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The LBJ Library Oral History Collection is composed of interviews conducted for the LBJ Library under four separate projects: those done under the auspices of the National Archives; the White House during the Johnson Administration; the University of Texas Oral History Project; and the LBJ Library Oral History Project. The names of interviewees who have participated in more than one of these projects are repeated on this list to highlight this fact. Names of those with multiple interviews done by the same project are repeated when terms of access to their various interviews vary. Otherwise, the name of an interviewee is listed once even though he or she may have given more than one interview.

Interviews which have been completed and accessioned into the Library's collection are followed by an alphabetical symbol in parentheses describing their status and terms of access. Those interviews without a symbol are in various stages of processing and therefore are not yet available for research unless specifically authorized by the interviewee.

Please note that special oral history interviews in the Library's custody are not included on this list with the exception of those that are available on the Library's website. These special interviews include those recorded by researchers, by federal departments preparing administrative histories, and interviews conducted by other oral history projects.

Symbol Key:

A - available for research

A/CR - available for research; retains copyright privileges*

A/R - available for research although all or part of transcript is restricted*

A/R/T - tape recording is restricted*

A/R/ILL - Inter-Library Loan prohibited; reading room access only*

R - restricted for lifetime or until specified date*

R/WP - restricted, but can be made available if researcher obtains written permission from interviewee*; see archivist in Reading Room for permission forms

* See individual deed for specific terms of access and time restrictions

** Some of the oral history transcripts contain inaccuracies and typographical errors. Researchers who intend to rely on an excerpt or quotation from an interview are urged to verify the passage on the tape recording, when available.

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Abel, Elie (A)
Abel, I. W. (A)
Abell, Bess (A)
Abell, Tyler (A)
Abram, Morris (A)
Ackley, Gardner (A)
Adair, E. Ross (A)
Adams, Edie (A)
Adams, Samuel A. (A)
Adelman, Pat (A)
Adler, James A. (A)
Aiken, George D. (A)
Aikman, Lonnelle (A)
Albert, Carl B. (A)
Albright, Jack (A)
Alden, Vernon R. (A)
Aleman, Miguel (A)

Alexander, Clifford (A)
Alford, Dorothy P. (A) [UT w/Starcke]
Alford, Dorothy P. (A) [LBJ]
Allen, George (A/CR)
Allen, Ivan (A)
Allen, Robert S. (A)
Allison, Mamie (A)
Almond, J. Lindsay, Jr. (A)
Alsop, Joseph (A)
Alsop, Stewart J. (A)
Anderson, Clinton P. (A)
Anderson, Eugenie M. (A)
Anderson, M. J. (A)
Anderson, Robert B. (A)
Angevine, David W. (A)
Anton, James (A)
Ashmore, Harry (A)
Aspinall, Wayne (A)

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Babcock, John E. (A)
Bachelder, Toinette (A)
Baird, Charles Fitz (A)
Baker, Donald M. (A)
Baker, John A. (A) [UT]
Baker, John A. (A) [LBJ]
Baker, Robert G. "Bobby" (A) [LBJ]
Ball, Edgar L. (A)
Ball, George (A)
Ball, Robert M. (A)
Bardwell, Malcolm (A)
Barnes, Ben (A)
Barr, Joseph M. (A)
Barr, Joseph W. (A) [UT]
Barr, Joseph W. (A) [LBJ]
Barrow, Allen E. (A)
Bartlett, Charles L. (A)
Bartlett, Vide G. (Mrs. Bob) (A)
Baskin, Robert (A)
Bator, Francis
Battle, Lucius D. (A) [UT]
Battle, Lucius D. [LBJ]
Bayh, Birch (A)
Baz Manero, Javier (A)
Bean, Woodrow (A/R)
Beckworth, Lindley (A)
Beebe, Leo C. (A)
Beech, Keyes (A)
Behringer, Marjorie
Beirne, Joseph A. (A)
Belen, Frederick C. (A)
BeLieu, Kenneth E. (A)
Bell, David E. (A)
Bell, Jack
Bellmon, Henry (A)
Benchley, Peter B. (A)
Bennett, Ivan L., Jr. (A)
Bennett, Robert L. (A)
Bentsen, Beryl A. (Mrs. Lloyd) (A)
Bentsen, Lloyd (A)
Bernbaum, Maurice M. (A)
Bernhard, Berl (A)
Berry, Levette J. Joe (A)
Berry, Theodore M. (A)
Bertsch, Howard (A)
Bibolet, Roland (A)
Billings, William F. (A)
Bird, H. V. "Dick" (A)
Birdwell, Sherman (A) [UT]
Birdwell, Sherman (A) [Goldman]
Birdwell, Sherman (A) [LBJ]
Birkhead, Kenneth M. (A)
Black, David S. (A)
Black, Eugene R. (A)
Black, Hugo
Black, John W. (A)
Blackburn, William M. (A)
Blackman, Herbert N. (A)
Blackman, Merrell (A)
Blee, Myron B. (A)
Blough, Roger M. (A)
Blundell, James H. (A)
Boatner, Charles K. (A) [UT]
Boatner, Charles K. (A) [LBJ]

