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The President's Daily Diary: November 2, 1966

November 2, 1966, marked the end of President Johnson's trip to Southeast Asia to attend the Manila Conference. The day began in Seoul, Korea, where President Johnson addressed the National Assembly of Korea. Late in the morning the President and his entourage boarded AIR FORCE ONE and flew to Anchorage, Alaska, crossing the International Dateline (making it November 1, 1966, in Alaska). Upon arrival, President Johnson made a statement. In his hotel room, the President talked with a various staff members, remarking on the extensive legislation on education, health, conservation, and beautification passed during his administration, and on the importance of the trip in the search for peace and prosperity in Asia. The President left Alaska during the morning, November 2, and landed at Dulles International Airport, outside of Washington, D. C., that evening. He was met by the Vice President and Mrs. Hubert Humphrey, other dignitaries, and large crowds. He spoke at the airport before returning to the White House by helicopter.

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