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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I play audio and video files?

    In order to play A/V files from the LBJ for Kids website, you must have the RealPlayer media player. Many computers come with this player already installed yet sometimes you must download the player from the website. The basic RealPlayer is FREE and can be found at

    Troubleshooting A/V Files

    First try double clicking on the file link and see if the file plays or if you get an error message. If the file plays, then you're all set to go. However, if you get an error message, your computer either doesn't have the RealPlayer or it isn't working properly.

    If you do not have the RealPlayer, go to and download the FREE player to your hard drive. Remember to make a note where you downloaded the file to on your hard drive because you will need to find the file when the download is complete and double click it to INSTALL the RealPlayer on to your computer.

    If your computer has RealPlayer installed yet it doesn't seem to be working properly, re-install the RealPlayer by downloading the latest version from

    A cool feature offered by the LBJ Library and Museum is Surestreaming technology. That means that you don't have to choose what speed to receive the A/V files in because the server will figure out your connection and send you audio and video footage that works best for your connection speed.

2. Can I use the pictures found on the LBJ for Kids website?

    Sure. All the photographs are in what's called the "Public Domain". That means they are free to use in your book reports, projects or whatever other things you're working on. Just so you know, most of the photographs came from the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum (of course) yet some pictures came from the National Archives that also offers public domain pictures, etc.

    To learn more about Public Domain and Copyright click here.

    To explore more at the National Archives, go to

3. This website doesn't work and I hate it?

    We understand how you feel. We made every effort to build a working website that was fun and interesting yet we know it can be frustrating when things don't always work as quickly as we'd like or maybe don't work at all.

    We try to offer as much help as we can in the FAQ section, yet sometimes computers and connections don't always work right. Try shutting your system down and starting again. Also try using a different browser, if you're currently using Internet Explorer and something doesn't work, try using Netscape 4.5 or later. We have attempted to create a site which will work fully in the majority of browsers but sometimes they can be temperamental. Or, if you have access to another computer, try the LBJ for Kids website again, if it works, your computer may need a trip to the doctor.

4. I think I'm lost, how do I get back to the "LBJ for Kids" main page?

    You can always get back to the main (or 1st) page by clicking on any image that say's "LBJ for Kid's" or, on the top navigation bar, click on KIDS HOME.

    Want to get to the LBJLM main site? On the top navigation bar, click on "LBJ Main Site."

5. I was looking at a page and clicked a link and lost the page I was looking at. What happened?

    In order to offer as much information as possible, a feature included in the LBJ for Kids website includes Pop-Up Windows. That means while you are exploring a "primary" page, you can select a link that pops up another window while leaving your "primary" page open. Now, most of the time the pop-up window is smaller and you can still see your "primary page still behind it. Yet, sometimes, some pages require a NEW FULL WINDOW to open to offer you all the information.

    If you get a NEW FULL WINDOW, your "primary" page is still behind it waiting for you return to explore some more.

    Usually when a Pop-Up Window is opened the Information Bar at the bottom of your computer will show that another Browser page has opened or you can ALT-TAB on your keyboard and scroll through the applications you have open on your computer. When you come across one you don't want open anymore, simply release your ALT-TAB, the application will appear and you can close it as usual.

6. Who is the LBJ for Kids website for?

    Well, everyone really. Although it is geared for students in the 4th - 8th grades and teachers and parents of students in that age group, anyone can explore the interactive pages of this website to learn more about President Johnson, his life and presidency.

    And, remember to visit the LBJLM Main Website for more information, pictures, video, audio and other information that is interesting and useful.

7. Some things don't work on the website and I'm getting broken links or errors?

    Every effort was made and many tests were run to make sure the LBJ for Kids website works well. Sometimes, however, different computers, software, connection speeds, browsers, etc. can cause errors.

    The LBJ for Kids website is best used with Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Explorer, RealPlayer and an Internet connection at 28.8kps or better. Remember connection speeds can affect the performance of A/V files. So, if you are on a 28.8kps modem connection you may need to be a bit more patient for files to play.

    If you happen to come across a link that doesn't work, e-mail the with the page and description of the link and we'll check it out as soon as we can.