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SOCIAL FILES, 1963-1969
SPECIAL FILES, 1927-1973


This permanent White House office was the main filing unit during the Johnson presidency. The major segments are described below. An asterisk (*) indicates that a segment has been opened for research in whole or in part.

*WHCF SUBJECT FILES (1,388 linear feet).

The Subject Files, the heart of White House Central Files (WHCF), contain unclassified memoranda, correspondence, and reports filed in 60 major subject categories and more than a thousand subcategories. Each subcategory is subdivided into an "Executive" file and a "General" file, with the latter used primarily for low-level items.

The Subject Files are extensively cross-referenced. Documents and their attachments are filed in a single subcategory, with cross references (photocopies of the first page) filed under other pertinent subcategories. Cross references are marked to indicate the primary filing locations of documents.

Listed below are the primary subject categories. Consult the Library's finding aids for detailed descriptions of the material filed under individual categories.

Agriculture (AG)

(4 linear feet)

Arts (AR)

(5 linear feet)

Atomic Energy (AT)

(1 linear foot)

Business – Economics (BE)

(16 linear feet)

Civil Aviation (CA)

(8 linear feet)

Commodities (CM)

(5 linear feet)

Countries (CO)

(33 linear feet)

Disasters (DI)

(6 linear feet)

Education (ED)

(9 linear feet)

Federal Aid (FA)

(8 linear feet)

Federal Government (FE)

(12 linear feet)

Federal Government Organizations (FG)

(164 linear feet)

Finance (FI)

(24 linear feet)

Foreign Affairs (FO)

(27 linear feet)

Gifts (GI)

(60 linear feet)

Health (HE)

10 linear feet)

Highways – Bridges (HI)

2 linear feet)

Holidays (HO)

16 linear feet)

Housing (HS)

(3 linear feet)

Human Rights (HU)

(27 linear feet)

Immigration (IM)

(3 linear feet)

Indian Affairs (IN)

(2 linear feet)

Insurance (IS)

(2 linear feet)

International Organizations (IT)

(7 linear feet)

Invitations (IV)

(47 linear feet)

Judicial – Legal Matters

(18 linear feet)

Labor – Management Relations

13 linear feet)


(64 linear feet)

Local Government (LG)

(9 linear feet)

Medals – Awards (MA)

(10 linear feet)

Meetings – Conferences (MC)

(1 linear foot)

Messages (ME)

(84 linear feet)

National Security – Defense (ND)

(160 linear feet)

Natural Resources (NR)

(11 linear feet)

Outer Space (OS)

(3 linear feet)

Parks – Monuments (PA)

(7 linear feet)


(3 linear feet)

Personnel Management

(16 linear feet)

Political Affairs (PL)

(51 linear feet)

Postal Service (PO)

(2 linear feet)

President (PP)

(47 linear feet)

Procurement – Disposal (PQ)

(5 linear feet)

Public Relations (PR)

(155 linear feet)

Publications (PU)

(27 linear feet)

Real Property (RA)

(4 linear feet)

Recreation – Sports (RE)

(2 linear feet)

Religious Matters (RM)

(3 linear feet)

Reports – Statistics (RS)

(8 linear feet)

Safety – Accident Prevention (SA)

(2 linear feet)

Science (SC)

(2 linear feet)

Social Affairs (SO)

(5 linear feet)

Speeches (SP)

(97 linear feet)

States – Territories (ST)

(8 linear feet)

Tariffs (TA)

(10 linear feet)

Transportation (TN)

(4 linear feet)

Trips (TR)

(17 linear feet)

Utilities (UT)

(5 linear feet)

Veterans Affairs (VA)

(6 linear feet)

Welfare (WE)

(17 linear feet)

White House Administration (WH)

(11 linear feet)


*WHCF NAME FILE (2,065 linear feet). The Name File serves as a name index to the Subject File. It contains cross references to documents filed in the Subject File, arranged alphabetically by name of individual or organization. The Name File also includes incoming correspondence not filed in the Subject File and copies of referrals of correspondence to federal agencies. Individual name files will be reviewed for opening upon request. A card file in the Reading Room indicates which name files have already been opened.

