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An asterisk (*) indicates that a file has been opened for research in whole or in part. With the exception of a few Name Files and some CBS Television Interview material, the Post-Presidential Papers are not available for research.

SUBJECT FILES. Memoranda, correspondence, reports, speeches, invitations, and other material pertaining to Lyndon B. Johnson's activities after leaving the presidency, 1969-1973. (155 linear feet)

*NAME FILE. Cross referrences by name to the Subject Files, 1969-1973. Only a few Name Files are open. (69 linear feet)

CHRONOLOGICAL FILE. Carbon copies of outgoing letters.
1969-1973. (11 linear feet)

STORAGE FILES. Includes mail answered by card, letters from school groups, oversized attachments, unmounted clippings, advertisements, mail from anonymous and frequent writers, and Ranch Files (material removed from the LBJ Ranch after Johnson's death), 1969-1973. (244 linear feet)

FILES OF TOM JOHNSON. Administrative files, 1969-1973. (4 linear feet)

*CBS TELEVISION INTERVIEWS. Mostly transcripts and background material for a series of interviews with Lyndon B. Johnson conducted by Walter Cronkite. The interviews concern Johnson's decision not to run for president in 1968, the bombing halt, the John F. Kennedy assassination and the presidential transition, civil rights, politics, space, and Harry Truman. 1943-1973. (6 linear feet)

INTELLIGENCE REPORTS. Weekly briefings concerning foreign affairs, 1969-1973. (8 linear feet)