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What do you know about LBJ's Presidency?

1. Johnson served as President during which years?
    A 1964-1966.
    B 1958-1962.
    C 1963-1969.
    D 1982-1986.

2. Who was Johnson's Vice President?
    A John F Kennedy.
    B Dan Quayle.
    C George Bush.
    D Hubert H. Humphrey.

3. Where was Johnson when he first took the Oath of Office?
    A On Air Force One.
    B At the top of the Empire State Building.
    C In the Governor's Mansion, Austin, Texas.
    D At the Lincoln Memorial.

4. Who succeeded Johnson as the 37th President?
    A Woodrow Wilson.
    B Franklin D. Roosevelt.
    C William J. Clinton.
    D Richard Nixon.

5. During Johnson's Presidency, Mrs Johnson was known as?
    A Lady Johnson.
    B The President's Wife.
    C First Lady.
    D Her Majesty.

6. What major event influenced Johnson's decision not to run again for the Presidency?
    A Country's split over the Vietnam War.
    B An Electricity Blackout.
    C The Alabama Deaths.
    D The Assassination of John F. Kennedy.

7. Which speech embodied LBJ's goals for his Presidency?
    A Civil Rights.
    B One Society.
    C The Great Gatsby.
    D The Great Society.

8. How many TV's did LBJ have in the Oval Office?
    A 5.
    B 3.
    C 1.
    D 2.

9. What was one of LBJ's primary concerns?
    A Space Programs.
    B Civil Rights.
    C Tax Reform.
    D Campaign Finance Reform.

10. Name the program LBJ created for disadvantaged Pre-schoolers?
    A Head Start.
    B Get Ahead.
    C Right from the Start.
    D Fun Time.