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Image files of selected individuals from the LBJ Library Collections are available for download. The files are offered in a uncompressed TIF format. They will vary in size from 5 MB to 124 MB. Select the individual names listed below to go to the related image files.

All of the images are from the Library’s collections. They are in the public domain and carry no usage fees. The Library has no objection to their use in productions or publications.

Lyndon Baines Johnson, President of the United States

Califano, Joseph - Special Assistant to the President

Clark, Ramsey - Attorney General

Clark, Tom - Supreme Court Justice

Fortas, Abe - Supreme Court Justice

Fowler, Henry "Joe" - Secretary of the Treasury

Fulbright, Senator J. William - Arkansas

Katzenbach, Nicholas - Attorney General

King, Dr. Martin Luther - President, Southern Christian Leadership Conference

McNamara, Robert S. - Secretary of Defense

Morse, Senator Wayne - Oregon

Rostow, Walt - Advisor

Rusk, Dean - Secretary of State

Russell, Senator Richard - Georgia

Wirtz, Willard - Secretary of Labor