Boggs, Hale (A)
Boggs, Lindy
Bohlen, Charles E. (A)
Bolling, Richard (A)
Bolton, Donnelly P. (A)
Bolton, Paul (A)
Bonanno, Phyllis O. (A)
Bookbinder, Hyman (A)
Booker, Ruth (A)
Bortz, Nelson M. (A)
Borum, Rodney L. (A)
Bowdler, William (A)
Bowles, Chester (A)
Boyd, Alan S. (A)
Boyd, Roland (A)
Braestrup, Peter (A)
Brandt, Willy (A)
Braswell, T. Edward (A/CR)
Brenner, Edward John (A)
Bridwell, Lowell (A)
Brigham, Percy (A)
Brisbin, Albert (A) [NYA group]
Brisbin, Albert (A) [LBJ]
Brooks, Jack (A)
Brooks, Marietta Moody (A) [UT]
Brooks, Marietta Moody (A) [LBJ]
Brooks, Max (A/CR)
Brown, Edmund G. (A)
Brown, George R. (A) [Bolton]
Brown, George R. (A) [UT]
Brown, George R. (A) [LBJ]
Brown, H. S. "Hank" (A)
Brown, Harold (A)
Brown, Lester R. (A)
Brown, Richard (A)
Brown, Russell M. (A)
Brownstein, Phillip N. (A)
Bruce, David K. E. (A)
Bruck, Oliver N. (A) [w/Sam Fore]
Bruno, Joseph
Bryant, Ashbrook P. (A)
Bryant, C. Farris (A)
Brzezinski, Zbigniew (A)
Buchanan, W. Evans (A)
Buck, Raymond E. (A)
Buffum, William
Buford, Anthony (A)
Bui Diem
Bullion, J. Waddy (A)
Bullock, Arthur V.
Bundy, McGeorge (A)
Bundy, William P. (A)
Bunker, Ellsworth (A)
Bunshaft, Gordon (A)
Burkley, George G. (A)
Burleson, Omar (A)
Burney, Cecil E. (A)
Busby, Horace (A)
Buscher, Jack
Bush, Dorothy B. (A)
Byers, Bo (A)

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Cabot, John M. (A)
Cahn, Edgar & Jean C. (A)
Cain, James (A)
Califano, Joseph A. [UT]
Califano, Joseph A. [LBJ]
Calvert, Robert W. (A)
Camp, William B. (A)
Cannon, William B. (A)
Capron, William M. (A)
Carey, William D. (A)
Carpenter, Elizabeth (A)
Carpenter, Leslie (A)
Carrillo Flores, Antonio (A)
Carter, Clifton C. (A)
Carter, Hodding, Jr. (A)
Carter, Joseph H. (A)
Carter, Lisle C.
Carter, Margaret (Mrs. Jack) (A)
Carver, George
Case, Clifford P. (A)
Casparis, John Brooks (A)
Castro, Nash (A)
Castro, Nash (A/R)
Castro, Nash (A/R/T)
Castro, Raul (A)
Cater, S. Douglass (A) [UT]
Cater, S. Douglass (A) [UT]
Cater, S. Douglass (A) [LBJ]

Cavanagh, Jerome P. (A)
Celebrezze, Anthony J. (A)
Celler, Emanuel (A)
Chancellor, John (A)
Chapman, Oscar L. (A)
Chartener, William H. (A)
Chiarodo, Marie Fehmer (A) [UT]
Chiarodo, Marie Fehmer (A) [LBJ]
Christian, George E. (A)
Christopher, Warren M. (A)
Chudars, James E. (A)
Church, Frank (A)
Cikins, Warren (A)
Clapp, Norman M. (A)
Clark, Ramsey (A)
Clark, Tom C. (A)
Clements, Earle C. (A)
Cleveland, Harlan (A/CR)
Cliff, Edward P. (A)
Clifford, Clark (A)
Cline, Ray S. (A)

Cochran, Jacqueline
Cochran, Thomas
Cochrane, William (A)
Coffey, Matthew B. (A/R/T)
Cohen, Manuel (A)
Cohen, Sheldon S. (R/WP/CR-lifetime) [UT]
Cohen, Sheldon S. (R/WP/CR-lifetime) [LBJ]
Cohen, Wilbur J. (A/CR)*
Colby, William E. (A)
Cole, W. Sterling (A)
Coleman, James P. (A)
Collier, Everett (A)
Collins, LeRoy (A)
Colmer, William M. (A)
Conein, Lucien (A/CR)*
Connally, John B. (A)
Connell, William J. (A)
Connor, John T. (A)
Constantine, Jay
Conway, Jack T. (A)
Cook, Donald C. (A) [UT]
Cook, Donald C. (A/R)* [LBJ]
Cooper, Chester L. (A)
Cooper, Ellen Taylor (A) [w/Fischesser]
Cooper, John Sherman (A)
Cooper, R. Conrad (A)
Corcoran, Thomas G.
Corson, John J. (A)
Costello, William H. (A/CR)*
Cox, Ava Johnson (A)
Crafts, Edward C. (A)
Crider, Ben (A)
Crider, Otto (R)
Crockett, William J. (A) [UT]
Crockett, William J. (A) [LBJ]
Cronin, Donald J. (A)
Crook, William H. (A)
Crooker, John, Jr.
Crooker, John, Sr. (A/R)*
Cross, James U. (A) [UT]
Cross, James U. (A) [LBJ]
Cuneo, Ernest (A)
Curry, Jesse E. (A)
Curtis, Carl T. (A)
Cutler, Jay (A)
Cutler, Lloyd N. (A)

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Dailey, John T.
Dale, William B. (A)
Daniel, Price (A)
Daniels, Jonathan (A)
Darden, William H. (A/CR)
Darden, William H. (A)
Davidson, Phillip B. (A)
Davis, George R. (A)
Davis, James (A)
Davis, John J. (A)
Davis, Ross D. (A)
Davis, Sid (A) (Int. I)
Davis, W. True (A)
Dean, Alan L. (A)
Dean, Homer E. (A)
Deason, Willard (A) [Goldman]
Deason, Willard (A) [NYA Group]
Deason, Willard (A) [UT]
Deason, Willard (A) [LBJ]
Deason, Willard and Jeanne (A)
DeBakey, Michael E. (A)
Deike, Frederick J. (A)
Delafield, Marjorie (A)
Dellinger, David (A)
DeLoach, Cartha (A)
Deming, Frederick L. (A)
Denius, Frank (A)
DePuy, William (A)

Desautels, Claude J. (A)
Desobry, William R. (A)
Dickerson, Nancy (A)
Diem, See Bui Diem
Diggs, Charles C., Jr. (A)
Dillon, C. Douglas (A)
Dirksen, Everett (A) [UT]
Dirksen, Everett (A) [White]