*WHCF CONFIDENTIAL FILE (72 linear feet). Security classified and other sensitive material sent to the White House Central Files was placed in the Confidential File (C.F.). The C.F. Subject File uses the same subject categories and subcategories as the main Subject File. The Confidential File also includes a Name File, which serves as a name index to the C.F. Subject File; a file of federal agency reports to the White House, arranged by agency; and an oversize attachments file. Portions of the Confidential File are still security classified.

WHCF CHRONOLOGICAL FILE (22 linear feet). This file contains copies of letters signed by the President, arranged chronologically.

*WHCF OVERSIZE ATTACHMENTS AND ON THE SHELF (350 linear feet). These files include individual items or files which were too large or bulky for a letter-sized file. Cross references to these items are found in the WHCF and C.F. name and subject files. Oversize items are reviewed for opening upon request.

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II. OFFICE FILES OF THE WHITE HOUSE AIDES Presidential assistants kept working files in their offices. When no longer required, these files were sent by most aides to White House Central Files. Folder title lists were used as cross reference sheets in the WHCF Subject Files. Aides who rarely or never sent their files to White House Central Files include Ceil Bellinger, James Gaither, John Macy, Frederick Panzer, Mildred Stegall, Willie Day Taylor, and Dorothy Territo.

An asterisk (*) indicates that an aide's files have been opened in whole or in part. Major portions of some larger collections, such as those of Charles Horsky, John Macy, Frederick Panzer, Mildred Stegall, and Dorothy Territo, have not yet been reviewed for opening.

Dates at the end of each entry refer to the material in the files, not to the aide's period of service.

*ADVERTISING COUNCIL. (1 linear foot)

*BELLINGER, CEIL. Research Assistant. Maintained research files.1966-1969. (12 linear feet)

*BENCHLEY, PETER B. Staff Assistant. Speech writer under Will Sparks. 1967-1968. (2 linear feet)

*BOHEN, FRED. Staff Assistant. Worked under Joseph Califano on the domestic legislation staff. 1965-1968.
(7 linear feet)

*BUSBY, HORACE, JR. Special Assistant. Cabinet secretary and speech writer. 1963-1965. (29 linear feet)

*CALIFANO, JOSEPH A., JR. Special Assistant. Head of domestic staff, handled task forces, commissions, budget issues. 1965-1969. (42 linear feet)

*CARTER, CLIFTON C. Assistant. President's liaison with the Democratic National Committee. Included are files of his predecessor, Richard Nelson. 1963-1964. (1 linear foot)

*CATER, S. DOUGLASS. Special Assistant. Adviser on health and education issues, liaison with HEW. 1964-1968.
(42 linear feet)

*CHRISTIAN, GEORGE. Administrative Assistant, Special Assistant, White House Press Secretary. 1966-1968.
(5 linear feet)

*DUGGAN, ERVIN. Staff Assistant. Worked for Douglass Cater on health and education issues. 1965-1969. (5 linear feet)

*DUNGAN, RALPH A. Special Assistant. Worked on recruitment, presidential appointments. 1963-1964.
(1 linear foot)

*GAITHER, JAMES C. Staff Assistant. Worked on the domestic staff under Joseph Califano, with responsibilities for legislative program development and coordination of task forces. Included are files of Stephen J. Pollak, Advisor for National Capital Affairs, 1967-1968. 1964-1969. (149 linear feet)

*GOLDSTEIN, E. ERNEST. Special Assistant. Worked on domestic affairs, fiscal, economic, and regulatory issues. 1967-1968. (6 linear feet)

*GOODWIN, RICHARD N. Special Counsel to President Kennedy, Special Assistant to President Johnson. Responsibilities included speech writing, domestic and urban affairs. 1963-1965. (16 linear feet)

*HARDESTY, ROBERT L. Staff Assistant. Responsibilities included speech writing and congressional liaison. 1967-1968. (12 linear feet)

*HAYS, BROOKS. Consultant for Intergovernmental Relations. 1965-1966. (-1 linear foot)

*HORSKY, CHARLES. Advisor for National Capital Affairs. 1963-1967. (58 linear feet)

*HUMPHREY, HUBERT H. Vice President. Speech material. 1965. (-1 linear foot)

