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What do you know about Presidents who were in office during LBJ's lifetime?

1. Who was President when LBJ was born?
    A John F. Kennedy.
    B Theodore Roosevelt.
    C Bill Clinton.
    D Franklin D. Roosevelt.

2. Who was President when LBJ died?
    A John F Kennedy.
    B Bill Clinton.
    C Richard Nixon.
    D Hubert H. Humphrey.

3. Who succeeded Johnson as the 37th President?
    A Woodrow Wilson.
    B Franklin D. Roosevelt.
    C William J. Clinton.
    D Richard Nixon.

4. Which years was Johnson in Office as President of the United States?
    A 1964-1966.
    B 1958-1962.
    C 1963-1969.
    D 1982-1986.

5. What does the S stand for in Harry S. Truman?
    A Samual.
    B Sanford.
    C Simon.
    D Nothing.

6. During LBJ's lifetime how many Presidents were from the Democratic Party?
    A 3.
    B 5.
    C 7.
    D 9.

7. What was John F. Kennedy's annual take home pay as President?
    A $0.00.
    B $5,000.00.
    C $50,000.00.
    D $100,000.00.

8. Which President inspired the name for the Teddy Bear?
    A Richard Nixon.
    B Woodrow Wilson.
    C Theodore Roosevelt.
    D William Taft.

9. Who was the 30th President?
    A Calvin Coolidge.
    B Herbert Hoover.
    C William Taft.
    D Harry S. Truman.

10. Whose nickname was "Ike"?
    A William Taft.
    B Warren Harding.
    C Harry S. Truman.
    D Dwight Eisenhower.