DiSalle, Michael V. (A)
Dixie, Chris (A)
Dominy, Floyd E. (A)
Donley, Owen (A)
Donnelley, Dixon (A)
Dorbandt, Mr & Mrs. Seth W. (A)
Dougherty, Dudley T. (A) [UT]
Dougherty, Dudley T. (A) [LBJ] 
Douglas, Helen Gahagan (A)
Douglas, Paul H. (A)
Doyle, C. E. "Curley"(A)
Dubinsky, David (A)
Duggan, Ervin
Dul, Peter (A - see Samuel Williams)
Dungan, Ralph A. (A/R)*
Dunlap, Thomas J. (A)
Dunn, John Michael (A)
Durbrow, Elbridge (A)
Durr, Clifford & Virginia (A)
Durr, Virginia (A)
Dutton, Frederick G. (A)

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Easley, L. T. "Tex" (A)
Eastland, James O. (A)
Eckhardt, Nadine Brammer (A)
Eckler, A. Ross (A)
Edgeworth, Georgia Cammack (A)
Edwards, India (A)
Edwards, Louise Casparis (A)
Eisenhower, Milton S. (A)
Elkins, James A., Jr. (A)
Ellender, Allen J. (A)

Ellington, Buford (A)
Elson, Roy
Elstad, Leonard M. (A)
Engelhard, Jane (A)
English, Joseph
English, Virginia Wilke (A)
Enthoven, Alain C. (A)
Evans, Courtney A. (A)
Evers, Charles (A)
Ewell, Julian J. (A)

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Farley, James A. (A)
Farmer, James (A)
Faulk, John Henry (A)
Fauntroy, Walter
Fawcett, Truman and Wilma G. (A)
Feild, John G. (A)
Feldman, Myer
Fenn, Dan (A)
Ferguson, Tom C.
Finch, Robert
Finletter, Thomas K. (A)
Fischesser, Elaine (A)
Fisher, Adrian S. (A)
Fisher, O. C. (A)
Fitt, Alfred B. (A)
Fleming, Harold (A)
Fleming, Joe W., II (A)
Fletcher, Thomas W. (A)
Flott, Frederick W. (A)
Flynn, John P. (A)
Fore, Sam, Jr. (A)

Fore, Mrs. Sam, Jr. (A)
Forrestal, Michael V. (A)
Fortas, Abe (A)
Forsythe, Patria
Foster, John S., Jr. (A/R/T)*
Fountain, Lawrence H. (A)
Fowler, Henry H. (A) [UT]
Fowler, Henry H.      [LBJ]
Fox, Lawrence (A)
Fox, Sanford L. (A)
Francis, Sharon (A)
Frankel, Charles (A)
Frankel, Max (R/WP/CR-lifetime)
Frantz, Joe B. (A)
Freeman, Orville (A) [UT]
Freeman, Orville (A) [LBJ]
Friday, William Clyde (A)
Fried, Edward R. (A)
Friedman, Irving S.
Fulcher, Gordon (A)
Furness, Betty (A) (See Midgely, Betty)

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  Mc  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z


Gaither, James C. (A) [UT]
Gaither, James C. (A) [LBJ]
Galloway, Eilene M. (A)
Gammon, Samuel (A)
Garcia, Daniel C., Sr. (A)
Garcia, Hector T. (A)
Gardner, John W. (A)
Garza, Reynaldo G. (A)
Gaud, William S. (A)
Gehrig, Leo (A)
Geissinger, Michael A. (A)
Gelb, Leslie Howard (A)
Germany, Eugene B. (A)
Gideon, Olga Bredt (A)
Gideon, W. Sim (A) [UT]
Gideon, W. Sim (A) [Bolton]
Gilpatric, Roswell (A)
Gilpatrick, Donald S. (A)
Ginsburg, David
Ginsburgh, Robert N. (A)
Glick, Mrs. Tommy W. (A)
Godfrey, Horace D. (A)
Goldberg, Arthur J. (A)
Goldberg, Irving L. (A) [UT]
Goldberg, Irving L. (A) [LBJ]
Golden, John M.
Goldfarb, Ronald L. (A)
Goldschmidt, Arthur & Elizabeth (A)
Goldschmidt, Elizabeth Wickenden (A)
Goldstein, E. Ernest (A) [UT]
Goldstein, E. Ernest (A) [LBJ]

Goldwater, Barry (A)
Gonella, Ashton (A) [UT]
Gonella, Ashton (A) [LBJ]
Goodman, Abram (A)
Goodpaster, Andrew J. (A)
Gordon, Helene Lindow (A)
Gordon, Kermit (A)
Gorham, William (A)
Gorman, Thomas Francis "Mike" (A)
Gordon, Lincoln (A)
Gossett, Edward (A)
Goulding, Phil G. (A)
Graef, Bertha Allman (A)
Graham, Billy (A) [Special Interview]
Graham, Callan (A)
Graham, Daniel O. (A)
Graham, Elmer (A)
Graham, Katharine (A)
Green, Edith (A/R/T)
Greene, H. M. (A)
Greigg, Stanley L. (A)
Griffin, Robert P. (A)
Griffith, Llewellyn B., Sr. (A)
Groce, Josh H. (A)
Gronouski, John A. (A)
Grosvenor, Melville B. (A)
Gruening, Ernest (A)
Guajardo, Miguel
Gulick, James W. (A)
Gulley, William L. (A)
Guthrie, Eugene (A)

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  Mc  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z


