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LBJ School of Public Affairs and
LBJ Library and Museum
team up for LBJNow! Web site

There is now one place to stop for Internet users looking to find out what's happening at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum and The University of Texas' Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs.

LBJNow.org offers web visitors a gateway to the School of Public Affairs and the Library and Museum as well as to other sites in the LBJ Family of Organizations. Those sites include the Friends of the LBJ Library, the LBJ Library Future Forum, and Texas Forums, among others. In the future, LBJNow.org will include links to all organizations associated with the LBJ “family.”

LBJNow! works as an online magazine, complete with an audio soundbites, as well as video clips called “Perspectives” from speakers who have recently addressed the LBJ community through events or symposia in the LBJ complex. Another section, News & Views, will feature articles and opinion pieces by members of the LBJ community. Web visitors can check out the Events section to find out what's happening at the LBJ family of organizations.

Betty Sue Flowers, director of the LBJ Library and Museum says, “LBJNow is a new space outside the institutional boundaries of “school,” “library,” or “museum” which attempts to build on what all these institutions have to offer. LBJNow presents the resources of the past and the analytical power of experts in the present, and, through opportunities to work together, the possibility that we can create a better future. It's one of the many ways we're attempting to encourage informed, citizens' engagement in issues that affect us all. We expect LBJNow to evolve and improve as we get feedback from our visitors.”