*JENKINS, WALTER W. Special Assistant. Chief of staff, worked on domestic affairs, personnel and budget issues, congressional liaison. Files include pre-presidential material. 1957-1964. (10 linear feet)

*JONES, JAMES R. Assistant, 1965-1968. Worked under Marvin Watson. Special Assistant and appointments secretary, 1968. 1965-1969. (-1 linear foot)

*KINTNER, ROBERT E. Special Assistant. Cabinet secretary, planned staff and Cabinet meetings, advised on appointments, coordinated speech writing. 1966-1967. (4 linear feet)

*LEVINSON, LAWRENCE E. Deputy Special Counsel. 1968-1969. (2 linear feet)

*McDERMOTT, FRANK M. Director, Executive Volunteers, Democratic National Committee. Worked on 1964 presidential campaign. 1964. (3 linear feet)

*McPHERSON, HARRY C. Special Assistant, 1965-1966, and Special Counsel, 1966-1969. Responsibilities included speech writing, legal review and advice, and civil rights issues. 1965-1969. (25 linear feet)

*MACY, JOHN W., JR. Chairman, Civil Service Commission. Talent scout for the Johnson Administration, maintained personnel files on all individuals considered for appointments. 1961-1969. Major portions not yet open. (385 linear feet)

*MAGUIRE, CHARLES. Staff Assistant. Worked on speech preparation, Cabinet affairs. 1965-1968. (7 linear feet)

*MANATOS, MIKE. Administrative Assistant. Handled liaison with the Senate. 1961-1968. (17 linear feet)

*MARKHAM, DEAN. Executive Director, President's Advisory Commission on Narcotic and Drug Abuse. 1963. (3 linear feet)

MIDDLETON, HARRY J. Staff Assistant. Responsibilities included speech writing and domestic affairs. 1967-1971. (18 linear feet)

*MOYERS, BILL D. Special Assistant and White House Press Secretary. Chief of staff. Included is material from his tenure as Associate Director and Deputy Director of the Peace Corps. 1961-1967. (51 linear feet)

*MURPHY, CHARLES S. Counselor. White House coordinator for the transition to the Nixon presidency. 1968-1969. (12 linear feet)

*NIMETZ, MATTHEW. Staff Assistant. Worked on crime, urban affairs, pollution, and transportation. 1967-1969. (7 linear feet)

*O'BRIEN, LAWRENCE F. Special Assistant for Congressional Relations. 1961-1967. (13 linear feet)

*O'DONNELL, KENNETH. Special Assistant. Appointments secretary. 1961-1964. (2 linear feet)

*PANZER, FREDERICK. Staff Assistant. Directed research activities, providing clipping service, poll information, press summaries, speech kits. 1963-1968. Major portions not yet open. (250 linear feet)

*PIERSON, DeVIER. Deputy Special Counsel. Specialized in agricultural, trade, and communications issues. 1967-1969. (12 linear feet)

*POPPLE, PAUL M. Staff Assistant, 1964; Assistant for Correspondence, 1965-1967. Supervised White House mail operations. 1964-1966. (4 linear feet)

*REEDY, GEORGE E. Special Assistant, White House Press Secretary. Files include pre-presidential material. 1954-1964. (11 linear feet)

*ROBERTS, JUANITA. Personal Secretary. Material on press conferences and briefings. 1967. (2 linear feet)

*ROBSON, JOHN E. and ROSS, STANFORD G. Staff Assistants. Worked under Joseph Califano on economic issues, especially inflation. 1966-1968. (12 linear feet)

*ROCHE, CHARLES. Aide for Congressional Liaison (House) and Legislative Affairs, especially concerning the northeastern states. 1966-1968. (1 linear foot)

*SALINGER, PIERRE. Special Assistant, White House Press Secretary. 1963-1964. (-1 linear foot)

*SEMER, MILTON. Counsel. 1956-1966. (-1 linear foot)

SHOEMAKER, WHITNEY. Staff Assistant for Correspondence. 1967. (1 linear foot)

SINCLAIR, IVAN. Assistant for Correspondence. Answered public opinion mail. 1964-1965. (9 linear feet)

*SPARKS, WILLIAM R. Staff Assistant. Speech writer for President and Cabinet members. 1966-1968. (9 linear feet)

