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The Johnson Library holds an extensive audiovisual collection documenting Lyndon B. Johnson's life and career, particularly his presidency. Unless otherwise noted below, the holdings are available for research, but they do not circulate outside the Library. Finding aids are available for many collections. Researchers interested in using the Library's audiovisual holdings should contact the audiovisual archivist.

Researchers may normally purchase copies of items unless copyright restrictions prevent it. Sound recording tapes are reproduced in the Library, in either open reel or cassette format. Video productions are reproduced by the Library on videocassette. Still pictures are printed by the Library in standard sizes in black and white or color. Motion picture reproduction and motion picture transfers to video tape are contracted to an outside lab.



The Library has three major collections of still pictures and eleven smaller collections.

Pre-Presidential Collection, 1908-1963. Photographs of Lyndon B. Johnson dating from his early childhood through his vice presidency. Included are photographs of Johnson's family and friends, and his political and social activities. Copyright restrictions on approximately half the photographs. 14,000 photographs.


Presidential Collection, 1963-1969. Photographs of President Johnson, his family, friends, and associates, and his political and social activities at the White House and on trips, taken by White House staff photographers and by photographers assigned to the White House, such as Abbie Rowe. Finding aids include a card index by name, date, and subject. No copyright restrictions. 500,000 photographs.


Post-Presidential Collection, 1969- . An expanding collection of photographs of Lyndon B. Johnson, Mrs. Johnson, and other family members, LBJ Library events, and related activities, taken by LBJ Library staff photographers. No copyright restrictions. Over 65,000 photographs, 35,000 of which were shot before President Johnson's death.


Abbie Rowe Collection, 1963-1968. A special file of Abbie Rowe's photographs of President Johnson and White House events. The negatives for this collection are held by the Still Picture Branch at the Archives II in College Park, Maryland. No copyright restrictions. 3,500 photographs.


Art Kowert Collection, 1952-1963. Photographs of political, social, and family activities at the LBJ Ranch and vicinity, taken by Art Kowert, photographer of Fredericksburg, Texas. No copyright restrictions. 487 photographs.


Austin American-Statesman Collection, 1937-1953. Photographs of Lyndon B. Johnson's political activities in Texas, primarily of his 1941 campaign for the U.S. Senate, from the files of the Austin American-Statesman. Copyright restrictions on all photographs. 506 photographs.


Autographed Print Collection, 1933-1969. Photographs which were autographed and given to Lyndon B. Johnson by heads of state, Congressmen, and other associates and friends. Copyright restrictions on most photographs. 125 photographs.


Charles P. Little Collection, 1938-1941. Photographs of National Youth Administration activities in Texas. No copyright restrictions on most photographs. 155 photographs.


Frank Muto Collection, 1957-1965. Photographs of Lyndon B. Johnson's political activities as senator, vice president and president, including extensive coverage of the Kennedy-Johnson campaign of 1960 and Mrs. Johnson's Lady Bird Special campaign of 1964. Taken by Frank Muto, photographer for the Senate Democratic Policy Committee. No copyright restrictions on most photographs. 5,300 photographs.


Harry Ransom Collection, 1948-1966. Wire service photographs of Lyndon B. Johnson, primarily during his presidency. Copyright restrictions on all photographs. 2,160 photographs.


International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Collection, 1948-1972. Photographs of Lyndon B. Johnson's political activities, from the files of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. Copyright restrictions on most photographs. 500 photographs.


Jim Cox Collection, 1958-1965. Photographs taken by Jim Cox, primarily for the Houston Press while covering news stories in the Houston area. Copyright restrictions on all photographs. 4,040 photographs.


Johnson City Collection, 1875-1951. Photographs depicting life and times in and around Johnson City, including pictures of many residents. Copyright restrictions on all photographs. 126 photographs.


Johnson Family Collection, ca. 1870-1969. Photographs of Lyndon B. Johnson's ancestors, parents, children, brothers and sisters and their families, and other relatives, dating from the 19th century to the 1960s. Copyright restrictions on most photographs. 460 photographs.




Speeches and Remarks by President John F. Kennedy, 1961-1963. A virtually complete collection, recorded by the White House Communications Agency. 245 tapes.


Speeches and Remarks by Lyndon B. Johnson, 1936-1973.


Pre-Presidential, 1936-1963. Mostly 1960 campaign speeches, transferred from dictabelts recorded by Senator Johnson's staff; also official remarks delivered by Lyndon B. Johnson while representing the United States abroad during his vice presidency, recorded by USIA. 378 tapes.


Presidential, 1963-1969. A virtually complete collection, recorded by the White House Communications Agency. 848 tapes.


Post-Presidential, 1969-1973, and Mrs. Johnson, 1969- . Recorded by the LBJ Library or received in donation. 227 tapes.


Selected Speeches and Remarks by Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson, 1964-1969. Recorded by the White House Communications Agency. 156 tapes.


Administration Tapes, 1965-1968. Remarks and press conferences of high-ranking figures in the Johnson Administration. Recorded by the White House Communications Agency. 101 tapes.




Congressional Briefings, 1965-1968. Tapes of 46 briefings of Senators and Congressmen at the White House. The briefings were attended by the President, Cabinet officers, and top advisers. Recorded by the White House Communications Agency. All off-the-record. Partially restricted. 101 tapes.


Government Agencies, 1963-1969.


Commission on Marine Sciences, Engineering and Resources. Recordings of meetings, 1967. Security classified. 16 tapes.