Haar, Charles M. (A)
Hackett, David L.
Hackler, Loyd (A)
Haddad, William
Hagerty, James C. (A)
Hagerty, James J. (A)
Halaby, Najeeb E. (A)
Halberstam, David (A)
Hall, Walter G. (A)
Halleck, Charles A. (A)
Halperin, Samuel (A)
Hamilton, Ann Oppenheimer (A)
Hand, Lloyd N. (A/R/CR/ILL)
Hannah, John A. (A)
Hannah, Mack H., Jr. (A)
Hannay, Allen B.
Harbin, Estelle (A)
Hardeman, D. B. (A) [UT]
Hardeman, D. B. (A) [LBJ]
Hardesty, Robert (A)
Harding, Bertrand M. (A)
Harkins, Paul D. (A)
Harllee, John (A)
Harlow, Bryce (A)
Harriman, W. Averell (A)
Harris, Oren (A)
Harris, Patricia Roberts (A)
Harte, Houston (A/R)*
Hartzog, George B., Jr. (A)
Harzke, Albert C. (A)
Haselton, Mary Michelson Fish (A)
Hass, Ewing (A)
Hatcher, Mrs. Jessie (A)
Hayden, Carl (A)
Hayes, Frederick O. (A/R/T)
Hays, Brooks (A)
Hays, Wayne L. (A)
Hazlewood, Calvin (A)
Heath, W. W. (A)
Hebert, F. Edward (A)
Hechinger, John W. (A)
Height, Dorothy
Heineman, Ben W. (A)
Heller, Walter W. (A/R/T)*
Helms, Richard M. (A) [UT]
Helms, Richard M. (A) [LBJ]
Henry, Aaron E. (A)
Herrera, Felipe (A)
Herring, Charles (A) [UT]
Herring, Charles (A) [Bolton]

Hershey, Lewis B. (A)
Hesburgh, Theodore (A)
Hickenlooper, Bourke B. (A)
Hickman, Betty Cason (A/R/T)
Higginbotham, Leon (A)
Hight, Jack (A)
Hill, Lister (A)
Hilsman, Roger (A)
Hirshberg, Henry (A)
Hobby, Mrs. Oveta Culp (A)
Hodges, Luther H., Sr. (A)
Hoffman, Anna Rosenberg (A) [UT]
Hoffman, Anna Rosenberg (A) [LBJ]
Hoffman, Paul (A)
Holcomb, Luther (A)
Holleman, Jerry (A)
Holton, John
Hope, John, II
Hopkins, Welly K. (A) [UT]
Hopkins, Welly K. (A) [Goldman]
Hopkins, Welly K. & Alice (A) [LBJ]
Hopkins, William J. (A)
Hopper, Ardis C. (A)
Hornaday, Walter C. (A)
Horne, John E. (A)
Hornig, Donald F. (A)
Horowitz, Harold W. (A)
Horwitz, Solis (A)
Howard, Jack (A)
Howard, James M. "Mike"
Howe, Harold, II (A)
Howsam, Earl (A)
Hoyt, Palmer (A)
Hubbard, Douglass H. (A)
Hughes, Allie T. & Lorena D. (A)
Hughes, Inez (A)
Hughes, Phillip S. (A)
Hughes, Richard J. & Betty (A)
Hughes, Sarah T. (A)
Huitt, Ralph K. (A) [UT]
Huitt, Ralph K. (A) [LBJ]
Hummel, Don (A)
Humphrey, Hubert (A) [UT]
Humphrey, Hubert (A) [LBJ]
Humphrey, Hubert H. "Skip", III (A)
Huntley, Chet R. (A)
Hurd, Henriette Wyeth (A)
Hurd, Peter (A)
Hurst, J. Willis (A) [UT]
Hurst, J. Willis (A) [LBJ]
Hutchinson, Everett (A)

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  Mc  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z


Ignatius, Paul R. (R/WP-lifetime)
Ikard, Frank N. (A)
Ingram, Janet Wofford (A)

Ink, Dwight A. (A)
Inouye, Daniel K. (A)

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  Mc  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z


Jackson, Henry M. (A)
Jackson, Robert M. (A)
Jackson, William A.
Jackson, William F. (A)
Jacobsen, Jake (A) [UT]
Jacobsen, Jake [LBJ]
Jacobson, Dorothy H. (A)
Jacobson, George (A)
Jaeggli, Victor (A)
James, W. Ervin "Red" (A)
Jansen, Ebba (Mrs. Alvin J.) (A)
Javits, Jacob (A)
Jaworski, Leon (A)
Jenkins, Herbert (A/CR)
Jenkins, Walter (A/CR) * [UT]
Jenkins, Walter (A/CR) * [LBJ]
Johnson, Alfred T. "Boody" (A)
Johnson, Claudia Taylor
Johnson, Elizabeth (A)
Johnson, Lester (A)
Johnson, Luci Baines
Johnson, Nicholas (A/CR)
Johnson, Paul B., Jr. (A)
Johnson, Sam Houston (A)

Johnson, U. Alexis (A/CR)*
Johnson, W. Thomas (R) [UT]
Johnson, W. Thomas (R) [LBJ]
Johnston, Dean
Jones, Bess
Jones, Boisfeuillet (A)
Jones, Curran L. "Jack" (A/CR)
Jones, Herman
Jones, James R. (A)
Jones, John T., Jr. (A)
Jones, John Wesley (A) [Truman Library]
Jones, Luther E., Jr. (A) [UT]
Jones, Luther E., Jr. (A) [LBJ]
Jones, Marvin (A/CR)*
Jones, Roger W. (A)
Jordan, Barbara (A) [Special Interview]
Jordan, Robert E., III (A/R/WP/CR)*
Jordan, William H., Jr. (A)
Jorden, William J. (A) [UT]
Jorden, William J. (A) [LBJ]
Joseph, Edward (A) [UT]
Joseph, Edward (A) [LBJ]
Judd, Walter (A)
Just, Ward (A/R/ILL)*

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Karnow, Stanley (A)
Katzenbach, Nicholas deB. (A)
Keach, Carroll (A) [UT]
Keach, Carroll (A) [LBJ]
Keating, Val M. (A)
Keenan, Joseph D. (A)
Keeney, Barnaby C. (A)
Keith, A. M. "Sandy"
Kellam, Claud (A)
Kellam, Jesse (A) [Goldman]
Kellam, Jesse (A) [UT]
Kelly, William P. (A/CR) *
Kennedy, Edward M. (R/WP)*
Kennedy, Mylton L. (A)
Kennedy, Vann (A)
Keppel, Francis (A)
Kerner, Otto (A)
Kerr, Clark (A)
Kerwin, Walter T.
Ketchum, James R. (A)
Keyserling, Leon (A)