*SPRAGUE, IRVINE H. Aide for Congressional Liaison (House) and Legislative Affairs, especially concerning California. 1967-1968. (6 linear feet)

STEGALL, MILDRED. Staff Assistant. Worked for Walter Jenkins and Marvin Watson. Responsibilities included liaison with FBI, administrative and personnel matters. Included are files of Walter Jenkins, 1940-1964. 1940-1973. A small file on Johnson's 1948 Senate campaign is open. (107 linear feet)

*TAYLOR, HOBART, JR. Associate Counsel. Drafted letters for the President. 1964-1965. (1 linear foot)

*TAYLOR, WILLIE DAY. Staff Assistant. Worked for the White House Press Office, maintained newspaper clippings file. Included are George Reedy's files on the President's Committee for Equal Employment Opportunity, 1961-1963, and other pre-presidential material. 1940-1969. (143 linear feet)

*TEMPLE, LARRY E. Special Counsel. Provided legal advice, assisted with scheduling, served as liaison with Justice Department. 1967-1969. (1 linear foot)

TERRITO, DOROTHY P. Staff Assistant. Maintained files of high historic value or special sensitivity and family and genealogical material. 1940-1975. (100 linear feet)

Collections listed elsewhere in this publication which were originally maintained by Dorothy Territo include the following: Lyndon Baines Johnson Archives, Pre-Presidential Confidential File, Family Correspondence, Notes and Transcripts of Johnson Conversations (1951-1963), Vice Presidential Travel Files, Office Files of Walter Jenkins (portions), Office Files of John E. Robson and Stanford G. Ross, Special Head of State Correspondence File, Aircraft Logs and Manifests, Cabinet Papers, Diaries and Appointment Logs of Lyndon B. Johnson, Handwriting File, Letters of Credence, Office of the President File, President's Night Reading and Signing Table Lists, Special File on the Assassination of John F. Kennedy, Special File Pertaining to Abe Fortas and Homer Thornberry, Statements of Lyndon B. Johnson, White House Famous Names, and Personal Papers of Rebekah Baines Johnson.

*WATSON, W. MARVIN. Special Assistant, Postmaster General. Appointments secretary, political adviser, liaison with Democratic National Committee and other political groups. 1966-1969. (21 linear feet)

*WATTENBERG, BEN. Staff Assistant. Speech writer, worked for Bill Moyers and Douglass Cater. 1966-1969. (8 linear feet)

*WHITE, LEE C. Associate Counsel, Special Counsel, Adviser on civil rights issues. 1962-1966. (2 linear feet)

*WILSON, HENRY HALL, JR. Administrative Assistant. Liaison with House of Representatives. 1963-1967. (12 linear feet)

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The National Security File was the working file of President Johnson's special assistants for national security affairs, McGeorge Bundy and Walt W. Rostow. Documents in this file originated in the offices of Bundy and Rostow and their staffs, in the various executive departments and agencies, especially those having to do with foreign affairs and national defense, and in diplomatic and military posts around the world. Over one-half of the National Security File has been processed and opened for research.

For more information, consult the finding aid in the Library's Reading Room or borrow a copy by mail (see the Introduction). Folder titles in the finding aid which are preceded by an "X" or a date have been processed and their contents declassified in whole or in part. Lists of classified documents have been placed in those folders, and researchers may request mandatory declassification review under Executive Order 12958 of individual documents which have not yet been declassified in full.

COUNTRY FILE. State Department and Defense Department cables, White House memoranda, CIA intelligence reports, and other material arranged by region and thereunder by country. (110 linear feet)

COUNTRY FILE, VIETNAM. The major White House file reflecting the Johnson Administration's involvement in the Vietnam War. (98 linear feet)

HEAD OF STATE CORRESPONDENCE FILE. President Johnson's formal and informal correspondence with heads of state and heads of government arranged by country. (4 linear feet)

SPECIAL HEAD OF STATE CORRESPONDENCE FILE. Similar to the above file but separately maintained. (23 linear feet)

INTERNATIONAL MEETINGS AND TRAVEL FILE. Material on foreign trips taken by the President and other administration officials. (13 linear feet)

