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Other Legislation and Programs

Weapons Against Poverty

VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) - Provided an opportunity for individuals, 18 and over, to join the War on Poverty. Volunteers would work with migrant laborers, on Indian reservations in urban and rural community action programs, in slum areas, hospitals, schools and in institutions for the mentally ill and retarded.

Child Nutrition Act of 1966 - This was an anti-hunger program started by President Johnson as part of his "War on Poverty". It created the special milk and school breakfast programs.

National School Lunch Act of 1968 - This act extended the school lunch program to include children who participated in "service institutions".

Community Action Programs of 1965 (CAP) - Under these programs the government was to provide both financial and technical assistance for locally designed and operated programs. Funds could be used for trips for slum children, remedial reading, job counseling, day care services etc.

Migrant Assistance - The act authorized $35 million for loans and grants in 1965 for development of programs to aid migrant workers in housing, sanitation, education, and day care of children. (Congress and the Nation/Vol. II/1965-68).

Indian Reservation Programs - Health, educational and job training programs are typical components of Indian projects. As a component of the Community Action Program, projects for Indians were established on 31 reservations housing 60,000 for America's Indians during the year of 1965.

Legal Services (1965) - This program provided (1) legal representation for the poor, (2) research into the legal problems of poverty, (3) education of the disadvantaged about legal rights and responsibilities, and (4) advocacy of improvements in the law affecting the poor.

Small Business Loans - Title IV authorized the Director to make 15-year repayable loans to establish or strengthen small businesses and help them to employ the long-term unemployed.

Rural Loans - The Office of Economic Opportunity Director was authorized to make 15-year loans of up to $2,500 to low-income rural families who could not get credit elsewhere.


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