Keyserling, Mary D. (A)
Killam, Radcliffe
Kilpatrick, Carroll (A) [UT]
Kilpatrick, Carroll (A) [LBJ]
Kinch, Sam, Sr. (A)
Kintner, Robert (A/CR)
Kleberg, Robert J., Jr. (A)
Klein, Lawrence
Knappstein, Heinrich
Knott, Lawson B., Jr. (A/R)*
Knowland, William (A)
Knowlton, William A. (A/R)
Koeniger, John Fritz (A)
Komer, Robert W. (A)
Korth, Fred (A)
Kramer, Herbert J. (A)
Krim, Arthur (A)
Krimer, William D.
Krock, Arthur (A)
Kuchel, Thomas H (A)

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  Mc  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z


Ladd, Jonathan F. (A)
Laitin, Joseph (A)
Lampman, Robert J. (A)
Lang, A. Scheffer (A)
Lansdale, Edward (A)
Lapin, Raymond H. (A)
Lasker, Mary (A) [UT]
Lasker, Mary (A) [LBJ]
Lasseter, Eugenia Boehringer (A)
Lathram, L. Wade (A)
Latimer, Gene (A) [UT]
Latimer, Gene (A) [LBJ]
Laurel, Oscar Manual (A)
Lawson, Marjorie
Leddy, John M. (A)
Lee, Philip R. (A)
Lee, Ray (A) [Bolton]
Lee, Ray (A) [LBJ]
Lehan, Frank W. (A)
Leinsdorf, Erich (A)
Leitao da Cunha, Vasco
LeMay, Curtis (A)
Lemnitzer, Lyman (A)
Leonard, Kittie Clyde (A/R/T)
Levine, Robert A. (A)
Levinson, Larry (A)

Levinson E. Lawrence (A)
Lewis, Robert G. (A)
Lewis, William (A) [w/M. C. Smith]
Lilienthal, David E. (A)
Lincoln, Gould (A) [UT]
Lincoln, Gould (A) [Truman Library]
Lindig, Otto (A)
Lindow, Helene (A) (See Gordon, Helene)
Linowitz, Sol M. (A)
Lipsen, Charles B. (A)
Little, C. P. (A) [NYA]
Little, C. P. (A) [LBJ]
Livingston, William
Locke, Eugene M. (A)
Loney, Kathryn Deadrich (A)
Long, Emma (Mrs. Stuart Long) (A)
Long, R. J. "Bob" (A/R)*
Long, Russell (A)
Long, Stuart M. (A)
Looney, J. C. (A)
Louchheim, Kathleen C. (A)
Lovell, James A. (A)
Low, Sam D. W. (A)
Lucey, Robert E. (A)
Ludeman, Annette
Luft, John N. (A)
Lyle, John E., Jr. (A)

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  Mc  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z


McAllister, Gerald N. (A)
McArthur, George
McCarthy, Eugene (A)
McCarthy, George (A)
McCarthy, John J.
McClendon, Sarah (A)
McCloskey, Robert J.
McCloy, John J. (A)
McCone, John (A)
McConnell, John P. (A)
McCormack, John W. (A)
McCulloch, Frank (A) [LBJ]
McCully, John (A)
McDermott, Eugene & Margaret Milam
McDowell, Bart (A)
McElroy, Cameron & Lucille (A)
McFarland, Ernest W. (A)

McGee, Gale (A)
McGehee, Ralph W.
McGhee, George C. (A)
McGiffert, David E. (A)
McGillicuddy, Daniel F., Jr.
McGovern, George S. (A)
McGeorge Bundy
McHugh, Vicky & Simon (A) (See also Murphy, Vicki McCammon
McKee, William F. (A)
McKnight, Felix (A)
McLean, William Hunter (A)
McMahon, Robert F. (A) [w/Mark T. Muller]
McNamara, Robert S. (A) [Special Interview]
McNeil, Marshall (A)
McPherson, Harry (A) [UT]
McPherson, Harry (A) [LBJ]
McQuade, Lawrence (A)
McWilliams, Roy L. (A)

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  Mc  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z


Maclay, William Dayton (A)
Macomber, William B., Jr. (A)
Macy, John W., Jr. (A) [UT]
Macy, John W., Jr. (A) [LBJ]
Maddox, Lester (A)
Magnuson, Warren (A)
Maguire, Charles M. (A/CR)
Mahon, George (A)
Mahoney, Florence (A)
Malechek, Jewel (See Scott, Jewel Malechek) (A)
Manatos, Mike (A)
Mankiewicz, Frank F. (A)
Mann, Dave
Mann, Gerald C., Sr. & Jr. (A)
Mann, Thomas C. (A)
Marcus, Stanley (A)
Marder, Murrey
Markman, Sherwin J. (A)
Marks, Leonard (A) [UT]
Marks, Leonard (A) [LBJ]
Marland, Sidney P. (A)
Marshall, Burke (A)
Marshall, Cecille Harrison (A/CR)
Marshall, Thurgood (A)
Marston, Robert Q. (A)
Martens, Clarence C.
Martin, Crawford (A)
Martin, John Bartlow (A)
Martin, Louis (A) [UT]
Martin, Louis (A) [LBJ]

Martin, Ruby G. (A)
Martin, William McChesney(A)
Martini, Steve (A)
Martz, Clyde O. (A)
Mashman, Joe (A)
Mattson, Everett (A)
Matthews, Alwyn "Matty" (A)
May, Edgar
May, Ernest (A)
May, Timothy (A)
Mayborn, Frank W. (A)
Mayer, Margaret (A) [LBJ]
Mayer, Margaret [LBJ]
Mayhew, Lewis
Means, Marianne [UT]
Means, Marianne [LBJ]
Meany, George (A)

