to NSC, 6/5/61" 4

"National Security Council--Record of Actions 1962" (Taiwan) 5

"Memos to the Vice President from Col. Burris, 7/62-4/63" (China) 6

"Possibilities of Greater Militancy by the Chinese Communists" 11

"Review of Military Assistance Program Requirements for the

Army and Air Force of Korea, 1/61" 11





These files consist of memoranda, correspondence, reports, speeches, invitations, and other material pertaining to President Johnson's activities after leaving the presidency, 1969-1973. With the exception of a few Name Files, the Post Presidential Files are not available for research. (** = unprocessed)

"International Affairs, Korea"** 28

"International Affairs, Pueblo"** 28

"China"** 304







Prepared by the Director of the Legislative Reference Office of the Bureau of the Budget, these reports cover all public bills submitted to the President for his approval. The reports include discussions of the purpose and ramifications of each bill as well as agency recommendations. The reports are arranged chronologically and identified by Public Law number and title. Consult the Special Files finding aid for additional information.

"Public Law 89-369, Asian Development Bank" (Korea) 33

"Public Law 89-398, Authorizing the Loan of Naval Vessels to

Turkey, China, and the Philippines, 4/16/66" 34

"Public Law 89-780, Claims against Communist China, 11/6/66" 47





This file is a unique collection in that some of the documents located here do not appear in any other location in LBJ's papers. During the White House period, Dorothy Territo's office maintained this collection. If documents contained LBJ's handwriting or doodling, they were sent to this office, sometimes bypassing the White House Central File. Consequently, some material in the Handwriting File is not in WHCF or any other file.

"LBJ Notes White House, 1953-59 (some undated)" (Korea) 1

"September 16-30, 1965 [1 of 2]" (Korean Institute) 10





Mostly transcripts and background material for a series of interviews with President Johnson conducted by Walter Cronkite.

Assessment of Harry S Truman; Question #8--Korean War" 2





These files consist of transcripts and backup material for presidential press conferences, news conferences, press briefings, and press releases and the staff's working files.

"Background Briefing #9, 5/18/65" (Korea) 80

"Background Briefing #11, 9/14/65" (Madame Chiang's Visit) (China) 81

"Background Briefing #14, 2/24/66" (Vice President's Asian Trip) (Korea) 81

"Background Briefing #22, 3/13/67" (Korea, China) 82

"Background Briefing #31, 4/17/68" (Korean Situation) 83





This file of backup material for the President's appointments includes schedules, briefing papers, press releases, some memoranda of conversations, and other material. Organized by date, there is a folder for most every day of the administration, with special folders for many head-of-state visits. While little foreign policy material was filed here during 1964 and 1965, Diary Backup includes a significant amount of foreign policy material for 1966-68.


The Diary Cards in the Reading Room provide an alphabetically arranged name index to the President's appointments. Once the date of an appointment has been determined, check the "Diaries and Logs" finding aid for the number of the appropriate box in Diary Backup. On China and Korea, see the following folders:

"11/23/63" (Korea) 1

"4/9/64" (Taiwan) 5

"5/16/65" (Korea) 17

"9/14/65" (China) 22

"10/66--Asian Trip" (Korea) 48

"3/14/67--PM Chung of Korea" 57

"5/9/67--VP and Mrs. Yen of China" 64

"1/23/68" (Pueblo) 88

"1/25/68" (Pueblo) 88

"2/3/68" (Pueblo) 89

"4/16-17/68" (Korea) 96





Alphabetical File. This file contains outgoing correspondence from Mrs. Johnson or her staff and often includes the original incoming correspondence as well. Request by the name of the individual or the organization of interest.

"China"** 333

"Korea"** 1317

"Trip to Asia"** (Korea) 2005


Beautification Files

"Asian Trip" (Korea) 9


Bess Abell's White House Social Office Files. Contains the files of Mrs. Johnson's Social Secretary. Request by the folder title and box number.

"5/17/65 Korean State Visit"** 9

"5/9/67 China Luncheon"** 21


Social Entertainment Office Files. Contain all planning, invitations, programs, and guest lists for social events at the White House. Request by folder title and box number.

"Dinner for President of Korea"** 52

"Tea with Madame Chaing Kai-shek"** (China) 58

"Luncheon for PM Chung of Korea"** 89

"Stag Luncheon for VP of China"** 93


Liz Carpenter's Subject File. Liz Carpenter was Mrs. Johnson's Press Secretary during the White House years. These files contain both subject and speech files. Request by folder title and box number.

"President of Korea Visit, 5/17/65"** 15

"Far Eastern Trip--Korea"** 28

"Chinese Vice President Yen Visit, 5/9/67"** 35


Gift Unit File

"Asian Trip"** (Korea) 1




The Papers of George W. Ball consist of notes of his telephone conversations while Under Secretary of State, 1963-1966.

"China (Peking) [1/21/64-7/22/66]" 2

"China (Taiwan) [1/21/64-5/25/66]" 2



The Papers of Francis M. Bator consist of memoranda, correspondence, speeches, State Department cables, and notes, while serving on the National Security Council staff, 1964-1967.

