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The President's Daily Diary: October 26, 1966

President Johnson began October 26, 1966, in the Philippines. The Manila Conference, a three-day meeting to discuss the situation in Vietnam with officials from American allies in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, had concluded the previous day. While in Manila on the 26th, the President and Mrs. Johnson toured with President and Mrs. Ferdinand Marcos. In the afternoon the President flew to Cam Ranh Bay, South Vietnam, where he was greeted by General William Westmoreland, South Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Cao Ky, and President General Nguyen Van Thieu. The President reviewed the troops; awarded service decorations, including awarding the Distinguished Service Medal to General Westmoreland; visited with wounded troops at the base hospital; and ate dinner at the NCO mess hall. Following dinner, the President met with top military commanders from all over Vietnam, returning to Manila in the evening.

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