Mehren, George L. (A)
Melasky, Harris (A)
Melinger, Alfred (A)
Meloy, Guy S. (A)
Menzies, Sir Robert (A)
Merrick, Samuel V. (A)
Mesta, Perle (A)
Midgley, Betty Furness (A)
Millenson, Roy (A)
Miller, Dale & Virginia "Scooter" (A) [UT]
Miller, Dale & Virginia "Scooter" [LBJ]
Miller, Emma Guffy (A)
Miller, George P. (A)
Miller, Nell Colgin (A)
Miller, Virginia "Scooter" [LBJ]
Miller, William M. "Fishbait" (A)
Mills, Thomas D. (A)
Mills, Wilbur (A) [UT]
Mills, Wilbur (A) [LBJ]

Minow, Newton (A)
Mitchell, Clarence (A)
Mitchell, Mrs. J. M.
Monahan, John L. (A)
Monroney, A. S. "Mike" (A) 
Montague, Robert M. (A)
Montgomery, Robert H. (A)
Mooney, Booth (A) [UT]
Mooney, Booth (A) [LBJ]
Moore, Powell (A)
Moore, Wyatt
Moorer, Thomas H. (A) [UT]
Moorer, Thomas H. (A) [LBJ]
Morehead, Richard
Moreland, Ralph (A)
Morris, Charles A. (A)
Morton, Thruston (A)
Moss, Frank E. (A)
Moursund, A. W.
Muller, Mark T. (A) [with McMahon, Robert F.]
Mullen, Robert
Mundt, Karl E. (A)
Murphey, Robert W. (A)
Murphy, Charles S. (A)
Murphy, Patrick V. (A)
Murphy, Vicki McCammon (A) [LBJ] (See also McHugh, Vicki and Simon)
Murray, Hyde

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  Mc  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z


Nabrit, James M., Jr. (A)
Nachlin, Harry (A)
Narva, William (A)
Nash, James P. (A)
Neel, Spurgeon H., Jr. (A)
Nelson, Richard H. (A)
Nes, David G. (A)
Neustadt, Richard Elliott (A)
Newman, Ralph (A)

Nichols, Dorothy J. (A) [UT]
Nichols, Dorothy J. (A) [LBJ]
Nimetz, Matthew (A/CR)
Nitze, Paul Henry (A)
Noel, James
Nolting, Frederick (A)
Novak, Robert (A)
Nunley, Reed B

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  Mc  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z


Oberdorfer, Don (A)
O'Brien, Lawrence F. (A/R/T)
O'Connell, Joseph J., Jr. (A)
O'Connor, Lawrence J.
O'Donnell, Kenneth (A)
Okun, Arthur M. (A)
Oliver, Covey T. (A/CR)
Oliver, Robert (A)

Olson, Marie Lindau (A)
Oltorf, Frank "Posh" (A)
Onassis, Jacqueline Kennedy (A/R/T)*
O'Neill, Thomas P. "Tip" (A)
Owen, Henry D. (A)
Owens, Wroe (A)
Owings, Nathaniel (A)

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  Mc  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z


Pace, Frank, Jr. (A)
Pachios, Hal (A)
Paine, Thomas O. (A)
Palmer, Bruce (A)
Palmer, Joseph, II (A)
Panzer, Fred
Parker, Edith H. (A)
Parker, Evan J.
Parnis, Mollie (A)
Parr, Archer (A)
Parten, J. R. (A)
Partridge, Anthony (A)
Patman, Wright (A) [UT]
Patman, Wright (A) [LBJ]
Patterson, Eugene C. (A/CR)
Pattillo, James Cato (A)
Paul, Norman S. (A)
Pauley, Edwin W. (A)
Payne, Harvey O. (A)
Pazianos, George (A)
Peabody, Endicott (A)
Pearson, Drew (A)
Pechman, Joseph A. (A)
Peden, Katherine Graham (A)
Pell, Claiborne (A)
Perkins, Carl D. (A)
Perrin, C. Robert (A)
Perry, Arthur C. (A)
Peterson, Esther (A) [UT]
Peterson, Esther (A) [LBJ]
Pettigrew, Thomas
Phillips, Rufus (A)

Phillips, William G. (A)
Phinney, Carl L. (A)
Phinney, Robert L. (A) [Bolton]
Phinney, Robert L. (A) [LBJ]
Pickle, J. J. "Jake" (A) [UT]
Pickle, J. J. "Jake" (A) [NYA]
Pierce, Robert J.
Pierson, W. DeVier (A)
Pike, Douglas (A)
Plyler, Dorothy (A) (see Alford, Dorothy P.)
Poage, W. Robert (A) [UT]
Poage, W. Robert (A) [LBJ]
Poats, Rutherford M. (A)
Pollak, Stephen J. (A/R/T/WP)*
Porter, Daniel Boone
Porter, Ella SoRelle (A)
Porter, Paul A. (A)
Portner, Mildred (A)
Powell, Ben H., Jr. (A)
Powell, Dorris (Mrs. Hugh) (A) [LBJ]
Price, C. W. (A)
Price, David
Prindle, Richard A. (A)
Prokop, Ruth (A)
Provence, Harry (A)
Proxmire, William (A)
Pryor, Richard S. "Cactus" (A)
Pucinski, Roman
Purcell, Graham (A)
Pyland, Sidney "Sub" (A)

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  Mc  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z


Quie, Albert H. (A)
Quigley, James M.
Quill, Daniel J. (A) [UT]

Quill, Daniel J. (A) [Goldman]
Quill, Daniel J. (A) [w/Sam Fore]

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  Mc  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z


