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The President's Daily Diary: June 24, 1967

On June 24, 1967, just after midnight, President Johnson boarded AIR FORCE ONE to fly to Texas after appearing at a President's Club Dinner in Los Angeles, California, on June 23rd. Earlier on June 23rd, Johnson had met with Chairman Aleksei Kosygin of the Soviet Union in Glassboro, New Jersey. Johnson returned to Texas to visit his new grandson, Patrick Lyndon Nugent, in Austin, Texas. At Seton Hospital, Johnson presented his daughter, Luci Johnson Nugent, with six small gold cups which Premier Kosygin had given to the President for the baby. The Johnsons spent the night at the LBJ Ranch, and the following day, the President returned to Glassboro, New Jersey, for more talks with Chairman Kosygin.

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