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Office Files of S. Douglass Cater:
Collection Overview

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The Files of Douglass Cater reflect his responsibilities as an advisor to the President on domestic matters. The files include memoranda, correspondence, press releases, news conferences, newsletters, clippings, magazines, White House guest lists, statistical data, telegrams, charts, computer printouts, maps, speeches, message, book drafts, executive orders, bills and hearings, photographs, and printed material.

Cater's role in planning and coordinating the President's program, preparing education and health messages, his service on the task forces, and follow-up on Presidential programs. In education the files include material on the Higher Education Act and amendments, student loans, international education, overseas dependent schools, public broadcasting, educational uses of communications satellites, Elementary and Secondary Education Act, federal aid to education, White House Conference on Education, impacted areas program, research, books for international and domestic use, programs for the handicapped, mentally retarded and the mentally ill, and programs such as Reading is Fundamental, Teacher Corps, Volunteers to America (exchange Peace Corps), Veterans in Public Service. In health the files include material on nursing homes, medicaid and medicare, health manpower and medical schools, White House Conference on Health, occupational health, research, Social Security bills, and hospital modernization.

Cater was also involved in the task forces on education (1965-67), nursing homes, educational television in less-developed countries, international education, child development, population control, Urban Educational Opportunities, Networks for Knowledge, Health, Nursing Homes, and Health, Education, and Welfare Manpower Requirements and Training Programs.

In addition to his major work in health and education programs, the files contain information on highway beautification, the Great Society, poverty, White House Fellows, population control, cultural affairs, creative federalism, federal aid to the states, compliance with the civil rights provisions of the Hill-Burton Act and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, library developments and the 1964 Presidential campaign.

The files also contain some personal material of Cater's including a small portion of his daily diary (August-December, 1965), telephone lists, personal invitations, and his daily calendar. In conducting his work on domestic affairs, Cater worked closely with HEW, the Office of Education, Harold Howe II, Francis Keppel, BOB, AID, State Department, the Bureau of Education and cultural Affairs (CU), and the Office of Science and Technology. He also worked with the White House aides Joe Califano, Bill Moyers, Marvin Watson, Jack Valenti, Larry O'Brien, James Gaither, and Harry McPherson.

Addendum: In February, 1975, a box of materials from the files of Jean Robinson an Kathy Andrews, secretaries in the office of Douglass Cater and Ervin Duggan, was located. It was decided to put this material at the end of the Files of Douglass Cater. Of particular interest to researchers are the daily appointment calendars and a notebook listing incoming and outgoing telephone calls for August, 1968-January 1969.

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