Randall, Kenneth A. (A)
Randolph, A. Philip (A)
Rasmussen, Boyd L. (A)
Rather, Dan (A)
Rather, Mary (A/CR)*
Rather, Mary (A)
Rauh, Joseph L., Jr. (A)
Re, Edward (A)
Read, Benjamin H. (A)
Redford, Cecil
Redford, Clarence
Redford, Emmette S. (A) [UT]
Redford, Emmette S. (A) [LBJ]
Reedy, George E., Jr. (A) [UT]
Reedy, George E., Jr. (A) [LBJ]
Reischauer, Edwin O. (A)
Resor, Stanley R. (A)
Reynolds, James J. (A)
Reynolds, William (A)
Reynolds, William A.
Rhodes, Sharon
Richards, Horace E. (A)
Richardson, Elliott (A)
Richmond, Julius (A)
Ripley, S. Dillon (A)
Risner, Robinson (A)
Rivlin, Alice
Robb, Lynda Johnson (R/WP/CR/ILL-life)
Robb, Lynda Johnson
Roberts, Chalmers M. (A)
Roberts, Charles (A)
Roberts, Juanita (A) [Goldman]
Roberts, Juanita (A) [UT]
Roberts, Juanita (A) [LBJ]

Roberts, Morris
Roberts, Ray (A) [LBJ]
Roberts, Ray (A) [NYA]
Robertson, A. Willis (A)
Robertson, Joe (A/R/T)
Robinson, James A. (A)
Roche, John P. (A)
Rockefeller, Laurance (A)
Rockefeller, Nelson (A)
Rogers, Paul
Rogers, Will R. (A)
Rogovin, Mitchell (A)
Rolvaag, Karl
Roosa, Robert V. (A)
Roosevelt, James (A)
Rosenblatt, Peter R. (A)
Rostow, Eugene V. (A)
Rostow, Walt W. (A)* [UT]
Rostow, Walt W. (A) [LBJ]
Roth, Fenner (A) [Bolton]
Roth, Fenner (A) [NYA]
Roth, Fenner (A) [LBJ]
Rountree, Payne (A)
Rovere, Richard H. (A)
Rowe, Elizabeth (A)
Rowe, James H., Jr. (A) [UT]
Rowe, James H., Jr. (A) [LBJ]
Rowe, James M. (A)
Rowley, James J. (A)
Royal, Darrell (A)
Royals, Thomas (A)
Rusk, Dean (A)
Russell, Harold J. (A)
Rustin, Bayard (A)
Ruttenberg, Stanley H. (A)

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  Mc  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z


Sadler, Mrs. Wade
Salas, Luis
Salisbury, Harrison (A)
Saltonstall, Leverett (A)
Samuels, Howard J.
Sanders, Carl E. (A)
Sanders, Harold Barefoot (A)
Sandlin, George
Sanford, Terry (A)
Saperstein, Sidney A. (A/R)
Saunders, Harold H. (A)
Saunders, Josefa Baines (A)
Sauvageot, Jean Andre (A)
Scammons, Richard M. (A)
Schlei, Norbert A. (A)
Schlesinger, Arthur (A/CR)
Schmidt, Fred (A)
Schneider, Wunibald W. (A)
Schnittker, John A. (A) [UT]
Schnittker, John A. (A) [LBJ]
Schreiber, Harry J. (A)
Schultze, Charles L. (A)
Scott, Bess Whitehead (A)
Scott, Jewel Malechek (A)
Selden, Emily Crow (A)
Semer, Milton P. (A)
Shackley, Theodore
Shanks, Louis (A)
Shannon, James A. (A)
Shapiro, Samuel H. (A)
Shelton, Emmett (A)
Shelton, Polk & Nell (A)
Sheppard, Bailey (A)
Shepperd, John Ben (A)
Shivers, Allan (A)
Shoemaker, Whitney (A)
Short, Robert
Shoumatoff, Elizabeth (A)
Shriver, Sargent (A/R/ILL)
Shultz, John M.
Shumate, Weeze Deathe Pollei (A)*
Sidey, Hugh (A)
Siegel, Gerald W. (A) [UT]
Siegel, Gerald W. (A) [LBJ]
Silver, George (A)
Simons, Charles E.
Simpson, Charles M. (A)
Sinclair, Ivan (A)
Singletary, Otis (A)
Singleton, John V., Jr. (A)
(A) [UT]
Sisco, Joseph J. (A) [LBJ]

Skelton, Byron G. (A)
Skiles, Joseph H. (A)
Small, Merrell F. "Pop" (A)
Smathers, George A. (A)
Smith, Bromley K. (A)
Smith, C. R. (A) [UT]
Smith, C. R. (A) [LBJ]
Smith, Carol Davis
Smith, E. Babe
Smith, G. Preston (A)
Smith, Gerard C. (A)
Smith, Haywood
Smith, J. Edwin
Smith, James W. (A)
Smith, Margaret Chase (A)
Smith, R. Jack
Smith, Robert J. (A)
Smith, Willard J. (A)
Smith, William Robert (A)
Solomon, Anthony M. (A)
Sparkman, John (A) [UT]
Sparkman, John (A) [LBJ]
Spears, Adrian A. (A) [UT]
Spears, Adrian A. (A) [LBJ]
Spinn, Richard (A)
Spock, Benjamin (A)
Staats, Elmer B. (A)
Stanford, Louise Hermey (A)
Stanton, Frank
Starcke, Max & Evelyn (A)
Stavast, John E.
Steadman, John M. (A)
Stehling, Arthur
Stennis, John C. (A)
Stevens, Roger L. (A)
Stewart, William H. (A)
Stilwell, Richard G.
Stone, Sam V. (A)
Storey, Robert (A)
Stoughton, Cecil (A)
Strauss, Robert S. (A)
Sugarman, Jule M. (A)
Sullivan, William H. (A)
Summy, O. B. (A)
Sundquist, James L. (A)
Sweeney, John L. (A)
Swidler, Joseph
Symington, James W. (A/R/ILL)
Symington, Stuart (A) [UT]
Symington, Stuart (A) [LBJ]

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  Mc  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z


