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What do you know about the War on Poverty?

1. In his 1964 State of the Union message, President Johnson declared war on
    A poverty
    B littering
    C obesity
    D the cost of transportation

2. President Johnson's poverty program originated in which presidential administration?
    A Franklin D. Roosevelt
    B Harry S. Truman
    C John F.Kennedy
    D Richard M. Nixon

3. The Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 was designed to make a coordinated attack on the multiple causes of poverty.
    A True.
    B False.

4. There were __________ major weapons designed to make a coordinated attack on poverty in the United States.
    A two
    B three
    C four
    D five

5. Project Head Start was designed to help college-bound students pay for tuition.
    A True.
    B False.

6. The Upward Bound program was designed to
    A give illiterate or uneducated adults sufficient instruction in reading, writing, and arithmetic to qualify them for jobs.
    B provide programs for economically deprived preschool children.
    C test high school students for job placement.
    D provide special encouragement to low-income young people who show college aptitude .

7. The school breakfast program provided breakfast
    A at home for school children.
    B at school for children from economically deprived families.
    C for school faculty and staff.
    D for parents of school-age children.

8. The Food Stamp Act of 1964 was designed to help poverty stricken families improve their diets.
    A True.
    B False.

9. ________________ was appointed head of President Johnson's War on Poverty.
    A Sargent Shriver.
    B James Farmer.
    C Hubert Humphrey.
    D Bill Moyers.

10. President Johnson's 1964 poverty tour included
    A Mexico.
    B Canada.
    C Cuba.
    D the Appalachian states.