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This subject category consists of material relating to the research, development, use, and control of atomic and nuclear energy for non-defense purposes. Material dealing with the Atomic Energy Commission specifically may be found in White House Central File category FG 202.



(opened 9/19/74)

Box 1

This section contains documents pertaining to the following issues and events: the commemoration of the twentieth anniversary of the AEC Act; the sale of plutonium to Euratom; the controversy over high voltage power line construction at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (1965); list of Negro scientists, scholars, and intellectuals for AEC Act commemoration ceremony with additional guest lists and correspondence to and from invitees; the Bar Association of New York City brief on "Proposed Regulations Affecting Privately Developed Data"; two AEC reports (one annual and one weekly); announcement concerning first in series of "AEC-NASA Tech Briefs"; correspondence with Nuclear Site Services, Inc.; correspondence with Bernard M. Baruch (1964); general correspondence concerning potential dangers of atomic energy; correspondence concerning the locations of nuclear development projects; and 1968 petitions protesting national civilian atomic energy policy. 3".

AT 1


(opened 10/73)

Box 1

Two folders containing a memorandum for the President from Glenn Seaborg on the 19th anniversary of the first shipment of radioisotopes from Oak Ridge National Laboratory to a private user for peaceful applications; a George Reedy - I. de Sola Pool letter on the Baby Tooth Survey; and two cross referenced items, both to Presidential aides, one on a Nuclear-Reactor Medical Facility and the other on human uses derived from large amounts of money spent for military nuclear activities. 4 items.

AT 2


(opened 9/19/74)

Boxes 1-3

This category contains material on the Key West Nuclear Power and Desalting plant; the decision against a midwest accelerator administered by the Midwestern Universities Research Association (MURA); much congressional correspondence on MURA decision; correspondence with Congressman Halleck concerning NASA Electronics Research Center; correspondence and memoranda on the development and economic feasibility of nuclear power plants; Office of Science and Technology 144 page study on the NASA Electronic Research Center; rejection of New York State Atomic and Space Development Agency nuclear fueled desalting plant plan; Stanford Linear Accelerator high voltage line controversy; "Gasbuggy" -- underground nuclear explosions to release gas supplies experiments; considerable material on the search for the site for 200 BEV accelerator; material on Oak Ridge heat transfer work for Office of Saline Water; also Oak Ridge ideas concerning agro-industrial centers; documents pertaining to plutonium production reactor closing; the plutonium shutdown demonstration at Hanford; correspondence concerning U.S. assistance in construction of nuclear reactor in Indonesia; opposition to Bodega Bay (California) power plant; SNAP Program; correspondence concerning the Interdepartmental Energy Study; and correspondence relating to Project Plowshare. 4".

AT 3


(opened 9/19/74)

Box 3

Two folders containing AEC Report "Fundamental Nuclear Energy Research - 1967" a supplement to AEC's "Annual Report to Congress for 1967" (latter not in file); AEC approval (letter from Acting Director W. E. Johnson) of U.S. agreement with Denmark on "Civil Uses of Atomic Energy: memo on "Private Ownership of Special Nuclear Materials Act; material on Plowshare (nuclear excavation) and Plowshare Cabriolet experiments; correspondence concerning nuclear reactor construction assistance for Indonesia; and material on the Yankee Atomic Electric Company. 1 1/2".

AT 3-1


(opened 9/19/74)

Box 3

File consists primarily of cross references. There is a copy of a Senate Commendation for the President on seeking nuclear agreements for peaceful purposes. There is also a letter from a Congressional intern praising the Non-Proliferation Treaty. 8 items.

AT 3-1/CO


(opened 9/19/74)

Box 3

File consists of three items, all in Executive: correspondence from AEC pertaining to a Technical Exchange Agreement with India; memorandum for the record concerning the signing of the U.S.-Mexico-IAEA Agreement; and a Walt Rostow to the President memo on an amendment to the Agreement with the Turkish Republic Concerning Cooperation in the Civil Uses of Atomic Energy. 3 items.



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