SPEECH FILE. Drafts and other speech material concerning foreign policy, mostly from 1964 to 1966. (3 linear feet)

SUBJECT FILE. Includes substantial amounts of material on balance of payments, communications policy, disarmament, foreign aid, the multilateral force, nuclear testing, and international trade. (19 linear feet)

AGENCY FILE. Includes substantial amounts of material on the Defense Department, NATO, the State Department, and the United Nations. (28 linear feet)

COMMITTEE FILE. Files of the Committee on Nuclear Proliferation, the President's Committee on the Warren Report, and the Special Committee on U.S. Trade Relations with East European Countries and the Soviet Union. (9 linear feet)

NAME FILE. Composed principally of folders on national security staff members, containing their memoranda and other material. (3 linear feet)

INTELLIGENCE FILE. Intelligence material on a broad range of issues. (6 linear feet)

INTELLIGENCE BRIEFINGS. Copies of the President's daily intelligence brief and checklist, prepared by CIA. (10 linear feet)

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE ESTIMATES. Copies of NIEs and Special NIEs arranged by country. (3 linear feet)

SITUATION ROOM FILE. Logbooks and copies of incoming and outgoing Situation Room cable traffic. (23 linear feet)

NATIONAL SECURITY ACTION MEMORANDUMS. NSAMs with supporting material. (3 linear feet)

NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL MEETINGS FILE. Notes of meetings, attendance lists, agendas, briefing papers, and papers discussed at meetings. (-1 linear foot)

FILES OF THE SPECIAL COMMITTEE OF THE NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL. Files of McGeorge Bundy when he served as executive secretary of the NSC Special Committee established in June 1967 to coordinate U.S. policy in the Middle East Crisis. (5 linear feet)

NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL HISTORIES. Documentary compilations prepared by national security staff members in 1968 on 21 international crises or issues during the Johnson Administration. Five deal with Vietnam, four with Latin America, three with foreign economic policy, two with Africa, two with South Asia, and one each with Cyprus, the Six Day War, the Pueblo, NATO, and nuclear proliferation. (21 linear feet)

MEMOS TO THE PRESIDENT - McGEORGE BUNDY, WALT W. ROSTOW. Memoranda to the President (with attachments) from his national security advisers, arranged chronologically. (17 linear feet)

FILES OF McGEORGE BUNDY. Subject, chronological, and meeting files reflecting Bundy's role as national security adviser, 1963-1966. (7 linear feet)

FILES OF WALT W. ROSTOW. Files on Vietnam, Glassboro, meetings with the President, and other subjects reflecting Rostow's role as national security adviser, 1966-1968. (7 linear feet)

FILES OF ROBERT W. KOMER. Files reflecting Komer's roles as interim national security adviser during March 1966 and as Special Assistant in charge of pacification and other U.S. non-military programs in Vietnam, March 1966-May 1967. (3 linear feet)

KOMER-LEONHART FILE. Subject file, 1966-1968, maintained by the White House office established in March 1966 to direct U.S. non-military programs in Vietnam. (9 linear feet)

FILES OF GORDON CHASE. Files on Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and other issues handled by Chase while he served on the national security staff, 1963-1965. (5 linear feet)

FILES OF C. V. CLIFTON. Files reflecting Clifton's activities as Military Aide to the President, 1963-1965. (1 linear foot)

STAFF FILE FRAGMENTS. Material from the files of national security staff members. (5 linear feet)

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IV. SOCIAL FILES, 1963-1969

Social Files were generated by Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson and her East Wing staff during the White House years. Included is material on the activities of the First Lady and her daughters and the social activities of the presidency. The Beautification Files and portions of the other six files marked with an asterisk (*) have been opened.