"The 1958 Taiwan Straits Crisis: A Documented History"** 32




The Papers of William P. Bundy consist of an unpublished manuscript concerning the Vietnam War. Bundy served as Deputy Assistant Secretary (1961-63) and Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs (1963-64), and Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs (1964-69).

"Chapter 7: China and the Soviet Union in East Asia as

seen from Washington, 1961-1963" 1

"Chapter 16: East Asia in the Fall of 1964" (China) 1

"Chapter 21: East Asia and the Great Powers in Early 1965" (China) 1




"Chapter 28: Three Areas for Judgment: The Communist Powers,

Asia, the World" (China) 1

"Chapter 32: Dark Days for China" 1




The Papers of John Moors Cabot consist mainly of newsclippings, miscellaneous personal financial papers, invitations, and the proofs of Cabot's books. These papers are on microfilm. Microfilm Roll

"China, 1947-8" (Folder 11) 12

"China, 1948-9" (Folder 12) 12

"China, 1949" (Folder 13) 13

"China, 1948-9" (Folder 15) 13

"Diaries 4-6" (China) 18





The Papers of Clark Clifford consist of material on the Vietnam War, the Pueblo incident, Defense Department staff meetings, Congressional hearings, weapons, aircraft, trips, and speeches, 1968-1969.

"Korea" 17

"North Korea--USS Pueblo Incident" 17

"Pueblo--3/1/68-1/20/69" 23





The Papers of Henry H. Fowler consist of files documenting Fowler's service as Under Secretary and Secretary of the Treasury, 1963-1969. Included in these papers is material on foreign economic policy, balance of payments, and international monetary arrangements. (** = unprocessed)

"Balance of Payments: 1968 Balance of Payments-Military Offset,

Far East" (Korea) 5

"Economy: Asian Development Bank-Special Fund" (Korea) 21

"Economy: Asian Development Bank Meeting, 11/66" (Korea) 36

"Asian Development Bank"** (Korea) 54

"Asian Development Bank-Special Fund"** (Korea) 55

"Countries: Korea"** 71





The Papers of Donald F. Hornig consist of chronological files, testimony, speeches, and appointment books, while Director of the Office of Science and Technology, 1964-1969.

"Chronological Correspondence File: July-September 1965" (Korea) 2

"Chronological Correspondence File: October-December 1967" (Taiwan) 6





The papers of U. Alexis Johnson consist of scrapbooks and files documenting his travel activities. The diaries, which cover his tenure as Ambassador to Japan, are in tapes and transcript formats. Mr. Johnson has retained his copyright in the tapes and transcripts. The transcripts of diary tapes 15- 16 (8/13/67), and 17 (10/28/68), are the only portion available for research. Among many other topics, the Pueblo incident is mentioned in the open transcripts.





The Papers of Drew Pearson may contain material pertaining to China and Korea. Researchers interested in this collection should consult the folder title list in the Reading Room, which is also available by mail through interlibrary loan. The Drew Pearson Papers will be processed upon request, although there is a substantial backlog of researcher requests for this collection. The Drew Pearson Book Collection contains two books relating to China--Dateline: CHINA, by Hoolington K. Tong and Foreign Relations of the United States-1942-China, published by the United States Government Printing Office. (** = unprocessed)

"Korea" F22 [3 of 3]

"China and Chiang"** F55 [1 of 3] "China"** F59 [2 of 3]

"China - Personal"** F60 [1 of 3]

"China-Nationalist-U.S. Policy-Gen. Marshall-

China Lobby-Kahlberg-I.P.R.-Lattimore-John

Carter Vincent-Amerasia XK" F83 [1 of 4]

"DP v WP et al Korea XO" F83 [1 of 4]

"China XII G"** F83 [3 of 4] "[Khrush vs. China]"** F88 [1 of 2]

"China - Bolshevist Series"** F148 [1 of 3]

"China - Bolshevism Series - Clippings"** F148 [1 of 3]

"China - Miscellaneous"** F148 [3 of 3]

"China, South"** F148 [3 of 3]

"Chinese Boycott"** F148 [3 of 3]

"Chinese Diary 1926"** F148 [3 of 3]

"Chinese Labor"** F148 [3 of 3]

"Chinese Nationalism"** F148 [3 of 3]

"Chinese New Thought 1920s"** F148 [3 of 3]

"Chinese Puzzle - Series I"** F148 [3 of 3]

"Chinese Unity - Army Bandits"** F148 [3 of 3]

"Formosa" F151 [1 of 3]

"Korea" F158 [3 of 3]




"MacArthur, Gen. (Korean War)" F162 [1 of 3]

"McCarthy-Truman-MacArthur-Korea" F175 [1 of 2]

"China" G54 [3 of 4]

"Korea" G55 [1 of 3]

"Formosa, Japan, Hong Kong, 11-12/59" G94 [1 of 3]

"Chennault" G130 [1 of 3]

"China: Chiang-Soong-Kung Ruling Family" G130 [2 of 3]

"China Lobby" G130 [2 of 3]

"Ching, Cyrus" G130 [2 of 3]

"China" G229 [3 of 3]

"Korea" G237 [1 of 3]

"Chiang Kai-shek and Madame Chiang" G264 [3 of 3]

"Red China"** G267 [1 of 3]

"Chinese Communists"** G267 [1 of 3]

"China 1960"** G267 [1 of 3]

"Formosa" G274 [2 of 2]

"Korea" G287 [3 of 3]

"Russia: 14. China"** G297 [1 of 3]





These folders contain newclippings, press releases, magazine articles, and other printed material.