Department of Agriculture. Remarks by Secretary Orville Freeman, 1964-1968. 71 tapes.


Department of Commerce. Mostly remarks by Secretary John Connor, 1965-1966. 17 tapes.


Department of Defense. Mostly remarks by Secretary Robert McNamara, 1963-1967. 12 tapes.


Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. Office of Education. Mostly remarks by Commissioner Harold Howe II, 1965-1967. 7 tapes.


Department of Housing and Urban Development. Remarks by Secretary Robert Weaver and other department officials, 1964-1968. 267 tapes.


Department of State. Remarks and press conferences of Secretary Rusk, 1961-1969; 8 tapes of briefings by State Department personnel. 538 tapes.


National Advisory Commission on Libraries. Recordings of meetings, 1967-1968. 47 tapes.


National Advisory Commission on Rural Poverty. Recordings of meetings, 1967. 17 tapes.


Office of Economic Opportunity. Remarks by Hyman Bookbinder, 1967. Coverage of the Conference on Women in the War on Poverty, 1967. 8 tapes.


United States Information Agency. Information Center Service Project presentation, 1965. 1 tape.


United States Marine Band. Performances on state occasions, 1965-1968. Most are half-inch format and require transfer to quarter-inch format before the Library can furnish reference or duplication service. 134 tapes.


United States Navy. Recordings made by White House Naval Photographic Unit in connection with its films, 1963-1969. 429 tapes.


Democratic National Committee and Related Organizations, 1964.


1964 Campaign. 95 tapes of speeches by Senator Humphrey; 61 tapes of speeches by Mrs. Johnson on her whistle-stop tour; and 498 very short tapes of news coverage of the campaign. 654 tapes.


1964 Democratic Convention. Television and radio coverage of the national convention in Atlantic City. 73 tapes.


1964 Republican Convention. Television and radio coverage of the national convention in San Francisco. 82 tapes.


Scientists and Engineers for Johnson. Spots from the 1964 campaign.


Drew Pearson Collection, 1955-1969. Recordings of broadcasts by columnist Drew Pearson. 889 tapes.




LBJ Library Series, 1971 - present. Continuing coverage of special events sponsored by the Lyndon B. Johnson Library, including guest speakers and symposia. Formats include 3/4-inch, VHS, Mini DV, and BetaSP.


WHCA One-inch Series, 1966-1969. Recorded by the White House Communications Agency off the air or from direct White House feeds. Includes television appearances by President Johnson, special news broadcasts, news interview programs, and, beginning April 1, 1968, daily morning and evening news programs, network and local. The preponderance of the collection is from 1968. Approximately one third of these tapes were transferred to 3/4-inch format during the early days of the Library. Unfortunately, now virtually all of the one-inch tapes and many of the 3/4 inch tapes are no longer playable. This collection is inaccessible for all intents and purposes until a massive systematic preservation project can be undertaken. All of this material is copyrighted. 3,163 tapes.


Walt W. Rostow, 1969-1978. Videotapes of Walt Rostow's lectures. 124 tapes. Some 2-inch tapes are not available for research.




Films Produced by Government Agencies


White House Naval Photographic Unit, 1963-1969. Monthly reports on the activities of President and Mrs. Johnson, June 1966-January 1969; coverage of special trips, visits of foreign heads of state, and other special events. All color. 83 titles and 611 reels of outtakes. Outtakes may be viewed only with 24 hours notice.


Other Government Agencies, 1963-1969. Coverage of agency programs and official activities. Color, black and white. 556 titles. Includes the Atomic Energy Commission, 35 titles; Department of Agriculture, 22 titles; Department of Commerce, 34 titles; Department of Defense, 113 titles; Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, 34 titles; Department of the Treasury, 11 titles; National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 61 titles; Office of Economic Opportunity, 33 titles; Small Business Administration, 17 titles; U.S. Information Agency, 106 titles; Veterans Administration, 29 titles; and 61 titles from 18 other agencies. Contact the audiovisual archivist concerning restrictions on the USIA films.


Films from Television Networks. Primarily coverage of President Johnson's activities, including special broadcasts. The heart of the collection is 134 titles from CBS, primarily black and white kinescopes. Includes some post-presidential interviews with Walter Cronkite for which 24 hours notice is required for viewing. The collection also includes coverage of the 1961 and 1965 inaugurals and of President Johnson's funeral. 173 titles. (CBS--134 titles; ABC--17 titles; NBC--20 titles; NET--2 titles.)



Films from the Democratic National Committee. Mostly campaign advertisements for the Democratic Presidential candidates, 1960 and 1964, with a few spots from the 1950s. Includes a large number of short TV spots, as well as longer special broadcasts. Black and white. 79 titles.



Films from Foreign Governments. Primarily films about visits abroad by President Johnson, produced by the host countries and sent to him as gifts. 19 titles.



Films from Columnist Drew Pearson. Drew Pearson's television reports from the 1950s. Black and white. 82 titles. Not open for research.



Films Given to President Johnson and to the Library by Private Individuals and Organizations. Most were produced during the 1960s. 225 titles.


Films Produced by or Commissioned for the Library. An expanding collection dating from May 1971. Some completed productions, some uncut footage, some sync sound, all color. Includes films done for exhibits at the Library, coverage of special events sponsored by the Library, and limited coverage of Mrs. Johnson's activities. Some footage of President Johnson. 100 titles.