*SOCIAL FILES - ALPHABETICAL FILE. Outgoing correspondence from Mrs. Johnson and her staff, often filed together with incoming correspondence. (803 linear feet)

*BEAUTIFICATION FILES. Material on the Committee for a More Beautiful Capital, national beautification and conservation programs, and highway beautification. (10 linear feet)

*LIZ CARPENTER'S ALPHA FILES. Correspondence signed by Mrs. Johnson's Press Secretary and Staff Director. (48 linear feet)

*LIZ CARPENTER'S SUBJECT FILES. Material on scheduling, press relations, speeches, beautification, Head Start and other War on Poverty programs, the 1964 presidential campaign, and the 1965 inauguration. (33 linear feet)

*BESS ABELL'S SUBJECT FILES. Files of Mrs. Johnson's social secretary regarding social events at the White House and the Ranch, and Mrs. Johnson's 1964 Whistle Stop campaign. (13 linear feet)

*SOCIAL ENTERTAINMENT OFFICE FILES. Records of White House luncheons, dinners, receptions, tours, festivals, presentations, and other social events given by the President and members of his family. (48 linear feet)

STORAGE FILE. Oversize attachments, Christmas, birthday, and anniversary cards, congratulatory mail for births and graduations, engagement and wedding files for Luci and Lynda Johnson, magazine articles on Mrs. Johnson, and press kits. (191 linear feet)

RECORDS OF THE WHITE HOUSE GIFT UNIT. Correspondence and lists concerning gifts given or received by the White House. (11 linear feet)

MISCELLANEOUS. Scrapbooks, files on Mrs. Johnson's clothes, material on television coverage of the Johnsons. (26 linear feet)

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V. SPECIAL FILES, 1927-1973

*ADMINISTRATIVE HISTORIES. Histories prepared by each department and agency of its activities and accomplishments during the Johnson Administration. Done in 1968, the histories consist of narratives with documentary supplements. 1963-1969. (109 linear feet)

*CABINET PAPERS. Agendas, background memoranda, minutes, presidential remarks, lists of attendees, and other material on meetings of the Cabinet, 1963-1969. (9 linear feet)

*CARTOON COLLECTION. Photocopies of the LBJ Museum's original editorial cartoons about Lyndon B. Johnson, his political career, and his presidency, 1953-1973. (3 linear feet)

*CONGRESSIONAL FAVORS FILE. Records of calls from the White House legislative liaison staff to Senators and Congressmen to notify them of federal contracts, loans, and projects in their districts, 1961-1968. (16 linear feet)

*DIARIES AND APPOINTMENT LOGS OF LYNDON B. JOHNSON. Includes Desk Diaries, 1947-1963 (incomplete); Daily Diary sheets, which log appointments and phone calls, prepared by his secretaries, 1959-1970; diary index cards alphabetically arranged by name and keyed to the Daily Diary sheets, 1963-1968; and a Diary backup file of schedules, memoranda, and lists for each day's appointments, 1962-1973. ((61 linear feet and 90 drawers
of cards)

*FACSIMILES OF PUBLIC LAWS. Facsimiles of the original signed copies, which are located in the National Archives in Washington, D.C., 1963-1969. (16 linear feet)

*HANDWRITING FILE. Original memoranda and other documents that have notes, comments, instructions, doodles, and signatures in Lyndon B. Johnson's handwriting, arranged chronologically. Copies were frequently placed in the regular files, but some documents in this file cannot be found elsewhere in Johnson's papers. 1938-1969. (16 linear feet)

*LEGISLATIVE BACKGROUND AND DOMESTIC CRISES FILE. Background documentation for significant legislative achievements and major domestic crises during the Johnson presidency, compiled in 1968 by White House staff members, 1963-1968. (41 linear feet)

LETTERS OF CREDENCE. Letters of credence, briefing memoranda, remarks, and other material related to the presentation of credentials by foreign ambassadors, 1963-1969. (3 linear feet)

*MAIL SUMMARIES. Weekly reports on mail received in the White House Mail Room addressed to President Johnson, 1963-1969. (-1 linear foot)

*MEETING NOTES FILE. Notes of 160 White House meetings, including more than 70 of President Johnson's meetings with his foreign policy advisers, 1963-1968. (1 linear foot)

*OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT FILE. Consists mainly of folders on individual Cabinet officials, aides, associates, and friends. Access to these files was strictly controlled by the President, and materials he deemed sensitive were filed here. 1945-1969. (5 linear feet)

*PRESIDENTIAL AIRCRAFT MANIFESTS AND LOGS. Travel logs and passenger manifests, 1963-1969. (-1 linear foot)

*PRESIDENTIAL MEMORANDA FOR HEADS OF DEPARTMENTS AND AGENCIES. A reference set of presidential directives and messages, 1963-1969. (1 linear foot)