Taft, Robert, Jr. (A)
Talmadge, Herman E. (A)
Tate, James H. (A)
Taylor, Antonio J. (A)
Taylor, H. Ralph (A)
Taylor, Hobart, Jr. (A)
Taylor, Hobart, Sr. (A)
Taylor, Maxwell D. (A) [UT]
Taylor, Maxwell D. (A/R/T) [LBJ]
Taylor, Mrs. T. J., Jr. (A)
Taylor, Willie Day (A)
Taylor, Winston (A)
Teague, Kathy (A)
Telles, Raymond L. (A)
Temple, Larry (A)
Territo, Dorothy (A)
Terry, Wallace (A)
Theis, J. William (A)
Thomas, Bruce
Thomas, Donald S. (A)
Thomas, Helen (A)
Thomas, Lera (Mrs. Albert Thomas) (A)

Thomason, R. Ewing (A)
Thompson, Clark W. & Libbie M. (A)
Thomson, James C., Jr. (A)
Thornberry, Homer (A)
Thornhill, Paul L. (A)
Thurmond, Strom (A)
Timmes, Charles
Timmons, Bascom N. (A)
Tocker, Phillip (A)
Tolmach, Eric (A)
Tooley, Emma Boehringer (A)
Torp, Kenneth (A)
Tower, John G. (A)
Trejos, Jose Joaquin (A)
Trowbridge, Alexander (A)
Trueheart, William (A)
Tucker, Sterling (A)
Tully, Grace (A)
Turman, James A. (A)
Turner, Francis C. (A)

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  Mc  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z


Udall, Stewart L. (A)
Underwood, Marty

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  Mc  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z


Valenti, Jack (A)
Valenti, Mary Margaret Wiley (A) [UT]
Valenti, Mary Margaret Wiley (A) [LBJ]
Vance, Cyrus R. (A)
Vasey, Lloyd R.
Vaughn, Jack Hood (A)

Vinson, Carl (A)
Vinson, Fred M., Jr. (A)
Voigt, Kathleen
Voorhis, H. Jerry (A)
Votaw, David

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  Mc  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z


Waldron, Robert E. (A)
Wallace, George C. (A)
Wallace, Victor M.
Waller, Sir Keith (A)
Walt, Lewis W. (A)
Walter, Louis F. (A)
Ward-see Mayer, Margaret
Warner, Volney F. (A/CR/R/T)
Warnke, Paul C. (A)
Warren, Earl (A)
Washington, Walter and Bennetta (A)
Wasserman, Lew (A)
Watson, W. Marvin (A)
Wattenberg, Ben J. (A)
Weaver, George L. P. (A)
Weaver, Robert C. (A)
Webb, Emma (Mrs. Charles W.) (A)
Webb, James E. (A)
Webb, Terrell Maverick (A)
Weber, O. J.
Weedin, Harfield (A)
Weeks, Christopher (A)
Weinheimer, Tom and Betty (A)
Weisl, Edwin L., Jr. (A)
Weisl, Edwin L., Sr. (A)
Welsh, Edward C. (A)
Wentzel, Volkmar K. (A)
West, Wesley
Westmoreland, William C. (A) [UT]
Westmoreland, William C. (A) [LBJ]
Wheeler, Earle G. (A)
White, J. Roy (A)
White, June (Mrs. William S. White) (A)
White, Lee C. (A/CR)
White, Robert M. (A)
White, William S. (A) [UT]
White, William S. (A) [w/Sam Fore]
White, William S. (A) [LBJ]
Whiteside, R. Vernon (A)
Whittington, Gerri (A)
Wicker, Tom G. (A)

Wiggins, James Russell (A)
Wilcox, Walter W. (A)
Wild, Claude C., Sr. (A) [UT]
Wild, Claude C., Sr. (A) [Goldman]
Wildenthal, John (A)
Wilkins, Roger W.
Wilkins, Roy (A)
Williams, Donald A. (A)
Williams, Eugene & Helen (A)
Williams, G. Mennen (A)
Williams, Jerre (A)
Williams, Mary Pearl
Williams, Samuel T. (A)
Willis, A. M. "Monk" (A) [LBJ]
Willis, A. M. "Monk" [LBJ]
Wilson, Cynthia (A)
Wilson, Glen P. (A)
Wilson, Glen & Marie (A)
Wilson, Henry Hall (A)
Wilson, Isabel Brown (A)
Wilson, James W. (A)
Wilson, Logan (A) [UT]
Wilson, Logan [LBJ]
Wilson, Marie (A)
Wilson, Will (A)
Winters, Anita P.
Winters, Melvin C.
Wirth, Conrad L. (A)
Wirtz, Mrs. Alvin J. (A)
Wisner, Frank G.
Wolkstein, Irwin (A)
Wood, Robert C. (A)
Woods, Wilton (A)
Woods, Wilton & Virginia (A)
Woodward, Robert F. (A)
Woodward, Warren G. (A/CR) [UT]
Woodward, Warren G. (A/CR) [Bolton]
Woodyard, Mrs. Ewell (A) [w/Pattillo]
Worley, Eugene (A)
Wozencraft, Frank M.
Wright, James C., Jr. (A)
Wright, Zephyr (A)

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Yarmolinsky, Adam (A) [UT]
Yarmolinsky, Adam (A) [LBJ]
Yeagley, J. Walter
Yeldell, Joseph
Yorty, Samuel W. (A)

Young, Andrew J., Jr. (A)
Young, Milton R. (A)
Young, Whitney M., Jr. (A)
Youngblood, Rufus (A)

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Zablocki, Clement J. (A)
Ziegler, H. A. "Tony" (A)
Zorthian, Barry (A/CR) [UT]
Zorthian, Barry (A) [LBJ]

 Zuckert, Eugene M. (A)
Zuver, Charles
Zwick, Charles (A)

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Special Interviews

Interviews available on the LBJ Library Website which were not conducted as part of the LBJ Library Oral History Projects:

Graham, Billy (A) [Billington]
McNamara, Robert S. (A) [Dallek]


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