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Activity 1Butterfly (stock artwork)

Attract wildlife to your back yard. Several plants and flowers provide food and shelter for wildlife. You can help by planting some in your yard. Zinnias, cosmos, butterfly weed, salvias, and many other plants provide nectar. Open blossoms like zinnias help butterflies get to the nectar. Parsley, dill, and fennel provide food for butterfly larvae. Do some research and find other plants that you can use to attract butterflies.

Activity 2

Bird Bath (stock artwork)
Place a shallow dish of water in your yard. Birds love to take baths and all animals need water on hot days. Place the water in the shade and close to shelter so birds will feel safe.

Activity 3
Small mammals, reptiles, and some insects like to hide under rocks or wood. Ask your parents if you can create a shelter by providing a small pile of rocks or wood. Have your parents with you when you move the pile. You don't know what's hiding under there!

Activity 4
Birds can find food in the warm months, but may have difficulty during the winter. You can put food in a bird feeder, hang suet from tree branches. What other kinds of food do birds like? Do different birds like different kinds of seeds?

Activity 5
Cardinal (stock artwork)

How many different kinds of birds can you identify in your yard? Do they come at certain times of the year or do they stay all year?

Male Northern Cardinal

Activity 6
Some insects are beneficial to our plants; they feed on pest insects and help our environment. Do some research and find out what insects can help you in your yard. How can you prevent killing the beneficial insects?

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