"China" 180

"Vietnam: President's Asian Trip" (Korea) 205

"Far East" (Korea, China) 214

"China" 239

"Far East" (Korea, China) 259

"Korea" 270

"Asian Trip" (Korea) 345-47



The Papers of Robert Waldron consist of the transcripts of two conferences between Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, Genreal and Madame Chiang Kai-shek, US Ambassador Drumwright, the Vice President of the Republic of China, Mr. Chen, the Foreign Minister if China and others at the Chiang's residence on May 14-15, 1961.





The Papers of William C. Westmoreland consist of material reflecting his role as Commander of American forces in Vietnam and as Army Chief of Staff, 1962-1973. The folders below consist mostly of newspaper and magazine articles.

"[CSA (W.C.W.) Statements]-Korean Speech, ROK 9th Division" 22

"General-Foreign--Korean War" 28

"VC/NVA/Chinese, Officials, et al-Mao Tse-tung" 28

"General-Foreign--Chinese Army" 28

"General-Foreign--Chou-En-lai" 28

"General-Foreign--North Korea" 28





Copies of selected records from government agencies, mainly covering the period of President Johnson's administration. Most of these records are on microfilm, but also included are photocopies on paper and carbon copies. Most of these records are available without restriction. Some of the materials, however, are unprocessed or are closed due to security classifications.

Microfilm Box


Central Intelligence Agency

Foreign Broadcast Information Service Daily Reports

"Special Reports on Communist Propaganda: Sino-Soviet relations

and Chinese Cultural Revolution"** (carton #1 - 2 rolls)

"Communist China" (carton #3 - 20 rolls)

"Asia and Pacific" (carton #4 - 22 rolls)

"Far East" (carton #9 - 61 rolls)

"Communist China, Asia and Pacific" (carton #10 - 12 rolls)

Department of Labor

"OCP-East Asia" 5

"Emergency Preparedness--Comparison-World

War I, Korea, Vietnam" 31


United States Information Agency

"US Foreign Relations (China), 1-6/66" 40

"US Foreign Relations (China), 7-12/66" 41

Field Publications:

"Buddhism in China" 137

"Travel in Taiwan" 144


United States Information Agency (cont'd)

"Youth in China" 146

"Hong Kong-Current Scenes" 186-87

"China Today--Views of American Scholars" 188-89

"Hong Kong--Current Books and Pamphlets

on Communist China" 244

"Hong Kong World Today--Chinese" 245

"Hong Kong--Current Scene" 280

"Hong Kong--This Land is Ours" 280

"Hong Kong--The Road Divided" 281

Newspaper Clippings--"Trips 1966" (Korea) 13


Veterans Administration

"Ceremonies, President Park of South Korea" 1





Vietnam, "This Week in Asia Reports" 1





Transcripts of oral history interviews may be consulted at the Library or borrowed directly from the Library by writing to the Interlibrary Loan Archivist, Lyndon B. Johnson Library, 2313 Red River Street, Austin, Texas, 78705. Interviews with the following people contain material on China, Taiwan, North Korea and South Korea and are open for research. A complete list of oral histories is available and is maintained in a card file in the Reading Room.

Adair, E. Ross (Pueblo)

Bowles, Chester (China)

Bundy, William P. (China, Korea)

Cabot, John M. (China)

Clifford, Clark (Korea)

Cline, Ray S. (Taiwan)

Connell, William J. (China)

Crockett, William J. (Formosa)

Harriman, Averell W. (Korea)

McCone, John A. (China)

McKee, William (Korea)




Moorer, Thomas H. (China)

Mundt, Karl E. (Quemoy-Matsu)

Poats, Rutherford (Korea)

Reedy, George (Quemoy-Matsu)

Rostow, Walt W. (China)

Rusk, Dean (China, Korea)

Sharp, U.S. Grant (Pueblo)

Smith, Admiral Willard (Pueblo)

Sparkman, John (Taiwan)

Taft, Robert (Pueblo)

Taylor, Maxwell D. (China)

Thomson, James C. (China)

Vance, Cyrus (Korea)

Waldron, Robert (China)

Warnke, Paul (Pueblo)

Williams, Samuel T. (Korea)





The audiovisual archives holds an extensive collection of still photographs, motion picture footage, audiotapes, and videotapes. Consult the audiovisual archivist for information.