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May 20, 2004

The LBJ Library permits the use of digital cameras for copying documents in our Reading Room using the following procedures: 

  • Tell the Reading Room archivist that you will use a digital camera.  We will note this information on your Reference Service Record.

  • You may not use a flash or disturb other researchers while photographing documents. 

  • Copy documents from one folder at a time. 

  • To photograph pages other than the top one, you may lay preceding pages back gently and carefully, but do not fold the pages over, crease, or press down on them.  Weight bags are available to hold pages down.  Do not unstaple the document.  Keep the documents flat on the table at all times. 

  • Place a “COPY LBJ LIBRARY” template on each page you photograph.  Reading Room staff will supply you with the template.  Please return it to them when you have completed your work. 

  • It is your responsibility to record proper citation information for the documents that you photograph.  Some suggestions for capturing and organizing your images are included on the following page.    


Image quality

·        Using the Autofocus feature should ensure optimum image quality.

·        A resolution of 2.0 MP produces equally legible images and smaller files than higher resolutions.

·        A white sheet inserted underneath thin paper like carbon or onionskin eliminates bleed through of the contents from the pages below.

·        It's best to review images frequently (at least once each day) to identify any that need to be re-shot.

Organization and storage

·        Creating a file structure in your computer (to the extent that you know which collections you'll be using) before capturing any images facilitates organization.

·        Keep your own log of the boxes you inspect in the order you use them.

·        Record each collection's file organization scheme by taking images of the relevant page(s) of the finding aid before those of the documents from that portion of the files.  Caution: If you see that folders are out of order when you open a box, consult the Reading Room staff before taking any images.

·        Take an image of the box label just before those of the documents from that box.

·        Include the folder label in each document image so it can be clearly read.

·        The camera will automatically number the images and assign filenames in sequence.  Information from finding aid and box label images can be added in each document image file's properties after transfer to your computer.

·        Saving images in JPEG format (the camera may do this automatically) produces smaller files than using other formats.