PRESIDENT'S NIGHT READING AND SIGNING TABLE LISTS. Annotated lists that describe documents from White House staff which were presented to the President each evening for his reading, and material which was prepared each day for the President's signature, 1964-1969. (3 linear feet)

*RECORD BOOK OF THE FIRST LADY. Scrapbooks of sample programs, invitations, guest lists, menus, place cards, and other items from White House functions. (2 linear feet)

RECORDS OF THE TASK FORCE ON THE EDUCATION OF GIFTED PERSONS. Includes correspondence, transcripts and notes of meetings, and staff reports, 1967-1968. (11 linear feet)

*REPORTS ON ENROLLED LEGISLATION. Reports prepared by the Director of the Legislative Reference Office of the Bureau of the Budget. The reports cover all public bills, private bills, and joint resolutions submitted to the President for his approval. 1963-1968. (35 linear feet)

*REPORTS ON PENDING LEGISLATION. Weekly status reports on the President's legislative program prepared by agencies and departments affected by the legislation, 1963-1968. (20 linear feet)

*SCRAPBOOKS. Oversize volumes of clippings from major eastern dailies, arranged chronologically, 1963-1969. (156

*SPECIAL FILE ON THE ASSASSINATION OF JOHN F. KENNEDY. Assembled in response to the 1967 publication of William Manchester's The Death of a President, the file includes originals and copies of documents from other files and FBI reports on the deaths of John Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald, 1963-1967. (3 linear feet)

*SPECIAL FILE PERTAINING TO ABE FORTAS AND HOMER THORNBERRY. Concerns the nomination of Abe Fortas as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and Homer Thornberry as an Associate Justice, with some earlier Fortas correspondence, 1955-1968. (4 linear feet)

*STATEMENTS OF LYNDON B. JOHNSON. A chronologically arranged file of speeches and remarks made by Lyndon B. Johnson throughout his career, together with speech drafts, memoranda, teleprompter texts, note cards, and other backup material, 1927-1972. (124 linear feet)

TAPES AND TRANSCRIPTS OF TELEPHONE CONVERSATIONS AND MEETINGS. Dictabelt recordings and transcripts of selected presidential telephone conversations, and tape recordings and transcripts of 1968 meetings in the Cabinet Room, 1963-1968. (36 linear feet)

*TASK FORCE REPORTS. Reports of interagency and outside task forces, prepared for the Office of the President. Task forces were used to formulate specific policy recommendations for each legislative year. 1964-1968. (11 linear feet)

*TOM JOHNSON'S NOTES OF MEETINGS. Notes for more than 190 White House meetings, primarily on foreign affairs issues, taken by Deputy Press Secretary W. Thomas Johnson. Notes of Tuesday luncheons and similar meetings of senior foreign policy advisers have not been opened for research. 1966-1968. (1 linear foot)

*WHITE HOUSE FAMOUS NAMES. Includes correspondence with former Presidents and their families, presidential candidates, and other prominent figures, 1937-1971. (3 linear feet)

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WHITE HOUSE PERSONNEL OFFICE. Card files, personnel folders, applications, and other personnel records. (35 linear feet)

*WHITE HOUSE PRESS OFFICE. Transcripts and backup material for presidential press conferences, transcripts of news conferences and press briefings, press releases, and staff working files. (54 linear feet)

WHITE HOUSE TELEGRAPH OFFICE. A chronological file of incoming and outgoing telegrams. (77 linear feet)

WHITE HOUSE TELEPHONE OFFICE. Records of incoming and outgoing telephone calls. (20 linear feet and 1 roll of microfilm)

WHITE HOUSE TOUR OFFICE. Requests for special tours. (2 linear feet)

WHITE HOUSE USHER'S OFFICE. Handwritten daily records of President and Mrs. Johnson's movements about the White House building and grounds and visitors' arrivals and departures. (-1 linear foot)

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These files include public opinion mail, daily Congressional proceedings seen by the President, statistical mail summaries, material from the 1964 presidential campaign, Department of State transmittals, newspaper clippings, and Democratic National Committee and other non-government press releases. (1,169 linear feet)

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